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  1. slabs of beech up for sale.

    Soon as we cut it I will send you a block. Steve
  2. slabs of beech up for sale.

    A few pictures
  3. slabs of beech up for sale.

    Their is some areas of timber that has started to decay.in the part of the trunk we have cut but it is limited to the lower parts of the trunk I think.will know more soon.
  4. slabs of beech up for sale.

    Still at least 3 more tons off beech to cut up,from the same tree.
  5. slabs of beech up for sale.

    Put them up for sale as I would have to cut them up to store them and It would be wast. The mc I could not believe and had to cut into a board to retest it.
  6. slabs of beech up for sale.

    Cut sat mc 20% cut from a long dead standing beech.35 inches wide 11ft long 2 1/4 inches thick 07854568897.
  7. Wood slab wanted Kent

    Beech board 11ft 4 long 36 wide at its widest and 2 1/4 inches thick cut last Saturday moisture 26% been stood dead for many years.0754568897.
  8. ouch said the piston

    To me, looking at the damage it looks like one of the needle bearing has come from some where.?
  9. milling pics and vids

    Had a good day today milling ash and sycamore 22 boards in all.hopefully will manage to mill the rest tomorrow.
  10. Chain type

    Granburg chain is very good but you will need the granburg sharpener to sharpen it. see chainsawbar .com
  11. oak

    Unfortunately it 50 miles from me. Thanks for all your views on this think we are all of the same view which helps a lot .
  12. Trailer lock

    My trailer has the lockable hitch and the rear has a BQ £20 multi strand cable fastened to the wall
  13. oak

    No this is all I have Steve just the two photos. I just don't want to wast the man's money milling it . from my experiences it just does not look right with all that sap wood.
  14. oak

    I have beeno asked to mill this oak that's fine, but I don't think it is English Oak I think it is turkey oak what's your thoughts on this.
  15. Sycamore

    I cut at 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 to allow for shrinkage and planning and 10 ft long as I can manage to carry that on my own .


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