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  1. [emoji23] [emoji23] nearly, it’s his evil twin
  2. The little black n tan thing we picked up in the summer has grown a bit since I posted a pic of her:
  3. That was what I was taught an what I told him but he just said “ but how do you KNOW ?”! I guess my input to this thread is not really valid as I’m anti, in general, to the double anchor, but also one of the eejits who could’ve benefitted from them![emoji849]
  4. Yes I get that! My daughters ex is a level 2 irata climber and he just couldn’t get his head round how we know an anchor point is safe!
  5. The only time I’ve had a near miss was when a bit of ivy jammed my lockjack open and I dropped 20’ (from about 40’) I managed 2 grab a passing limb which stopped me but it felt like my arm was wrenched out of socket. Was very lucky
  6. When I did my climbing course (circa 1999), and on assessment, we were expected to do a pre climb check of one another’s knots and harness, considering you should always have 2 climbers on a team it doesn’t seem too onerous to do this, maybe if we had some sort of level 1 2 3 rules so an experienced climber is always mentoring. Surely this would almost negate the kind of accidents regularly occurring in our industry and prevent people from just jumping in at the deep end post assessment Also we, probably, wouldn’t be facing this ridiculous new system When this thread started,a few weeks ago, I asked the lad we have out one day a week from college if they had started using 2 ropes and he said no...... 2 weeks later it was a yes!
  7. I’d love one, dear though, think someone on here test drove one and said it felt underpowered
  8. Cool I’d only seen a short vid of the actual run so thanks for posting![emoji106]
  9. As Dan Maynard said last year was a very heavy mast year which was, i thought, in part due to the stress of chalara, we’ve just started felling 400 or so road and right of way side near Norwich, none had seed on when I priced the job earlier in the year
  10. Yea there’s a few Arbtalk mambas who can’t help it
  11. Hi Mick, if the piston/barrel isn’t scored you’d get away with just replacing the ring at only a few quid, did it to my 560 couple of years ago as piston was slapping a bit, it was used constantly until a couple of weeks ago when it started racing (sucking air into bottom end from round flywheel when warm). Would’ve thought yours worth doing?


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