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  1. Hello Guys, few more things to add: - the mill will cut up to 500 mm dia logs (can do bit more if you faff a bit and cut off "ears" with chainsaw and rotate a log etc) - the gear also includes blade grinder and tooth setter - the mill is the extended version of the Lumbermate 2000 - i.e. will cut logs up to 5 m long! - please take this into account when comparing prices! - the mill when new plus all the auxiliaries came to 14K, you getting all of these plus some more of spares and tools i accumulated overt the time - im happy do spend half hour sitting down and writing suppliers for all the funny hard to find parts - if u ever owned a overseas highly specialised piece of gear you will know what this is worth!!! - Phone number for those not on arbtalk 07515516399:) Enjoy! Nora
  2. Hello All, looking at selling Lumbermate 2000, 5 yrs old. Its in good condition didn't have a hard life with us or the previous owner (who i knew). Its been stored for three years in the barn and then we had it mostly outside for last 2 but always under cover. Its trailored - 5 m long - the longest mobile mill you can get, you can take extensions off to make it shorter. Horizontal Bandsaw type, water lubricated. Petrol Engine - Briggs and Stratton Vanguard 23 hp. It has a pre-paid tracking device (for a year). No obligation to extend the contract once it runs out. It would come with cant hooks, quality blades, engine oil, some spare parts, user manual and plenty recommendations where to get spares and other tricks. I am also happy to spend some time with you teaching you how to use it. It is located in Yorkshire. The asking price is £6000.
  3. Hello Daniel, we do green wood for turners, we are based in Littleborough so bit of a trip for you but you could stock up? You can email me at timber@blackbark.co.uk and we can discuss in detail what you want! nora
  4. we can borrow one of these things locally, it works but you can only transport very little at a time - doesn't really solve the labour efficiency problem!
  5. thanks for this! we've gotten into forestry wanting to find a way how to work this situation, so far it seems to me that it is choice btw making money or doing things right. if you want to make living out of small woods in the end you got to go to greenwellied conservationists or similar for funding to subsidise it. the firewood prices are still too low whatever the people say. as far as the technical side of things go i think we might go for the trailer and 4x4 option and only use it on tracks (i e not really offroading) - i am aware this will seriosly limit where we can go but i think we will simply have to be patient till we get another opportunity to invest and go and get that tractor. this has been a lovely discussion btw - thaks all for contributing!
  6. or if we do drop the idea - the question becomes - we've got a tractor and a forestry trailer - how do we get it on site? - i know this will sound like a stupid question but some of our sites are as far as an hour away and we would be reluctant leaving machinery overnight as we worried about vandalism/theft. (lots of sites are pretty urban or near urban for us). so if the tractor is too slow to drive (plus you cant take forestry trailer on road) then you will need to load both the tractor and trailer onto something else and drive it there?? surely we will need some very clever trailer for this anyway? (ive seen set ups for alpine tractors and trailers that load onto one trailer but that would mean buying 3 items rather than one). ive been pondering this problem for a while now and i just dont see a workable solution that wont cost us arm and a leg.
  7. so i wonder now, if i go for a dummy run basically i would need to arrange for riko to lend us one of those trailers - no point trialing it out with anything else???
  8. okay - i failed to explain that we were thinking just using it on the tracks in the woods - some of which are muddy and narrow though, as we often struggle to persuade the landowners to put down hardcore and widen - due to the esthetic or public reaction in coulcil's case... so have to keep that in mind. what would you say in that case? we get logs to the track by petrol winch or by hand.
  9. Hello Folks, we have been thinking of getting one of the road going forestry trailers to be able to pull it behind a hilux to bring it to the site and use it on site to extract to the roadside. What do people think? Good idea, bad idea? Downfalls? Lots of the sites here have bad access. We don't really have the capital to buy tractor as well and then even if we did we will still need trailer to get it to site so thats why we're thinking of going down this route. The hilux is 2494cc, year 2004, the trailer we've been looking at is fast tow breaked trailer from RIKO, which can come with flat bed or bolsters and has hydraulics to move the bed back and forward on the chassy to adjust the weight. They come at £14200 ex VAT - we'd get 40% of that covered by FFIS. Any experience sharing will be most appreciated! Mostly worried about overtaxing the hilux and wrecking it!
  10. woodblock printers, turners, marquetry people would love this stuff, if you ready to process yourself into what they want you can make quite a lot on this, had a chat with printer and she is paying £9 for a bit that is 3 inch dia by 1 inch - this was so called lemon wood which is a replacement for traditional box wood - which is apparently next to impossible to get. if you dont want to faf and make all the mistakes look for printers supplier and flog the whole lot to them.
  11. I got asked this now few times so i thought i would post it for all to see. Especially as some one pm-ed me but being a guest i have no adress to reply to them! (how is this even possible! Woodland pioneers event in cumbria (BHMAT - Woodland Pioneers) and also events by 'coppicers association north west' (CANW) often feature a charcoal burn, also you can just try their newsletter (contact secretary for this) and ask for volunteering opportunities with individual members. If you seriously interested in the coppicers lifestyle lookup the first link about apprenticeships. Blackbark LLP (company i am part of - http://www.blackbark.co.uk) also do burns and accepts volunteers but this year we couldnt burn as we lost the site where we usually do this. we will be back on next year if u want to get in touch then - contact@blackbark.co.uk hope that helps to all eager charcoal burners:) nora
  12. would you have an opinion on which ones? we seem to have decided to go for a mobile one because few users over the area are buying together. this severely limits the choice so it is a bit of a headache, to a point where i am now thinking do we need to reevaluate that decision. however it does mean getting another piece of kit like a tractor or something be able to move it and then you face budgetary restrictions.... hmmm... also thanks for all the advice up till now, that is really useful:)
  13. hello folks, new member here. hoping for some advice on where to go for firewood processors. already familiar with fuelwood, davies implements, m.large, riko, just found jas p wilson. am i missing anyone worth checking out? we are looking for a mobile firewood processor the likes of japa 300 be. used would be fab, or new but cheap (ha-ha!) thanks all!
  14. for people interested in charcoal burning and looking for volunteer experience - we do burns for few weeks every year as we sell stuff on the commecial basis. we do love the process and love getting other people into this - if u want o volunteer with us get in touch via web http://www.blackbark.co.uk. conversely if you dont like the look of us - find coppicers association north west and try them, or book yourself in for woodland pioneers event in cumbria - its all great fun and youll meet lotsa folk with passion for charcoal! hope this helps!


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