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  1. Starscream

    Fleetfoot Farm

    Pleasant guy. Good space to manoeuvre. Happy days
  2. Self employed groundsman looking to fill some dates in Jan - 10th, 12th, 24th, 25th, 26th in or around Bromley, Kent. Happy to travel within reason. Caffeine dependant 34 year old with chipper and unmarked truck, own PPE, saws up to 661 on a 28" bar. Good plant knowledge. Happy using most tools, hedgecutter, stump grinder etc.. Really good with a blower. Have CS 30,31,38,39. Can climb but wouldn't tout myself as a climber as I'm not into big stuff. Let me know if I can help anyone👍 Thanks, Matt
  3. Hello, Are there any subbie groundies with relevant quals around the Bromley/Orpington area - ongoing work on an ad-hoc basis.
  4. How do you mean? I have turned the light off manually because it stays on
  5. Hi, my 07 transit has its door ajar light on all the time. When I lock it the horn sounds but all the doors are locked?! I know which door it is as it's slowly been playing up and now nothing. My question is, does anyone know where the sensors are?? I've had the door apart not really knowing what I'm looking for to be fair so need to ask the hive mind. Cheers
  6. As title, a customer from 16 bloody months ago has called complaining that the stump I ground out has resprouted. I went round to take a look and the roots have popped up loads of suckers.. is this common? Did I not grind enough of the stump? Any advice on how to deal with this greatly appreciated. Thanks, Matt
  7. Nice one Will.. Have spoken to Tony, Sean. Am going round to provide a quote tomorrow. Thanks
  8. Should have gone to Stihl-savers
  9. The newest version of the 261 is actually a very good saw. All issues sorted, 300g lighter, better side case for better chip clearance and it's got more power than its predecessor. I run it on a 15" sugihara bar with full chisel chain. It's so nimble. I've also got a new 362 and it's got bags of power on an 18".
  10. "Game over man, game over".. guy was a quality actor.
  11. Starscream

    Saw advice

    The saws you listed are all great.. they're also in different classes and price brackets though.. The 661 is awesome on a 28" or less but depends what you're using it for. The 461 is also, in my opinion, one of the best saws available. For what it's worth, my setup is 261, 362, 661. Also check out the husky 365 xtorq. Very well priced 70cc saw
  12. I don't think leaving the forum is the answer here. This thread seems to have gained a bit of momentum and any input you may have should be seen as an asset. You've better knowledge of how scumbags operate and may have valuable input as to how better we can secure our tools. Whilst I'm going to mark and register my tools I don't hold out much hope of them being recovered if they got stolen, and if they were, I would have already started my insurance claim and my premiums will have gone up; forever. We pay for theft at every angle. Physically, emotionally, economically. It's a ball ache and the only way is a hardcore frontline defence. I intend to make my tools prisoners.
  13. Ooosh, very nice.. How much that go for??


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