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    Lister 12/15 startomatic standby genset it’s a 1974 I believe and was installed in a barn conversation as back up in 1979 and has done 31 hours since then ,comes with all the change over controls,switchgear etc exhaust,etc,etc running single phase at the mo as was backup for two barn conversions,so 12 Kia. can be retired to thre phase 15 Kia I believe.is in nice condition as been inside all its life,have all paperwork with it and wiring diagrams,the switch gear is Blandon systems ,engine is a hr2 pickup from glos I can load £2000.00


    Gloucestershire - GB

  2. I used to run a battery powered face shield for grinding and sanding down car bodywork that was pretty good,had filters in the top and light weight,didn’t stem up either .was a couple of hundred quid back then ,made by 3 m,you can get compressor fed ones with charcoal filters too for isosinoite paints
  3. Thanks , where’s the hot air from ? The kiln ?
  4. Hi anyone one here had any dealings with teodor stojanov for kiln dried logs ? just trying to see if anyone on here has bought any from him and to see what the quality is like . thanks in advance
  5. Hoggs typhoon boots are good ,comfortable. Waterproof and breathable ,about £50 online ,usually last me a year and I never polish them.wartermans country supplies .co.uk
  6. I have a jolly in the workshop,ex machine quick and easy to use,accurate too,Ermin plant use them in thair workshops, got mine off eBay £200;think its a jolly star model.comes with 3 different stones.
  7. Hi rob do you still have some ? I’m interested and in bisley no stroud
  8. Yep time serts far Better than helicoils, would never buy a helicoil,if you were closer to me I have a full set from worth .
  9. Just found a serial plate a65😀
  10. Clearing out my lock up found some old saws a husky a65 ? I think ? Not 100% sure tho cleaned it up fuelled it and it runs , is it collectible ? And what’s it worth ? anyone on here collect old saws ? got an old Remington too + and old stihl, cheers in advance
  11. Got a 024 and a028 for sale if hes interested
  12. Yep the small crate you are lucky to get 1.2 cube loose out of !


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