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  1. Heya Paul, thanks for that, its the next thing i'd like to do in the short term for sure. I've also noticed it being a requirement for a lot of advertised work.
  2. Thats a good idea, and not one i'd considered, thank you for that. I definitely agree to learning lots through working with different companies, maintains an open minded approach in my opinion. I think the main thing to overcome is that most jobs ive seen advertised require previous experience...
  3. Heya all, I’m after some advice on how to go about making a shift towards consultancy based work. I’m self employed, have been for years, and am coming up to completing a l4 diploma in arb. Future aspirations are to do a PTI course and at some point in the near future a level 6 or similar - I’d like to continue to run my own business. My current work is a range of subcontracting and own jobs, I’ve been doing tree work since 2012, so 8 years. What I was wondering, is whether people have gone for a period of employment, to gain experience etc, or whether people have gone ahead and tried to secure their ‘own’ work? Any advise would be greatly appreciated! thanks
  4. Okay. A stihl 076 (?) Big old thing, 110cc saw apparently. And a 4ft bar to make the cut - after alaskan mill losses
  5. Heya guys and girls. I've finally bought myself a chainsaw mill and have the opportunity to get into some oak, about 36" across. The only problem is, is that it's been down for 2+ years, so the sapwood is pretty cheesy. Heart wood is still solid. I'm thinking that all the bark is going to have to be hacked away and have a good clean up before milling. Has anyone got any advice? Yay or may Thanks all
  6. I've got a 2002 ranger that is my only vehicle - I've always driven it pretty slowly - averaging at about 28mpg - doing about 55/60mph on duals/m-ways... Just took it down to Falmouth for the weekend, did 70 the whole way down and then drove pretty briskly when we were there, averaged at 25mpg.... strange beast
  7. I've got a makita 7900, well priced and well made. If you google lawson HIS i think you can get one on there for £550 all in.. I'm planning to use mine for milling, plus Shavey on here is your man for spares (who i think is also in devon..)
  8. Does anyone know how to rotate photos on here ? there the right way up on my pc... thanks !
  9. Some photos from two separate monteray pine removals..
  10. There really isn't a lot going on with these gravity fed woodchippers.... an aircooled engine with a belt that spins a drum... no clutch... I think the greenmech cs100 is a great machine, but massively overpriced for the simplicity of it
  11. Ive just been looking at this - do you have your CS41? because you might be able to combine that ticket with a general MEWP ticket.


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