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  1. I have the same lathe, and offer the same words! admire anyone doing it the traditional way, maybe when we make it to Bulgaria full time I will make one and "ave a go" but have to confess to loving turning big old wood with some juice! Keep this thread alive, I will check it out often:thumbup1:
  2. It is odd when a team is broken up for whatever reason, I think this response was a little OTT from Bill, but nathan was a bit naughty allowing pics to go undiscribed allowing others to make the assumption it was his work. Bill, cut the guy a little slack man, hes young and needs to stretch them wings and discover himself. I know you wont thank me for saying it but there is defo a little jelousy in your words. Life is too short days are numbered we have a duty to our selves and no other to make them count, each and everyone of them. Bills a good man, decent he had his reasons, as Nathan had his, live and let live just be lucky and live the dream, looks like your having a blast Nathan, fair play:thumbup:
  3. some of the latest work, my fave is the olive ash candle stick at the end but hard to not love the live edged ash bowl with an olive base too. Met another woodworker today after being approached as a milling job, guy turned out to be a total wood nut too, gonna be some really interesting projects in th pipeline. Woodworkers are a different kettle to arbs, you think you know people who love wood, then you meet woodies!
  4. ha ha got a little bit of lime from Waddesdon manor
  5. And thats why! lol, you cant help anyone who dont wanna be helped, some folk are determined to destroy themselves. Even when you do try you get it thrown in ypour face so you may as well be on your tod!
  6. Just before the world war broke out Britain came out of a sovereign 70 year bankruptcy, then war broke out, debt ridden for another 70 years, till the banking collapse in 2008 70 years later. We will never ever see change until we take it to em. The banksters own us all, and play the game you never even knew existed. Just keep your own head above the tide mark and let the rest sink or swim!
  7. dont be impressed its as common as muck! reaally good immune stimulant if you dry it and make tea with it:thumbup1:
  8. Oh man alive, itsa free world, and unless they start taking treework serious;y as an industry (like Corgi or NIC) then the game will be open to flagrant abuse in all factors. at the end of the day I have to keep my rate down to about top for a good climber as I am competing for the avaliable work, I have all my own kit, milling included, along with a landy trailer and winch. I am a handy dude to have around, but I wont get more than anyone else just cos i bought stuff
  9. no worries, and having put my glasses on trametes versicolour:biggrin:
  10. what I did wrong was try to please everyone and be as legitimate as the system demanded, sadly the system does not back you up in return. So I learned how to think like those who made the system
  11. yes i did, and now i am semi retired, have more toys than ever, happy as a pig and holidaying in my own property in 30 odd degrees as much as i want. so you tell me where i went wrong?
  12. yep thats the long and short of it, too long in the tooth and too darn good at what i do to compete with young guns with all the gear and no idea!
  13. or just hire a jewish ex inland revenue bod as your accountant! trust me, gold money or jewellery see the boys!
  14. welcome to the "senior moments club" lmao:lol:
  15. thanks and agreed, My mrs loves em natural. im more anal about it! we argue about the artistic nature of it all a LOT!
  16. Its a difficult thing to find isnt it! took us a fair while too. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fitm%2FB-Natural-Turquoise-Crystal-GemStone-Rock-Specimen-Grinding-Sand-Powder-Healing-%2F321300111045%3Fpt%3DLH_DefaultDomain_3%26hash%3Ditem4acefa9ec5&h=nAQHMk0xC
  17. sounds like your slowly piecing it all together:thumbup1:
  18. If there is one thing i am enjoying more than any other from this journey it is the understanding of wood as a material. If you want to learn about wood, work it green, work it rotten, work it, in all forms, youll learn so much.
  19. I will hazard a guess at chondrostereum purpureum on eucalyptus stump
  20. only as busy as I wanna be! retirement kicks arse! mind you, when you do a few days contract climbing it kicks arse too! I mean out of me!


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