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  1. I've come accross this. Doesn't seem to be like ADB, (sorry if OT) as not emenating from leaf veins. I've posted elsewhere but am looking for suggestions. There is an Ash tree immediately next to this one with no symptoms. Very strange.
  2. Leaf size and colour are not set in stone. To my mind even shape differs from region to region. Flowers and seeds are the only structures that do not alter significantly. Those interested in bonsai regularly prune roots and carry out other odd practices such as defoliating to maintain a small leaf size in some maple spp.
  3. This may not be the precise best place to post this. However I've spotted an Ash nearby to my home that is exhibiting some significant foliage stress. I've taken a sample and it does not seem to be emenating from the leaf veins as per ADB rather from the leaf margin. I'm interested in what this could be for obvious reasons. The tree stands imediatley next to another which is not showing these signs of foliage stress. My next thought was verticillium wilt but it doesnt appear to match images I can see from a quick Google. All thoughts and theories welcomed. O
  4. RT @WestonbirtArb: Think autumn is the only time to see red leaves @WestonbirtArb? Think again! The young leaves of this Acer pseudoplatanu…

  5. Using drones yesterday afternoon to photograph construction projects in #Hailsham #eastsussex https://t.co/LemeqpaOE5

  6. Did i imagine it or did the queen just confess to removing birds nests from her trees? #TheQueensGreenPlanet… https://t.co/bHxCjVG43a

  7. Looks like weather is warming up this week. #ecologists will be pleased #reptile #surveys

  8. High Hedges and Your Right to Light: Common misconceptions and confusion abounds! We take a quick look at the curre… https://t.co/IFRKlJvk97

  9. Despite the cold snap, #spring is springing! #trees provide a tangible link to the changing seasons when winter can… https://t.co/bSfsH256Ag

  10. New blog post: Protected Trees: Do I Need Permission to Prune or Remove my Trees? https://t.co/4XRVeUsoxf

  11. RT @WoodlandTrust: The #beech tree is the perfect #MothersDay gift. Find out more about this #tree and how to buy it at https://t.co/GRHZWh…

  12. What are you using to make it Mark? What exactly do you mean when you say E-flyer? If its what I think you mean, I've used Mailchimp for marketing via email its free and easy to produce professional corporate looking sendouts. It's also good for tracking clicks and reads and allows you then to follow up on interested parties with calls etc. Although I normally address any contact I have directly to the people i'm interested in talking to then follow up with a call in the least spam like way possible as white washing contacts can de-value potential. Although having said that, currently i'm playing the 'throw enough at the wall' game and something will stick!
  13. RT @WoodlandTrust: We're pleased with the #government’s decision to amend #PlanningPolicy and move towards robustly protecting irreplaceabl…

  14. See my latest post in a series covering some basics about #arboriculture and engaging a #tree consultant. https://t.co/em4Epvtah9

  15. Managing Risks from Trees https://t.co/em4Epvtah9


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