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  1. Zig zag or spiderjack?

    Thanks Wes, it was the bulkyness puttin me off, but now I've handled it a bit it feels ok though not used it yet. It was that or a zigzag and not bothered by the zz recall as friend has mk3 and loves it. It's more that when using LJ I always was tempted t use thumb like brake on descents and felt SJ would suit. I've taken on board that it's not great for small trees so will keep a shorter rope with LJ for conny hedges etc. The slack tending on the LJ is not so good except when lots of rope beneath it. Hav a cocoon but will have to start installing from the ground which I haven't tried as always got in a pickle tryin it with old type cambium saver[emoji15] Incidentally does anyone know a good splicer in Norfolk who could do me a new loop for the cocoon with cable in it as it often catches on retrieval, Thanks john
  2. Zig zag or spiderjack?

    Hey Wes, did ya do a review of SJ3? I currently use a lockjack but hav been offered a brand SJ3 for £150 n seems like a bargain but they seem a 'fair old chunk' to have in front of ya, so interested to know yours or anyone else's experiences Thanks John
  3. New Meindl boots

    The thread seems to be mostly about airstreams now, has anyone actually got a pair of timberkings? Are they a climbing boot or more forestry like the woodwalker, very interested as husky technicals need new soles.
  4. woodland traces

    Lone working: leg trapped then saw ran out n had t use silky, squirrels ate toes etc
  5. woodland traces

    My sister sent me this, think it's Yorkshire somewhere, And I've accidentally deleted the shot of whole tree
  6. A good forestry lid.

    Do ground helmets not have a longer lifespan than climbing ones?
  7. the 'todays job' thread

    It's the old Norfolk n Norwich hospital
  8. Only a thousand years ....give or take

    Because he can't help himself like that know it all twat character of Harry Enfields "you don't want to do it like that"
  9. What happened to comedy on the telly?

    Derry girls, young offenders, still game, they're all good, spose matelot would like a return of love thy neighbour etc. Old Harry Enfield seems dated now but porridge is still very funny all my kids enjoy it which imo shows its stood test of time
  10. Soaking Hi lift wedges

    Fnaar fnaar
  11. Sprocket life expectancy...

    Near 30 chains? Really?! I average six or seven (not including the old playdough husky bars), chains last 3 to 5 weeks of mostly forestry based felling, but depends on species/ ground. (you using an angle grinder on the chains?)
  12. Bit negative, can't you see the benefit in speeding up bio diversity?
  13. Drying Firewood when RHI payments stop.

    Can you not install coils in bottom of large pond/small lake? I'm sure a fella I worked for was on about installing gshp coils in his pond when he re dug/ dredged it.
  14. Ripped off by tree surgeons

    Worth the gamble tho: ladder placement would be interesting on that bank and a nice ash barber chair t catapult you off the ladder!
  15. Ripped off by tree surgeons

    Does that include VAT?[emoji3] Seriously though what diameter are the 2 stems? Makes a lot of difference! And it's quite hard to tell, i'm guessing 10" each, which would make £450 expensive but if 2' then a lot more top then not so dear.


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