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  1. Thanks, that had been suggested but the photos I've looked at don't seem similar at all. I haven't ever seen larger brackets than now, unless the cows eat them .
  2. I've had some helpful suggestions to identify this but wondered if you had any other ideas. It's an old ash tree otherwise looking fairly healthy, fungus has been there several years so far. It turns more yellow with age but no larger brackets seem to form, habit generally flat. Many thanks
  3. Hi all. This fungus is growing well on an old ash, it's a creamy white which suggests die back . Any other suggestions please. The tree has been showing few other obvious signs and the fungus has been there several years . Thanks
  4. Thanks chaps, I've 2 fairly tricky trees to remove and am at the planning /assessment stage.
  5. Has anyone tried a nifty 170 or any other similar please?
  6. Hi. Any observations of how delicate overhead fibre cables are, what bt might charge to lower them etc. Are they as flexible as a phone line? Cheers
  7. Neil T

    Ms150 problem

    A thorough clean under the flywheel helped hugely, it was pretty choked up. I'll try a new bar too and clean it more . Many thanks Neil
  8. Neil T

    Ms150 problem

    Hi all. My ms150 chain stops rotating and appears to be clogging up constantly. This has only developed recently, saw and bar 4 yrs old. Even when cleaned it soon stops, chain tension ok. Any thoughts please.
  9. This item is SOLD

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    Isuzu blade fibre glass canopy, good condition but not needed from a 65 plate dmax.. Tidy. Derbyshire.


    Derby, County (optional) - GB


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