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  1. Glad you took the plunge... They just dont live long enough... If they did live our whole lifetime from child to man into old age.. {If we make it.} how crazy that would be......
  2. Its a beautiful timber when quartersawn, but very prone to cracking or splitting if tangentially sawn. Great inclination to split radially... I sawed up 2 rough ancient 14x14 piles 25 years ago, lots of great firewood, a splintery axe handle {bad idea.} and enough timber to top a tilt top table.. Must laminate it together...should be dry by now! Thanks for the reminder! Would make amazing quartersawn flooring... Watch for splinters though, mine went septic in 30 minutes!
  3. Id take a wild guess at the Ribble Valley area?
  4. Who mentioned doing the scrote over?. But yes Ive lived my life, & you've lived yours. we have different hearts & experiences. I choose not to live in fear when possible... I realise some theve are ruthless organised gangs, some are psychotic nutters but many are also just sneaky little weasels. If one went to collect there own belongings it would be soon easy to deduce which grouping they fell into. Id guess 75% are just weasels... if its the other 25% re appraise the situation, depending on which percentage you are... If its the 10% be very cautious. If its the 1%, you might just to have swallow it... But each to their own...
  5. Don't they have google? or know a man who does?
  6. Fascinating! the software did a double tap & gave me a stammer.... Unless it was driver error of course.
  7. Indeed so! Good statement of fact! Luckily I recognise the difference between proven fact & imagination. {That's why I labelled it as such. } I was posing a thought... yes I do have the ability to imagine & to question it & ask others there opinion. Personally I'm glad I have the capability to imagine. Must be sad for those who have no imagination... Probably Little more than functional drones in life... I'm good.
  8. I can see that for the smaller stuff, but large professional saws? Not sure.
  9. I agree, sorry for my lack of clarity.. I would imagine the fence passes them on to people who sell them for parts.
  10. Reading the threads on this forum their always seems surprise the so many stolen saws vanish forever. Now I assume some of them are bought by tree surgeons ,farmers .landscape gardners etc. because there cheap. A few go abroad. but is that realy cost effective for them I wonder? Its hardly new bmws or plant. For Some are used by conmen who pretend their tree surgeons when there not repairing your roof or doing you a new drive. But that doesnt-seem the full picture? After looking through ebay today, after reading a theft thread on the general forum , I am left wondering what percentage are broken up for spares and used knowingly or bought innocently from whatever spares sources used ?
  11. I think if it was me Id buy another item for sale, the 2 identical pressure washers recently sold could imply a few bits pass through his hands? So might be worth chatting to him at his abode in a polite and friendly manner to see if he would kindly assist you in the search for your property.. If your a shy chap probably best to take some hard working friends for morale support, 2 or 3 land rovers and transits arriving together helps overcome once shyness I think...
  12. mmm it looks a bit of a booby trap for the unsuspecting or inexperienced, remove the any of the lower pieces it will all collapse. Looks a few years old though...
  13. Your wrong... Stickers if wood should be dry, using green offcuts encourages sticker staining in the boards, on occasion even rot. Stickers are important! Not just incidental. This knowledge & use was the normal for over a 100 years at least. {Id guess century's.} Its a shame how much knowledge has been lost.


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