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  1. To b fair it was already ruined it had been welded where previously cracked from havin the poll repeatedly hit with hammer and the eye was distorted so a new handle wouldn’t have been any better, sadly won’t help the health of the gene pool as if the head flies off it probably won’t b him culled!
  2. I no longer use a guide unless I’ve proper mullered the chain, really like the x cut chain stays sharp for a good while and easy to sharpen. Initially had a problem about halfway through chain with it not cutting quick: the depth gauges stick out to the side a touch so they sit proud as the cutters get shorter, I found you need to take a bit off side as well as top, hope that makes sense?
  3. Was going to put this on the jokes thread but.......
  4. timbernut

    DAF T244

    Buy a chassis cab and put a box on and convert it, loads of hassle to build from scratch onto a flatbed (or demountable box on flat bed so you can convert to work[emoji12])
  5. That’s cool! Any idea where it is?
  6. New hoses I use ag engineer near me (south of Norwich) pumps etc P&R hydraulics on meteor close on airport industrial estate, there’s a couple of others but can’t remember names one maybe Pearson?
  7. Good job, slick production![emoji106]
  8. We pollarded a whole coppice block of hornbeam about 20 yrs ago, never been back, probably should, would be interesting to see how it turned out. We also used used to do a couple of ash on the edge of blocks every season, sadly most have carked it from dieback.
  9. Yea glad you’ve got it sorted, hope you enjoy revealing the beauty within as much as I do[emoji106]
  10. Cool! Reasonably local to us n all
  11. Maybe you ordered the bar recommended for the mill? In which case it’s 3/8 lo pro and you just need to change sprocket and buy chain = smoother quicker cut. They usually send cobalt drill bit for you to drill bar yourself. Chainsawbars are probably the best online business I’ve dealt with but ordering can get a bit confusing, they’ll bend over backwards to help!
  12. Dunno if it’s a myth but I was told a while back that McD litter culprits have been prosecuted cos they’d left receipt in dumped bag which has time of purchase and on camera if been via drive thru so reg picked up. Now I’ve typed it sounds unlikely
  13. I’ve used a Lewis winch, very good but limited by drum capacity whereas capstan you’re only limited by length of cable/roe you have available. Not seen the multi drill attachment before looks useful


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