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  1. I had a hilux full of fencing tools stolen from a field once, I was in the tractor on the other side of the field and didn't see who cleaned me out but some of the tools turned up for sale in a local pub (pre gumtree/ebay days) and it was a sickening feeling, we all work hard for our tools and it's just a small(ish) group of people who ruin it for everyone.
  2. That's assuming they actually got it from a car boot. It's always an easy cop out to say, "well there was this bloke at a completely untraceable car boot who was selling it so I bought it, even though I've got no idea what most of it does" Just smelt a bit suspect to me.
  3. Don't post that much on here I know but I thought I'd just point everyone in the direction of this ebay add. I buy a lot of stuff from ebay and sell quite a bit too so you get a feel for ads on there but this just doesn't smell right so I thought I'd share it in case anyone recognises the kit. The seller claims they bought the job lot from a "car boot".... Perfect cover story pattern for stolen kit. Arborist Climbing Rigging Joblot | eBay Read their description, you'll see what I mean.

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  5. You will struggle to find someone take you seriously at your age Liam, not being funny at all just honest but I can put you in touch with people who might be able to help if you let me know what area you are looking at. You may be able to do a bit of work with/for them and that might be a way in?
  6. Good luck. It's taken me 3 years to find something here in Norfolk... finally got something but it's not ideal.
  7. The whole left and right thing came about because developers and local authorities wanted to standardise the rules, they wanted there to never be a dispute regarding boundaries since they were laying out set rectangular or square plots, not the organic ones that would have generally grown up long ago. It is true that generally its all a load of tosh, the title deeds should have boundary ownership and as has been said this might not necessarily denote ownership but it's very rare for it not to. If the homeowners title deeds don't have a T and subsequent red line it can often be mentioned in the deeds themselves and often an owner of a boundary will enter a covenant with their neighbour to allow them to maintain the fence or wall. Over the last 20 years as a fencer I have had this come up at least a few times a year, some years it's almost every job and generally I try and advise clients to either contact the Land Registry (not always helpful believe me) or to treat the fence as a party boundary and split the cost. Nothing makes the neighbours step back from an argument quite as much as having to split a bill!
  8. anecdotal tales are great and I'm glad it worked out for you but all the tests conducted by various wire manufacturers that are supplied to the Fencing Contractors group show that diagonally strutted strainers are significantly stronger than box strainers in everything except marshy wet ground.
  9. The netting has to be strained first, the top strands are only ever strained to just bellow the same tension of the netting, a straining gauge is always a good investment and they are simple and quick to use.... As to the comments about box strainers, I know its gonna be hard to believe but a properly constructed diagonally strutted strainer is actually much stronger than a box strainer, the only exception to that is in marshy or boggy ground but even then I've yet to see one put in correctly. They work by creating an equal pull on both posts, when the netting isn't perfectly level with the top horizontal post they are simply not functioning how they should and they slowly fail and slacken. Box strainers are preferred because they are much easier to do and they are what people expect to see, I've had farmers tell me that their grandfathers put box strainers in so that's what they want... their grandfathers also used horses but they don't sell their tractors!
  10. Not been on for a while so didn't realise we had a landscaping section... Happy days! On a new laptop now but will get some loaded up, been fencing for 20 years so I have one or two....
  11. Good luck. I grew up in Knoydart, cleggs and midge scars still mark my skin!
  12. Thanks a million, much appreciated.
  13. Ha a reply from Dartmoor National Park Authority about chestnut coppice and have spoken to one of the local coppicers..... thanks to the person who gave the link to them, much appreciated, they also suggested I go on their local craftsmen's register.
  14. We are the other side of Princetown.
  15. Sorry, by 2-3 I thought you meant 2-3 inch tops.... my bad.


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