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  1. matt99


    ben burgess hire tow behind petrol powered processor
  2. matt99

    Companies holding card details

    Phone your bank every 6 months saying you've lost your card screws these companies up. Had it happen with insurance automatically renewing cover and not sending the reminder till already took the money. Now all I get is a crappy letter saying they tried to renew but card details didnt go through
  3. matt99

    Possible stolen pt chipper northwest.

    That's unbelievable wouldn't of lasted half an hour round here.
  4. matt99

    Selling birch firewood

    I find broken firewood simply the best burning wood available
  5. matt99

    advice please

    My advice is if you can't get the wood for virtually free your wasting your time ask some local tree surgeons for arb wood rather than buying in cord at top dollar. I do logs it's a lot of time and effort envolved for not much of a return
  6. What's a timber fly is it similar to a woodworm?
  7. matt99

    What size would standard fire log be

    Thanks for the quick replys
  8. matt99

    What size would standard fire log be

    I need to try and get a bit ahead of myself as I'm just recovering from a broken leg and not been able to do anything for the last 2 months
  9. matt99

    Billets or logs

    Horse chestnut is a horrible wood grows fungi and mold very easily I had some under a tarp it came out covered it every coloured mold you could imagine
  10. Just got round to start cutting my billetts up and just wondered what you would say an average length log would be, I get a few complaints that my logs are to long I have aimed for 10inch in past also what size do you tend to split down too as don't want to be doing them smaller than need to be, you can't win they either to big or to small and even had they are too dry and burn quick and had one chancer complain there was steam coming out of his logs when it was some very dry dead standing beech below 12%. I've tried doing a few bags of chunky stuff for big stoves and fires and end up keep moving them out the way whilst getting to the smaller logs.
  11. matt99

    Working with the Princes Trust

    Hope you got some money out of them they wouldn't give me any.
  12. matt99

    porhk for sale

    If I was going to buy a unimog I wouldn't want one that looked like a glorified bin lorry
  13. Could one of you help me out with a basic template for doing my accounts on please? The ones I've found online aren't that great.
  14. matt99

    Vicon topper blades

    Hi there I'm looking for replacement blades for a vicon 9foot topper I've not had any luck finding them online it has 3 blades.
  15. matt99

    Death on My Actioncamera !!

    Keep up the videos they are great. Like a scene from taken lol


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