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  1. Hi Mark, I've just finished a couple of large carvings at 6m and 4m tall. Like you I had never carved anything like that size before and learnt a few useful lessons...1) Don't underestimate the surface area that needs to be carved/removed on a wide and tall log, it can get relentless and very tiring. 2) Don't get bogged down in small details which won't be seen, scale everything up 3 or 4 times. 3) Nails or other objects usually found within seconds of putting a new chain on, one tree had buried electrical insulators! 4) Huge quantities of sawdust and offcuts - it took a day to clear up after the dragon wizard carving. The dragon carving was £3000 plus scaffolding and the fairy, done in 5 days was £1500. I indulged myself a bit with the dragon wizard, adding extra carvings because I wanted a great showcase for my work. Good luck, Tony
  2. Here is my latest commission, a 4' tall peacock, carved in elm. I normally use softwoods but this was a high value carving and I think it deserved the use of elm - hope the customer thinks so too! Cheers
  3. Cheers Mark, I share your sentiments re trying to move big heavy benches. Its bad enough when they're finished never mind manhandling the raw log into place to start carving! The whole bench was made from macrocarpa which I find nice and soft to carve with good colouring. It was heavily burnt at one end then treated with Ronseal decking oil. I wrote the runes and raven on with black marker then used a soldering iron to burn them on. All in it took just over 3 days and the customer paid £600 for the bench and £200 for an Odin carving that was used earlier on a film set. If only every week paid so well Please do post your pics - I feel a Vikings theme coming on!
  4. Hello Here is my latest creation, a monster of a bench about 8' long. Just need oars and a crew now...and a hull would help Cheers Tony
  5. I use Ronseal clear decking oil on all my carvings and outdoor tables. I thin the 1st coat 50% with white spirit then add neat oil coats afterwards. It provides an almost waxy like coating. If using the table outside I reccomend routing out a drip groove about 1/2" from the edge of the table to stop water wicking back underneath. Cheers Tony
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1389695991291343/permalink/1861132040814400/?sale_post_id=1861132040814400 Here you go
  7. Absolutely, its so...common. I only use kiln dried elm burrs on my fire because they burn so hot
  8. A memorial bench I finished this week, about 7' long. The bench ends are 3' tall (macrocarpa and spruce) and the seat is a piece of elm. Its been treated with Ronseal decking oil and I cut a drip groove in the underside. My next commission is a big Viking boat bench which should be fun Cheers
  9. Hi, here is my latest carving. Odin, standing almost 6' tall. This was used as a prop in The Invader's Song, a short film shot on the island last week. The lead actress was 12 year old local girl, Amy Gravestock and also starred John Rhys Davies (Lord of the Rings). Apologies for sideways picture.
  10. My ML8 Myford has been playing up so I built this new turning device yesterday. I used the motor bracket and tool rest from the Myford and a couple of faceplates that bolt together. It has a 2kw motor but only one speed as far as I can see - will that cause problems? I'm going to make an elm bowl with it. Cheers
  11. Come to the Isle of Man! The weather's not as good as Jersey but elm trees grow like weeds here and there's no speed limit for your days off Cheaper accomodation than Jersey. Lots of tree surgeons here so maybe subcontract work is an option.
  12. It would be interesting to see the actual volume taken up by the logs when neatly stacked - i'd guess around .7m3 and see the spread of guesses! Go on, its a Friday afternoon, won't take you long
  13. Hi His profile on various facebook groups has disappeared 'Dave woodchipper curtis' so might be a good idea to get your chipper back ASAP
  14. Hi Stu If I was in your shoes I would head to Whistler area, British Columbia. Massive mountains and even bigger trees! Lots of log home companies there too and they speak English. When your done snowboarding there are 250km of mountain bike trails in the area. Good luck! Tony


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