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  1. no idea of the breed, get yourself some space dude, dogs make life a party and keep you young! The bitch of this pair is the litters runt, we chose her hten the next one to keep her company as she was so coi, they make a great pair, no regrets at all was spot on the right thing settling in fast due to their kinships:thumbup1:
  2. thanks guys, shall share a tail or two over the coming journies!
  3. ha ha yeah, agreed I cant believe the weather here in Bularia, reckon logs will dry in just a month given the heat here summer!
  4. whats left of a slime mold probably consuming sloughed bark cells
  5. I thought I would add a little update, especially as this post quoted here has come true! Meet Buddy & Holly, brother and sister, two pups much in need of a place to call home. The time was right, and they presented themselves to us. Snug as bugs on the couch right now, sleeping after a strange day for them most likely:001_cool: May the adventures begin, and long will they continue, the third time ive opened myself up to dogs now, old men have so many four legged friends in their history and I will remember them all as the best of my friends, cant wait, the woods beckon me once more with compadres ! still unable to process images to this site?
  6. species is elm it's a very healthy tree apart from this small area around an old pruning wound just above an inclusion. the fruit body shown in the photo in the op is at the top of the inclusion shown in the photo below. everything below it looks perfectly healthy. cheers simply put it is easier to compartmentalise the wood below than above, when the vessel is broken it is fed from the bottom up, the supply chin is broken from there upward
  7. gotta say agree with Mr humphries on this one, ive never really seen it as parasitic, opportunistic yes, and I dont think its that good a competitor either
  8. as ive said before on hearing of this experiment, 3 weeks and the bodies NATURALLY decay, They have rhizomorphs for protection and snorkeling. light will do sweet fudge!
  9. a few bits from recent some unfinished and roughed out others gifts for friends and nieghbours:001_smile: And always pay attention! Large sorby scraper to the face at 800RPM aint no joke! Photo files appear to not download (Steven, whats a security token?)
  10. Cant agree more, did a lovely dry bit of Robinia the other day and its as good as oak in my opinion, and every bit as resilient, some of the old beams in my house are Robinia and no worm and tough as iron:thumbup1:
  11. i would agree with Mr Humphries here
  12. thats a nice piece, in Bulgaria they have a variety of ash as street trees tha are grafted, the graft becomes very pronounced and im hoping one day a large live edged vase. this one will be right up your street!
  13. yep thats why we must enjoy and be thankful for every one of these such moments, they are fleeting and brief, but isnt that one of the things that make them special, each one a blessing, a gift for the feeding of souls.
  14. I got me a new patch! Soil and climate to die for! watch this space!
  15. not sad at all, in fact i found the journey rather rewarding and challenging And if you look a little youll find your in rather good company:biggrin:
  16. like that a lot. cant beat a bit of creative playing with wood, therapy
  17. Im looking forward to playing with modifications to the winching side of it all when i have time and settled in the farm. Winching the 88 along with 60 inch rails and a 64 inch gb bar sure saves a lot of grunting!


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