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Protect your equipment!!!

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its difficult to protect your equipment totally. we always keep an eye on our stuff on site. never leave anything unattended or out of sight. all our machines are engraved and we have lists of the serial numbers but it doen't stop things getting nicked. wouldn't like to put a money figure on the total kit pinched from tradesman each year but it must run into millions £.....

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Nearly had one of our containers broken into on Friday night. Secure council depot with 24 hour CCTV keypad and locked pedestrian gate. They set off the motion detector alarm which got the local coppers round sharpish. Luckily nothing was nicked. and the padlocks have been replaced with even stronger ones.

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I recently bought a new motorcycle and it came with a Datatag system already installed. Hope it is OK to include this link: Datatag ID Limited Motorcycle System Check out the video.


It involves having an invisible code (only visible in UV light) etched onto the tank, microdots painted* randomly on the frame and covers and 2 tiny glass transponders inserted into the wiring harness plus tamper-proof labels to stick on. It should be simple enough to use this system on biggish Chainsaws.


Regarding my own chainsaws (Stihl's) I used a soldering iron to melt my initials quite plainly on the handle and all other plastic parts, then used black marking ink to make the initials stand out. On the metal parts I used a cold chisel to scratch my initials. Should they get stolen, I plan to discretely check out every chainsaw operator in the neighbourhood in the hope of being able to get close enough to see if any of their gear shows signs of having been tampered with. But having now read this entire thread I can see that getting close enough will not be as simple as I thought, although now 65 years old, I'm sure I can wait for work to stop and then get into a conversation about 'the good old days' and innocently mentioning how equipment is so different now (whilst giving their gear a good look)


All operators will be suspicious for different reasons, but if any item looks deffo dodgy then I'd mention it to the police - yes, you're right ... ... I don't have many friends ! :bawling: But I'm hoping my obvious initials will deter thieves as being too much agro to bother with.


*Each paint stroke would probably transfer at least 10 microdots from the bottle to the appliance.

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Just a slight derail



I recently bought a new motorcycle................


..................although now 65 years old,


Keep using it or you loose it.....respect to the "burn the bus pass" attitude

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Hi All,


At Telematics Pro we supply a battery powered GPS Asset Tracking solution. It's magnetised and can be attached to any metallic panel on a chipper, trailer, stump grinder etc.


Battery powered and lasts up to 400 days on 1 charge. No need to wire into the battery, which means it can be hidden away out of sight, and no giveaway wires for the thieves to find and cut!


£149.99 for the unit and just £9 per month for the service, which gives you access to a web portal to view your trackers in real time with live updates. The service can be suspended and reactivated at any time, and there's no minimum contract period.


For more info take a loot at http://telematicspro.co.uk/_webedit/uploaded-files/All%20Files/CamTrak/Battery%20Asset%20Tracker%20%281%29.pdf


or call me on 0800 043 2028



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The whole micro dot thing isnt to your advantage in my opinion. The fastest way to get back to work after theft has to be insurance if you cant go out and replace immediately...if your waiting for the police to recover it your in for a cold winter. So once claimed on insurance...the property if recovered isnt yours anyway is it ?

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