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  1. Off grid lifestyle in rural bulgaria:biggrin:
  2. and this statement is the essence of the problem. If we direct our anger and frustrations at the ones who cause those stresses and angers and frustrations (rather than at our own kind, in this case JK)
  3. its on;ly just beginning, we move in september, then the world becomes a new and most wonderous place again:thumbup1:
  4. man alive, nowt more messed up than the minds of folks listen to wayseer's manifesto
  5. We get what we attract, what we manifest, I learned of it, and am indeed as you say, having more than my share of the good life
  6. unsustainable practice, we should be looking at more sustainable approaches, and once the customers understand WHY it is a crap thing to do, i mean think about it! threy will avoid kiln dried
  7. not at all, means i no longer have to do the night shift on such things, so good on ya:thumbup1:
  8. your doing well matty! nice bit of ash that, the bowl gouge takes a bit of practice, avoid the tip and back of the wings and you should be o.k, thats where the catches happen, i just bought a 3/4 inch gouge which has enab.ed me to get better with them. I have gotten so used to scrapers they are my main tool and im getting pretty efficient with just a scraper now. Lots of sharpening keeps it cutting clean as a whistle. I use the sorby pro edge sharpening wise, its pucka but expensive initialy, once you have it all its cheap on belts
  9. cant beat horse chestnut burr, very lightwieght though, but stunning once polished:thumbup1:
  10. Ive been turning some similar brown oak, that bench is the nuts fella, well done, and dont take less than 750.00
  11. its true that when the body is losing its lustre it is a hard thing to take but as for the poor wages, well yes im on the same money as 8-10 years ago, but I couldnt earn this much as unskilled labour in any other job!
  12. Amid sized Magnolia that the client felt was once again growing too big for its boots.
  13. can only repeat already said, service is second to none, tree source and summerfield. Jo at tree-source is a gem and grossly under appreciated
  14. thanks fella, gotta get in touch soon for as stock up, chains etc bent thew 56 inch rails, and shredded the belt on my sharpener, snapped some u bolts on the mill, been grafting!
  15. could make a lovely bowl out of that bulbous growth!
  16. nice to see good quality work still getting posted, well done to the last few posters, good jobs
  17. The great tragedy is it was all preventable, but yet again the industry big shots refused to listen to the practitioners (who really knew long before) that it was imminent and advised on how to stop it. Unfortunately there is a vice like grip on commerce and the World trade organisation is all too powerful
  18. argh i see how old is the extension besides it!
  19. So true, I pulled a load of burr pear out of a wood pile the other day, in fact took two burrs of horse chestnut out of another pile 5 days before that and the other day i cut off some brown burr oak (Laetiporus as aposed to Fistulina brown) from a tree stem blocking a farm track! will post some results shortly. also rescues a big arse walnut that was so full of nails as to defy belief, cost me 250 in damage but ended up with so many blanks some upto 25 inches across and al heart! Trying hard to salvage all i can as fast as I can now as we leave for Bulgaria in months, and this kind of timber will be as hard to find as rocking horse manure!


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