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  1. Me neither, but as I say to my little boy "It's not about the winning, it's the taking part that counts" Great job done by all the members raising £7000 this year!
  2. Just buying a few too, well worth it, even if you don't win...
  3. As Spud said, take the clutch off then the pump should be held in with two T27 screws... It's a good idea to take all the plastic covers around the clutch off too for better access to removing the brake band... If it's anything like an MS460 it's a doddle, done in 20mins or less It's also a good idea to pull the oil hose out the same side as the pump and check it's in good condition/clean, and blow through the outward feed through the crank case to clear any gunge...
  4. Sony Xperia X10... Android, would have anything else...
  5. Think you can get hub adaptors for different sized wheels... You bolt them on first the bolt the alloys onto them...
  6. Physically how big's the tree??? Is there no-one interested in milling it???
  7. Speak to a solicitor and get them to file for court action and to contact the company directly... Usually when the receive a copy of the court paperwork and a solicitors letter they realise your not joking... Edit: As said above...
  8. Wish I could, have CS30 & 31 but not CS38 or above and like my feet firmly on the ground
  9. Yes, but you can't buy them new unless your qualified
  10. Omniata

    Fungi diary

    Progression of home grown mushrooms...
  11. Is this one too heavy 2001 MAN LE 6X4 TIPPER GRAB You could pop the chipper in it and fit mounts to the back for whilst in use...
  12. Condolences to the family, if there's anything I could do to help I'd be happy to offer my time...
  13. Well it's been some time since I started these off but glad to say the Pearl oysters have sprouted!!!!! I haven't been near the house since towards the end of last year whilst it's been refurbished, but took a peek outside and the Pearl oysters were sprouting out of all sides of the log, I picked a few, sadly didn't have my phone with me at the time but all looking good... Here's a couple of pics of what I brought back: They're on average about the size of a 20 box of cigarettes/fags... And just as thick, seem quite meaty and the gills are well formed, placed them gill side down on the draining board for about 5 minutes and it was covered in spores...
  14. I wouldn't mind meeting this guy to have a chat Bit of a "maddun" myself , I do a bit of welding on the side and was considering building a set of kilns myself that were self heating once the wood gas had been ignited after preheating... I was going to construct the kilns out of large diameter steel pipe and construct a fire brick/refractory surround around the outside, with a hinged/sliding door made of cast refractory/fire bricks... The only difficulty was constructing the chimney, high enough and conspicuous enough to create enough draw... I was then going to use CO2 to vent the kilns whilst cooling to limit the char...
  15. scania 20 t/m hiab crane truck with cheesewedge ramps on eBay (end time 03-Mar-11 17:21:44 GMT) Any good??? Or this, although in france... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Iveco-Tipper-Truck-Palfinger-Crane-Grab-EuroCargo75e15-/170602148952


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