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  1. not sad at all, in fact i found the journey rather rewarding and challenging And if you look a little youll find your in rather good company:biggrin:
  2. like that a lot. cant beat a bit of creative playing with wood, therapy
  3. Im looking forward to playing with modifications to the winching side of it all when i have time and settled in the farm. Winching the 88 along with 60 inch rails and a 64 inch gb bar sure saves a lot of grunting!
  4. The legs are by a very good fabricator/wrought iron guy i found, will dig out his details when i have a minute. Were packing at the moment and its manic! thanks, the client was ecstatic, the photo doesnt do it any justice at all but will add some much better ones as soon as were settled in the farm.
  5. honey is ubiquitous, wether there is a food source or not (within range) No orchards required whatsoever i would look for exudates before disrupting bark
  6. if there is any burrs as is often the case on H chestnut i would take it all:001_cool:
  7. not the best image of it but sent this one pout today, was sorry to see it go to be honest, but then me and the mrs get attached to everything i make!
  8. yep i agree, thats a fair price.
  9. I took a gamble and roughed out some 18-19 inch Macrocarpa bowls today, pleasant surprise, wont overlook it again!
  10. lets get bidding! get some more photos up
  11. i would have bought bowl sized lumps off you!
  12. I know the feeling! Brought home a whopping lump of macrocarpa tonight after a gruelling day but wasnt gonna leave it to dry and crack so rough turned and oiled it up to get it stable. Its now 7.30pm! its like therapy:011:
  13. I mean ive been waiting to get my hands on a Catalpa for eons, because it is a fine fine wood:001_huh:
  14. nice simple forms, simple always works
  15. dont bring it in the house if just milled, will dry and move to fast. oil it up wax the ends (first) and should be fine, borers tend to leave sharpish in my experience once the oils penetrate
  16. you must of caught that at just the right time. laeti rot make lovely browns and even tiger oak but boy if it goes a little over you got serious movements and cracking! lovely bit of wood that:thumbup1:
  17. been waiting for ages, lovely wood
  18. probably whats called hard maple, several species. Norway is a goodun, like granite and popular for blocks, especialy expensive ones like this would be
  19. kind of, a lot of hard work involved both prior and to come!


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