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  1. Perfect! Thanks all for your time
  2. Just wondering if there are any Arb related podcasts available?
  3. Yeah, will just have to order a tall glass of man the **** up I think haha
  4. http://dermnetnz.mobify.me/dermatitis/plant-dermatitis.html This is an interesting read it says "Some plants only cause a rash if the sun is shining on the skin at the same time i.e. photocontact dermatitis"
  5. Quite an interesting chart but yeah it does cover a lot of trees. I only seem to get this problem this time of year- could it be mites in the leaf?
  6. Think this was from goat willow and a hornbeam... Just loads of little bumps inside of my arms proper itchy!
  7. Anyone else get bit on their inside of arms? Can't see the little bastards that are doing it must be mites in the leaves? Any info/ remedies etc thanks a lot Phill
  8. Didn't they do Wilma's rainbow?
  9. Some decent size white poplars in knutsford- nice area pics don't do it any justice. Just crown lift and thin
  10. Some very insightful comments above, thank you. I'd like to point out that curiosity alone prompted me to start this thread. I'm currently in no rush to get out of trees- just wanted a brainstorm of ideas as back up really. Looking much further down the line. The variety of answers hasn't disappointed.
  11. Yeah hobbsurf is right, it's called chamois cream- get some and some padded pants. Prepare by spending time in the saddle to get used to it and to get your fitness up a bit. Enjoy and good luck mate
  12. Phillip


    Can you show a pic mate
  13. Phillip


    climbingarborist.com has great knot tying videos
  14. Is it possible to buy saws abroad and bring them back over?


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