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  1. timbernut


  2. timbernut

    Climber/Groundsman Essex

    No need to repeat yourself
  3. timbernut

    is this Taxodium?

    Look fairly manicured t me, suitably devilish[emoji869]
  4. timbernut

    Can you ID this?

    Sad to hear the Brighton elms are, I remember being told their survival in the70s had been down to a particularly diligent council tree teamas well as the micro climate
  5. Hav an Aarrow Stratford runs heating n hot water, was 5years old when estate I do work for put some let houses onto biomass, it’s been brilliant apart from the odd issue with keeping glass clean. Have had a couple of other Aarrows without Boulez over the years all been good
  6. timbernut

    General shortage?

    I think a big part of it is that a lot of youngsters don’t appreciate the mental benefits of a job that is both rewarding and sometimes challenging. Maybe that’s why so many late starters (30/40+) are attracted to the industry? jamallio96 the Lowestoft remark made me chuckle as I spent much of my teenage years in Lowie, ya gotta b motivated to get out[emoji12]
  7. timbernut

    Identify this fuel

    Do ya mean river Blyth comes out nr southwold
  8. timbernut

    Songs I Am Listening To

  9. timbernut

    Songs I Am Listening To

  10. timbernut

    Songs I Am Listening To

    May of posted before but I love this band
  11. timbernut

    General shortage?

    All the young climbers round here just get their tickets n wanna have their own set up
  12. timbernut

    Sharpening jigs

    Haven’t bought owt from them for a while but they provided good service when I did, not used the diamond files as I was put off by the fact they’re quite brittle n I break things a lot
  13. timbernut

    Sharpening jigs

    The wood smith store do them: https://www.woodsmithexperience.co.uk/shop/product/dmt-diafold-diamond-chainsaw-file/
  14. timbernut

    Climbing dead trees ? Any bad stories??

    Done a few dead pines that made me ring nip so tight ya couldn’t o pushed a pin in but the one that really sticks in my mind is a 4’ dis cedar of Lebanon that had very few lateral n just a flat, tangled, rotten top where I had t anchor below myself and every time I knocked a bit it made horrible crackin noises below me, When I felled the stick it more crackin noises above n it snapped in free fall just below where my anchor point had been [emoji33]
  15. timbernut

    Climbing dead trees ? Any bad stories??

    I’d be more worried about ‘bungalow knee’


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