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  1. I use Woodchip directory, as a supplier, it’s been great but what I have noticed is a lot of the people who’d registered had done so ages ago and I was the first person to tip. Most people in the trade don’t know about it and the few I’ve pointed in it’s direction now use regularly. Could be the spawning of a new era if more codtractors new about it and weren’t left floundering looking for a bass to tip at…..
  2. I have number for another buyer, Dean, if you wast it?
  3. Some biggish ash today, I’d put em aside to mill in 2018 but got some bigger butts t do now! Took 20 minutes to load 3.5 m3 of 18” logs
  4. Further down includes horticulture with agriculture/forestry etc in exemption: At Budget 2020 the government announced that it was removing entitlement to use red diesel from most sectors, except for agriculture (as well as horticulture, forestry and fish farming), rail and non-commercial heating, from 1 April 2022.
  5. Yep my missus walked in during ’that’ scene and asked wtf are you watching? Then got hooked on it! On a lighter note I’ve broken countless bottles with a fish slice at bbq s trying to emulate Jake’s missus’ skills
  6. That is a great film, grim in parts. Have you seen the sequel? Not so good!
  7. My daughters boyfriend bought the Oregon f cutting up outside his workshop, said it’s great, the chains same as the Powersharp ones, so if you give them 3secs @ full chat as instructed they don’t last long! Had power sharp chain on 200t for a bit was quite good having sharpener on harness when stripping dense ivy wi birds nests in!
  8. Lad who works for me had a Series2 ambulance fitted out t live in he said it rolled all over the place cos of bad weight distribution!
  9. This has most appeal to me, I’ve been asked to do a couple of days milling at vintage shows so would be good to rock up in it towing sawmill with Alaskans and saws etc in lockers, even thought of replacing pump (which is cracked thanks t previous owner not draining) with dust extractor and hoovering up sawdust into 400 gallon tank, obviously subject to whether I can suck it out again! Also thought about spraying orange but it actually matches my cabstar (red double cab with ali box)
  10. Went a bid mad this week and bought this old thing! Not sure which way t go with it, have thought about converting to living space, but would rather utilise as work truck somehow but don’t want to destroy its character!
  11. Help!. I'm stuck in an online game of Scrabble with Midge Ure. I've only got 4 letters left .... O, V, N, R ... they mean nothing to me 🤷‍♀️
  12. Paid upfront for a carpenter to make us a new king size bed. He's only gone and done a bunk! It's just one thing on top of another....
  13. There was an old man who lived by a forest. As he grew older and older, he started losing his hair, until one day, on his deathbed, he was completely bald. That day, he called his children to a meeting... He said, "Look at my hair. It used to be so magnificent, but it's completely gone now. My hair can't be saved. But look outside at the forest. It's such a lovely forest with so many trees, but sooner or later they'll all be cut down and this forest will look as bald as my hair." "What I want you to do..." the man continued. "Is, every time a tree is cut down or dies, plant a new one in my memory. Tell your descendants to do the same. It shall be our family's duty to keep this forest strong." So they did. Each time the forest lost a tree, the children replanted one, and so did their children, and their children after them. And for centuries, the forest remained as lush and pretty as it once was, all because of one man and his re-seeding heirline.
  14. A friends daughter is called Robin Steele


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