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  1. We are a family run forestry contracting company with 35 years of experience. Available for all mechanized harvesting operations in the east of England. Modern machinery, fully NPTC qualified and insured, Please give Ade a ring with any questions on 07711538236.
  2. The root plate top is about 4 or 5 foot off the ground didn't realise a stump grinder would be able to reach that high?
  3. ok will try that 2.5 tonne one then thanks
  4. my bigger concern is if it will be able to lift it or not.
  5. Got to get rid of a medium eucalyptus root plate maybe 6 foot across, the local digger hire only has a 2.5 tonne digger does anyone reckon that will do it or does it need to be bigger?
  6. recognise the top tree Ian, driver past it almost daily. Always thought it was a lovely tree. Had a lot of work done to it when they built the flats to the left of the picture.
  7. if you call them up directly they will deliver for free. I just got a 48kg for £55. The number is on there website
  8. yeah they stick to larger contracts as its easier to manage we did a job that ended up being 20,000 tonne. If your looking for artic loads try euro forest.
  9. we run a valmet 901 black cab with a viking 625 bit on the large size for it but a brilliant head. From what we have seen it runs rings around the valmet heads but have never had one on our machines just seen one working and then the driver struggling to do maintenance on it
  10. There aren't even many machine based accidents the accident rate for forestry is high because of the massive spectrum of different sectors it calls forestry including untrained cowboys they wont do the refresher training whatever
  11. mechanized forestry in my opinion is easier than climbing, i do both. The money is better in my experience in forestry and there is a bit more security in my opinion as the jobs in forestry can last years. We just finished a long term contract in Theford that lasted for 2 years. There is also a shortage of decent drivers about.
  12. i swear by our daily. it has had a hard life being pulled and pushed with harvester etc and never been a problem. haven't had any problems with the gear box or any rust. The one problem we found was the front spring breaking if it hit a hole done 3 now, not sure if they have fixed this in the newer ones. our local dealer was doing the springs basically at cost price as it was a known problem.
  13. The wood is still standing at the moment trying to plan ahead to put a price in, so very green and yeah maybe modeling i know it has a very tight grain i just wonder if they will be interested in that amount.
  14. Hi all. I'm trying to find a market for a fairly large amount, probably a medium tipper load of boxwood that is around 4inch diameter. just wondering if anyone knew of a good place to sell this stuff. If not its getting burnt.


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