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  1. timbernut

    Vw crafter vs nissan cabstar tippers

    I have 2 cabstars and rate em, old shape (06),incidentally one for sale, both carry n tow well, parts seem dear but I’ve mainly had transits in the past which were generally cheaper. Only (not personal) experience of the crafters is of 2 big vans which both had several engine management, electrical and rust issues,
  2. timbernut

    What stupid stuff have you seen on the road today?

    Yep rear wheels off, 14000 litres water on board driver said wheels locked up [emoji849]
  3. timbernut

    What stupid stuff have you seen on the road today?

    Daughters boyfriend sent me this today just off the A140 a few yards from where 3 lads were killed in a car a few months ago
  4. timbernut

    What stupid stuff have you seen on the road today?

    This happened not far from me:
  5. timbernut


    Used to where a couple of rings when a teenager workin on tarmac gang and saw foreman ‘de glove finger jumping off back of truck ( similar to pic above ) Never worn jewellery since
  6. timbernut

    MS 880 Flywheel

    Interesting, will give it a go, thanks
  7. timbernut

    MS 880 Flywheel

    I’m just wondering if anyone else on here has had this problem with an 880 (or any other saw for that matter): I have an 880, that’s not done a huge amount of work, it wouldn’t start mid job so I followed usual procedure of plug out: no spark, new plug: no spark, wire from coil to switch unplugged: no spark Diagnosis: coil fooked (not uncommon as had one go on brand new ms200 yrs ago and was told this) Fitted new coil (£100 odd): still no spark much head scratching then when checking air gap with flywheel noticed one of the magnets not working, presume this is the cause? pissed me right off as need it tomorrow on a couple of large oak fells and as I type this estate manager has texted me to say large cedar of Lebanon at the hall has collapsed this morning, 6’ diameter and was due survey from a colleague this week!
  8. timbernut

    Stihl Combi Cans!!

    To be fair looks like a nu can, also you’re supposed to swap the spouts back traps f transportation in a vehicle, or so I was told on cs course, though nearly 30trs ago
  9. timbernut

    560XP hot start

    We’ve not had any problems with 560s was just the 550s, 2 cranks on the same day (saws about 5 months age difference both used continuously f felling 60/70year old trees) Husqvarna were very good n were still compensating our dealer for continuing problems 3years later! Sounds like your dealer doesn’t want to put the time in hassling them?
  10. timbernut


  11. timbernut

    Climber/Groundsman Essex

    No need to repeat yourself
  12. timbernut

    is this Taxodium?

    Look fairly manicured t me, suitably devilish[emoji869]
  13. timbernut

    Can you ID this?

    Sad to hear the Brighton elms are, I remember being told their survival in the70s had been down to a particularly diligent council tree teamas well as the micro climate
  14. Hav an Aarrow Stratford runs heating n hot water, was 5years old when estate I do work for put some let houses onto biomass, it’s been brilliant apart from the odd issue with keeping glass clean. Have had a couple of other Aarrows without Boulez over the years all been good


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