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  1. I thought it was about time I had myself a new thread, I dont like repeating old hat or old ground so as I finally have something new to say and talk about here we are! As arborists we definatley have no friggin idea what we burn throw and chip, of that you can be GUARANTEED. I have winced in recent months at the past life of fells and fires and chippings, if you take nothing more from this thread but an open mind to what you chip and burn on a daily basis i consider that job done. As some of you know I have been turning :001_rolleyes:my focus into woodcraft of late, about six months or more hence the silence, been busy playing with my new found direction and toys! I never set out to be a woodworker, it just came to me one day, slipped into it like a thief in the night it took me! next thing i knew im buying all manner of tools and three lathes down the line here we are! Apparently its the age, old men and sheds is par for the retirement of old woodsmen, so heres a few things ive made in recent months from wood that was destined for the compost/fire heap.
  2. its chicken rot, brown not white, if caught right is o.k
  3. shall we post the "highly valuable walnut tree " video again!
  4. shame it aint closer! just roughed out a 16 inch walnut bowl today, love the stuff
  5. fell the right stem, reduce the left tree and allow to re develop a new crown
  6. HA HA I KNEW you would be there ready for it:lol: You should at least look into the FACTS before you throw in the tin foil hats Huck, you might actualy find something empowering:biggrin:
  7. dont miss the croft Oak, biggest sessile in England apparently, she is a stunner
  8. I love this kind of stuff, because there are so many folk on here that bitch about travellers etc rouges and non taxpayers. WHY PAY TAXES WITH THIS SITUATION! It is legal AND Lawful to withhold it (in a separate account) until they have proven they are not corrupted or fraudulent (they cant do that, because the system is bent as nine bob notes) they print the money without any backing anyway!
  9. You havent changed a bit, cantankerous old git:lol:
  10. dont matter what plan you make, life will present to you what you need, just be a good human being, and the ether will take care of you in return. I had no bloody idea what I was going to do when the age kicked in, spent a lot of time studying and pushing spent a fortune on courses books and research to get a name for myself to be a Dr in arb mycolgy, then boom, I bought a house in Bulgaria and discovered a flair and love of wood turning and tables, life is a journey, planning takes the fun out of it, as did the labour to work toward the plans:biggrin:
  11. good to hear things have started panning out Andy, long may you stay posative:thumbup1:
  12. Seen many a tree down with Pfiefferi, Epping and longdean off the top of my head, others im trying to recount. Oh yes whippendell another,
  13. Ganoderma australe and Rigidiporus ulmarius
  14. heres a couple of my recent playings with wood, never been happier than now. small chunky spalted sycamore table, just waxed, and same with oak table, both sold, now mrs misses the oak one so much have to make a mark two for keepers!
  15. nope! Ganoderma applanatums, yes comatus and trametes versicolour losing your touch old bean!
  16. Hi, there is nothing more satisfying than cutting ones own timber and getting something of use from it. Ive been milling, and now turning for just over a year now. I would suggest taking the best three or four slabs out of the middle, these will be quarter sawn at this point, and the top and bottom slices left thick these make ideal bowl blanks, or flip them over and you have the top of a bench. This for me makes the most of the timber, and iof the top and bottom become bowls that sentimental value can be shared with family and friends.
  17. watford herts, seen a bit of your posting here, maybe one day we should have an arbtalk turners stand all of us at the APF:001_cool: yes it is ash butrr, i love it, even more than oak burr, so delicate and subtle:001_tt1:


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