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  1. I struggle with bad hands and dont like anti vibe gloves and I've seen a few people using tape on the wrap around handle of saws and was wondering is it just bike handlebar tape or what??
  2. Hodge

    Big birch

    Not unusual at all mate, TPO's are not species specific, I've seen some scabby old cypress covered by a TPO, they literally were the worst looking trees ever.....yet in another part of the garden their was a mature Douglas Fir that was not TPO'd yet it was the nicer tree by far...
  3. Have you got the model number and size please Mark as I'd like to get some for my nee transit tipper.....
  4. 19k plus vat, I had one. When running well it's a great machine, I did not like the engine. It was always hunting. I now have a SG40
  5. I have just got an SG40, I traded in my B37-110 for it......I'd only had it 11 months.very happy with the new machine.
  6. Here we go........retired climber, I should of expected this when joining a thread you have posted on......I'm trying to say that yea have a contract but at the end of the day it means nothing if they don't pay you.no doubt you will shoot me down again...you are like the man that shit himself.....he knows all about it. People like you are never wrong, clever as the days is long...nice one. I've only been back a day and you just rub me and countless others up the wrong way..adios...
  7. Yea it is. I am nearly putting another opinion in the mix. Speaking from experience.
  8. You can write a contract that says your payment terms are at the end of the day but that does not mean the person you are contracting for will abide by said contract.....I hear story's of subbies round my way waiting weeks for £120.....it's a piss take imo. I pay my guys on completion of the work they were brought in to do. I then wait for the money off the customer.....I charge enough that this is worthwhile and I also have a good overdraught!! Contracts mean nothing. I have payment terms on my invoice of on completion of agreed work, but when I'm doing commercial work they expect you to adhere to their terms of 30days take it or leave it.
  9. Every time I use them the have broken......I now only use genuine TW blades.
  10. Did you buy a B37-110?
  11. If I spot it at the time of quoting I mention it to them that we will need it all cleared up. If we get their and it's not been cleared up I will ask them to clear it up or we will be leaving. On one occasion the guy gave me some poo bags and asked me to do it[emoji23][emoji23]so we went and put the gear away and made as we were leaving and he soon picked it up! It's a bloody disgrace that people don't clean up after their dogs in their own gardens.
  12. If you can afford to drop the £50 and you want the job then drop it, make out you are doing him a favour. if you can't afford the £50 then walk away or just say sorry I can't drop £50, he may accept it anyway. You could get future work from him and if you do always go in a bit higher than what you want for the job so when he tries to barter you can drop to what you want.
  13. It's a very poor rate, I pay brash draggers that can use a saw more than that.
  14. I forgot to mention that as I'm based in the Lake District we get a shed load of rain, if we called off jobs due to rain we would have no money😂 also the climbers I use are good lads and want to get the job done. We have had to stop once due to severe wind and that's it. Last winter we had a large Beech to dismantle, it was appalling weather but we got the job done. I had in my mind allowed 5 days on the job and we did it in 3.5, we all put a good shift in regardless of the rain.
  15. More like they just couldn't be arsed. We work in all weathers, rain.....so what, we just get on with it and go home. End of.


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