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  1. K.T.S Tom

    VALID Tree Risk-Benefit Assessment

    Iv been reading into VALID and do like the look of it. How recognised is it in the uk and would tree officers accept it? Be interested to hear thoughts from tree officers.
  2. K.T.S Tom

    Laser measures

    There does seem to be a big gap. Basically £20 the £100+ I’ll have a good look round see what’s available. Thanks chaps
  3. K.T.S Tom

    Laser measures

    Just a quick one and it’s probably come up before. Anyone have any laser/height measuring devices they swear by?
  4. K.T.S Tom

    Hardwood firewood logs - 1.2cum crates x 30

    Would they be coming with the crates or loose?
  5. K.T.S Tom

    PTO chipper

    Thanks Pete That’s us. Apologies for the delay. In reply. Iv dropped a couple of messages. If you send me your email addresses I’ll sort out some pictures and specifications for you. Thanks Tom
  6. K.T.S Tom

    Arb Waste

    Make sure you get weight off the driver before he leaves. Make sure it matches what they pay...
  7. K.T.S Tom

    PTO chipper

    We’ve got 3x PTO choppers for sale (12inch FARMI Looking for around £4K + VAT Mint condition, we used to do a lot of rail work but not so much anymore. All mint, been serviced, new knives etc etc.
  8. K.T.S Tom

    Not another planning complaint!

    Average tpo return time for our area is 10 to 12 weeks. There’s a tree surgeon I know who puts in an appeal straight away if they don’t get back to them within their stated time. Iv no idea what his results are but I can’t imagine he has much luck with it.
  9. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji848] It is a bit contradictory. I got asked about the bt stuff by someone who is tendering for it, but didn’t know much about it.
  10. What actually happened? Just heard clear trak went bankrupt owing a lot of money to the subbies? Don’t like rumours so was just wondering if there was a true story. I thought it was a decent gig.
  11. As title suggests really. I got asked about it and didn’t know much. Must be a few climbers that lost out on it? Apologies if this has come up I can’t find it when Iv searched it through the topics.
  12. K.T.S Tom

    druggies on worksite

    I was doing some street trees and a dodgy lad was kicking about waking up and down this alley. He then wandered over “are you lot undercover coppers?” We literally fell over laughing. One of the lads replied. “It’s a good job we arnt because you’re the shittest drug dealer ever” For some reason he turned and ran like forest gump.
  13. K.T.S Tom

    Work West Yorkshire

  14. K.T.S Tom

    Work West Yorkshire

    Still require climbers 👍🏼


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