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  1. The void behind the concrete is created by the flow of water over the overflow due to plants growing between the concrete panel's .
  2. Nothing can go north bound out of Buxton only east and west.
  3. Afew pictures from Whaley bridge and the fire engines at Buxton B&Q
  4. I looked at the Hg36 and with all the hydraulic accessories its at the top end of your budget. Sure it was about £17000 plus
  5. Yes it is i have the pair
  6. Is this what you need
  7. I would mill it on site and go 50 /50 with the milled timber Every ones a winner.
  8. Yep interested in that one i live in Buxton Derbyshire Carl 07854568897
  9. Its log sol wood kiln but i built my own box with glass fibre base to hold the water to steam the wood. All the plans are on the web site. Cost finished about £1300.
  10. Hope this picture helps electric kiln. Intake vent just above kiln fan. Exhaust top of kiln far end.
  11. I milled these last year 1 day to mill ten.two days to carry them out two the trailer out of an enclosed garden. Should of left them their for 9 months as now they are so light and 17% mc
  12. I have a 3120 two bars 36 and cannon 50 and several chains That i am wanting to sell if anybody is intrested. Prefer using the 880.
  13. Now i have done a bit more reading understand the 090 is 137 cc i thought it was 150 cc. See where you are coming from with the 880. The way the American sites go on about them being one of best milling saws.got me thinking.


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