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  1. timbernut


    Surely you’d bugger the bar to get at the sprocket... or am I missing something?
  2. timbernut

    Favourite birds bats or bees

    Glow worm in our wood, in this hot weather I often find em on the concrete track and move em to one side so they don’t get squashed. We used to only see one or two every year but with some strategic mowing/strimming we’ve seen as many as twenty five on dark nights
  3. timbernut

    Splitting maul/axe

    I can also recommend the husky axes
  4. timbernut

    Tree id

    Heartwood looks too pale t me, Lawson cypress?
  5. timbernut

    Do I need permission to close a by road?

    Red signs saying “ temporary road closure, long delays possible, please seek alternative route”, we have been using these for quiet rural lanes for years on highways departments recommendation.
  6. timbernut

    Favourite birds bats or bees

    Among others: song thrush (for its song), hobby (love seeing them streaking down a country lane and spent hours watching them hunting dragonflies and eating on the wing) all the mustalids (but particularly otter and pine marten), toads (cos they hoover up slugs round my place!), glow worms (a wonder of nature and we are lucky enough to have them in increasing numbers in our wood AND they also munch slugs) Hornets (just cos they’re feckin hard)
  7. timbernut

    cost for buying timber

    Don’t know about prices but leylandii is very durable
  8. Yep definately wood shavings, it’s a great idea
  9. timbernut

    Norwood spare parts...

    Think member ‘globalnewark’ is a Norwood dealer ( Global Recycling )
  10. timbernut

    Cedar of Lebanon Timber

    I’ll put up a couple of pics after I’ve been back to the job
  11. timbernut

    Greenheart beams

    Thanks for advice and suggestions chaps, I’m meeting a boatwright tomorrow who’s interested and will follow up on the wherry trust etc and let you know how I get on
  12. timbernut

    Cedar of Lebanon Timber

    Ha ha
  13. timbernut

    Greenheart beams

    Yep dockside, Gorleston/Gt Yarmouth I think
  14. timbernut

    Cedar of Lebanon Timber

    [emoji15]sorry, lol, I promise not to log it (all[emoji33]) Didn’t know it had similar properties to Lebanon, thought it was shit, I guess because we have worked on several that have collapsed with weak branch unions. Sadly, for you, I’m in Norfolk, otherwise you’d be welcome to some. Coming to a wedding in your neck o the woods in June but don’t fink I’ll get trunk in the motor[emoji3]!
  15. timbernut

    Greenheart beams

    Thanks squaredy, that is helpful and incredibly ironic as I spent a morning with a couple of chaps from Lowestoft boatbuilding college, on the estate I work on, looking for branch unions and a 7m oak butt for a project of theirs! Didn’t think of it for boat building as it’s so dense, but I guess it’s good for a keel. £20 a cube would be a fair profit for me and was roughly what I had in mind ( I didn’t want to underprice or seem too greedy!) ps it’s definately greenheart (chlorocardium rhodei)!


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