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  1. I agree and disagree with this. Not all these company’s will do their own in house assessments etc. To me your saying: “I can drive a car but don’t have a license”. You are correct it doesn’t open doors but it should and an AAC will be the accreditation recognised by everyone that if your arborist didn’t have you should use one that is. I wouldn’t trust a gas man if he wasn’t gas safe would you? I would suggest any company in any industry does as much as they can to stand out against their counter parts. I 100% believe having an independent 3rd party in this case the AA is one of the most beneficial things a company can do, rather than self regulate. This is why we will continue to be Arb approved.
  2. if I turned over that amount I probably wouldnt be having this chat 🤣 I know you do a fantastic job paul as iv met you a couple of times and you are the main face of things and all ways have a positive answer, if it aggravated me that much I wouldnt continue to be an AAC. Steve you will know better than most about how visible the AA website is, any thoughts on it?
  3. ah right I'm with you. I never mentioned TV but under stand where you are coming from but £200k could employ 8 members of staff to go out and speak to local authority's and get them to understand they should only be using AAC. If LA only used them then it should spur other arborists to become Arb approved so they can have a look in at contracts which would in turn get the organisation out there and the word spreads. My original point was are the AA doing enough to promote them selves and paul has mention in lesser works probably not due to limited resources. They seem very focused on attracting more arborists to become AAC rather than promoting themselves generally.
  4. steve sorry I don't fully understand your point.
  5. Thanks for your reply Paul. I do genuinely get both sides and as above I will be continuing to be an AAC to try stay a little bit above the rest of the pack. I don't really buy the limited resources line though, an organisation that in 2017 had an income of £1.3m might be able to stretch to an extra employee or 2. Im just expressing my views. I do believe AA is the way forward to 'professionalise' our industry more which I strive to do constantly but if I wasn't in the industry I would have not heard about the AA and to be honest I wouldn't know where to start apart from local authority's and tree officers.
  6. We have just had our interim assessment done for the AA, its got me thinking... Do the AA promote themselves enough to the general public? iv never seen them at the great Yorkshire show, Chelsea flower show etc etc. But are always at APF, Arb show its abit ice to eskimos. I push domestic customers a lot to ensure that they are aware we are an AAC but 99% time they are just comparing my price to a fella with his son and a transit van and inevitably go for the cheaper option. Do the AA show case themselves to local authority's? We are one of 5 approved contractors to work for our local authority 2 of them arnt AAC. Don't get me wrong I will continue to be AAC because it benefits us having a 3rd party look at us and it also highlights to our employees we are doing as much as we can to be up to date with all health and safety etc etc but sometimes I feel like im paying the AA for me to promote them.
  7. Clean Woodchip. Hardwood/softwood logs accepted in manageable pieces. Must check in before tipping
  8. Iv been reading into VALID and do like the look of it. How recognised is it in the uk and would tree officers accept it? Be interested to hear thoughts from tree officers.
  9. There does seem to be a big gap. Basically £20 the £100+ I’ll have a good look round see what’s available. Thanks chaps
  10. Just a quick one and it’s probably come up before. Anyone have any laser/height measuring devices they swear by?
  11. Would they be coming with the crates or loose?
  12. Thanks Pete That’s us. Apologies for the delay. In reply. Iv dropped a couple of messages. If you send me your email addresses I’ll sort out some pictures and specifications for you. Thanks Tom
  13. K.T.S Tom

    Arb Waste

    Make sure you get weight off the driver before he leaves. Make sure it matches what they pay...
  14. We’ve got 3x PTO choppers for sale (12inch FARMI Looking for around £4K + VAT Mint condition, we used to do a lot of rail work but not so much anymore. All mint, been serviced, new knives etc etc.


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