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  1. Find yourself a timber haulier you can work with they have to make a living as well.
  2. In my experience the haulier set the price by the ton
  3. Have you any pictures of the tree and location
  4. If you are happy for your employes to work alone while your on holiday as above you let them price work
  5. And as soon as somone shops you trouble
  6. A farm is for growing things etc the farmer should submit planning just for you to be there so as above keep quiet
  7. Billy68

    Help needed

    Cheers have somone I can get to do the report
  8. Billy68

    Help needed

    Thanks Paul will have a closer look only problem with reducing is the branches start about 20 foot above this point and there's not many of them
  9. Billy68

    Help needed

    They use planners and bring in the head of the parks department they say they don't need one .the last one they had was good
  10. Billy68

    Help needed

    Thanks for the replies as we haven't got a Tree officer let the fun begin
  11. Billy68

    Help needed

    And another photo - for some reason I can't get more than one photo in each post?
  12. Billy68

    Help needed

    I'm looking at a job. The tree in question is a scots pine around 70ft tall and standing 10ft from the customers house. It's multi stem and one stem is heading towards the house. The customer understandably wants it out but it has a TPO. It has the usual factors of dead wood, ivy etc, but in addition I've come across something at the branch union. There was an old wound approx 6 inch diameter where an old branch had come off and a lot material. It's only in this one area and I'm not sure if it's fungi or something else. I'm after some help on this one! Photos attached, sorry they're not the best quality.
  13. The tesla power wall looks good system
  14. Would it not be better to buy it by the ton then I would say around £30 to £40 per ton
  15. Have you any pictures of it
  16. We have loads of different types what falls off bird table chickens and we even have a parrot in the dinning room
  17. We employ five staff so you cannot get it wrong internet is great for lots of information but when it comes to staff you have to get it Wright the first time
  18. If your subbies work for you every day they should be counted as employees look up the Hmrc employment Statius indicator tool
  19. Find yourself a Human resources consultant they will sort out all your contracts etc they are worth there wait in gold as said above its a mine field
  20. Billy68


    Have a look on the britsh horse loggers site braken basher
  21. What I do with large jobs is work with another tree company I use the same one all the time so I know what he will charge me for the job and also know all of his staff they are all great to work with.
  22. Put your hand in your pocket it's not that expensive to advertise


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