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  1. Thanks, yep just looked them up and then popped seed out, though the pod looks quite mutated compared to pics I found online!
  2. As per the title! It was on a magnolia, which had been hacked about last year. Presume it’s fruit, particularly as it appears to be opening?
  3. Think it’s called fasciation there’s an old thread somewhere on AT about it (where I learned about it after posting similar pics of willow or ash with ‘flat’ twigs), think it’s bacterial
  4. Was it a versa cut bar? I had one de laminate after an hours use, never had a problem with the older ones tho
  5. We have noticed the grain is not as fibrous as it was when felling and they break away from the stump sooner, also spoke to a friend who does a lot of roadside work for County Highways and he said the same thing
  6. If you lay a stick in the gob it pops the stem off the hinge n it jumps forward. I was dubious when colleague first told me but tried it n it works
  7. timbernut


    Poor old Sean Vary, always being victimised by the lefty bbc for his entrepreneurial endeavours in arb......
  8. timbernut


    Took a moment[emoji849]
  9. She’s been with us 4 weeks now and is already as big as our patterdale and a real live wire[emoji3]
  10. Great find Rough, there’s also some beauties at Croft Castle near Leominster, I’m sure some of them are a similar dbh and, apparently, are believed to come from the pocket of a shipwrecked Spanish sailor from the Armada so after 1588. I could b wrong on dbh as it was a few years ago and veteran trees seem to b a bit like ‘the one that got away’
  11. I have p500, it came I n a rigging starter kit, which paid for itself within a couple of months and definately got me more subby work with at least 2 small firms I do work for, can’t fault it [emoji106]
  12. Ok ok, I know that it’s best practice to bury the wire properly, which is what I always did when I did a fair bit until about 10years ago but it was on a day rate. But there must be a rough average per metre..... just folded?
  13. Hi, sorry phone mislaid[emoji849]not being dug in just folded out, didn’t think of that, though of course can make big difference to labour!
  14. Hi , a friend of mine has asked me what the price per metre is for rabbit fencing (labour wise). He’s not particularly keen on doing it but it’s an ‘in’ for a load of other work that he does want. 1.2 m mesh 4” posts 6” strainers but not sure on the metreage(?)Thanks in advance John
  15. Bill Oddy came and judged a bird box competition near me a few years ago.... he was an obnoxious arsehole. Did actually quite like packham until the shootin ting and I don’t even shoot often. What a Knob


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