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  1. I know, some jobs I've been doing I will say to the lads imagine this with the 150 and we just laugh, it is a big improvement but I have a lot to thank the 150 for, so I guess it's just my choppers evolving
  2. It's excellent thanks Scott, very happy with it. You? Here are some pics of the trailer, I think it is the same as Scotts. I can get the HB20 on the back no probs. I was lucky enough to get this off eBay as I looked around for ages for one.
  3. That's the 230 on the Brian James. Next time I have the grinder on as well I will get a pic.
  4. It's a 10ft but they don't make that one anymore, they are like hens teeth. The new ones are 12ft.? If you can find one they have Timberwolf laser cut into the front crossmember.
  5. I have the Timberwolf Brian James trailer for my 230, I can track it to the front and get my HB20 tucked on the back no bother. I also chip with the 230 on the trailer as the ramp folds flat and you can let the hopper down and as the bed is pretty low it's fine.
  6. Hodge says I am a rasist .

    Chill out stubby. I found your post offensive obviously no one else did. You crack on posting on here, I'm off as I really can't be arsed anymore. Merry Christmas!
  7. anyone import welding fluxes from China

    Ha,Ha, enjoy your evening stubby.
  8. Hodge says I am a rasist .

    Your having a laugh aren't you?
  9. Hodge says I am a rasist .

    Your missing the point, all I said was the post you made was rasicst or offensive.
  10. anyone import welding fluxes from China

    See if they find it funny
  11. anyone import welding fluxes from China

    Then why post it? Is not the sort of comment we should be seeing on here.
  12. anyone import welding fluxes from China

    You might not be racist but the comment was. I used to say stuff like that but then I realised its not funny but offensive. I have a Chinese mate and if I said that he would think I'm being a bit of a plonker.
  13. anyone import welding fluxes from China

    Well what would you call it stubby?
  14. anyone import welding fluxes from China

    There have been comments like this on here before and the got removed, it is not in the spirit of this forum.
  15. anyone import welding fluxes from China

    Wow, proper chucked yer toys out there stubby, you wanna grow up. And people ask why people don't post on here anymore, there your answer because of people making comments like that. If it's a schoolyard joke that implies your still at school. So that explains you chucking your toys out.


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