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  1. Thanks for the input.
  2. I understand honey fungus in the soil, just not on tools. Got some gaps to fill with less susceptible species.
  3. If you've used various tools, silky, spade in the ground etc and not used disinfectant or bleach to clean them my question is this- (I don't work with tools apart from my garden anymore and that's where the infection is) How long do those tools need to remain dormant before I can safely use them again in the same garden
  4. woodpile

    Myco fans

    It's longer than most films. I'm only 15 mins in. Think it we of interest to some.
  5. The tree is dead. Arisings from a Monterey cypress have been hacked beyond my boundary and thrown over. She is as mad as a bum full of frogs. Hopefully she'll die soon.
  6. Thanks guys, i'll pass that along and obviously update with the outcome as and when.
  7. Hi all, I am looking for recommendations for a firm to quote for a family member in Hutton Essex. As I understand it the job is removing some broken branches from a Macrocarpa in rear garden. Thanks in advance.
  8. I would like to thank Steve and Felix for their recommendation. Andy and his team are now on their way home after a job very well done. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, skilled, polite and exactly the result we were hoping for. Cheers Arbtalk.
  9. Hi, I am in need of recommendations for a firm to carry out two reductions for me at my property near Felixstowe in Suffolk. 15 years ago I would have done them myself, but I'm too old for that now! The job is a clean out and sensitive reduction on an Oak and a Copper Beech. Beech is in front garden next to a residential road (Quiet road) and Oak is at back of house on flat ground with good access. I'm looking for someone who understands proper pruning as we don't want to affect tree health any more than we have to. Thanks in advance.
  10. Just to say, I was a professional climber for 16 years, followed by 10 as a rigger/Stevedore. I own my house. The majority along my right boundary don't. The only neighbour who is a problem was the one that sparked off this threads topic. I am happy for this thread to end here, so if the powers that be see fit, let it be so.
  11. Hi Jon, not done anything so far, seems it's too much hassle. I do have a lot of addresses where you can sign up for mountains of junk mail though...
  12. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of responses to this. Thanks to you all. I'm pretty much decided on a strongly worded letter which mentions all three points ie trespass, criminal damage and fly tipping. It's a small tree on a tiny boundary area in our large garden and life is too short. The letter will mention the arisings, which I will be chucking back over the fence. If it happens again then Mr eggs may have read my mind...
  13. The neighbour is a Woman about 60. The welder of the loppers is her boyfriend who lives elsewhere. They have been asked nicely after they last did this. I also pruned the tree back to my boundary. This is not a light issue, this is because of some imagined danger to her grandchild, who I have seen in her garden once in seven years. I reckon she's bonkers...
  14. The neighbour is a tenant, housing association.


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