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  1. Yeah but your only doing your own wait till you get loads of orders in to do ! Get tedious after a while even with a processor !
  2. Can I still supply logs without being Woodsure approved this year or not ?anyone know ?as from what I’ve read I can’t make sense of it !also if I buy from a Woodsure reg company to sell on do I still need to be registered ???as the wood is Woodsure ?
  3. So does that mean you don’t have to be registered if you supply over 2m3 loads ?
  4. Di work on 1.5 cube to the ton across all hardwood species.
  5. This is somthing I’ve been thinking about doing for a couple of years now,can’t seem to find anyone close to me though gl6 glos prob got 50/75 ton in the yard no ready for processing,wouldbuy it in ready processed at the right price .anyone on here want some subcontract splitting pm me I have telehandler on site and bins for storage.
  6. Is that in Gloucestershire if so can I have his number please or contact details
  7. Approx 26 cube of oversize beech for sale, 10 cube has been down 3 yrs the rest was felled 4 weeks age diameters are2 foot /6 foot £55 ton road side no vat, cash on collection I can load if need be. good artic access pick up gl6 7as
  8. I used to run a battery powered face shield for grinding and sanding down car bodywork that was pretty good,had filters in the top and light weight,didn’t stem up either .was a couple of hundred quid back then ,made by 3 m,you can get compressor fed ones with charcoal filters too for isosinoite paints
  9. Thanks , where’s the hot air from ? The kiln ?
  10. Hi anyone one here had any dealings with teodor stojanov for kiln dried logs ? just trying to see if anyone on here has bought any from him and to see what the quality is like . thanks in advance
  11. Hoggs typhoon boots are good ,comfortable. Waterproof and breathable ,about £50 online ,usually last me a year and I never polish them.wartermans country supplies .co.uk
  12. I have a jolly in the workshop,ex machine quick and easy to use,accurate too,Ermin plant use them in thair workshops, got mine off eBay £200;think its a jolly star model.comes with 3 different stones.
  13. Hi rob do you still have some ? I’m interested and in bisley no stroud


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