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  1. If I spot it at the time of quoting I mention it to them that we will need it all cleared up. If we get their and it's not been cleared up I will ask them to clear it up or we will be leaving. On one occasion the guy gave me some poo bags and asked me to do it[emoji23][emoji23]so we went and put the gear away and made as we were leaving and he soon picked it up! It's a bloody disgrace that people don't clean up after their dogs in their own gardens.
  2. If you can afford to drop the £50 and you want the job then drop it, make out you are doing him a favour. if you can't afford the £50 then walk away or just say sorry I can't drop £50, he may accept it anyway. You could get future work from him and if you do always go in a bit higher than what you want for the job so when he tries to barter you can drop to what you want.
  3. It's a very poor rate, I pay brash draggers that can use a saw more than that.
  4. I forgot to mention that as I'm based in the Lake District we get a shed load of rain, if we called off jobs due to rain we would have no money😂 also the climbers I use are good lads and want to get the job done. We have had to stop once due to severe wind and that's it. Last winter we had a large Beech to dismantle, it was appalling weather but we got the job done. I had in my mind allowed 5 days on the job and we did it in 3.5, we all put a good shift in regardless of the rain.
  5. More like they just couldn't be arsed. We work in all weathers, rain.....so what, we just get on with it and go home. End of.
  6. I was the same but it's such a weight off not having to keep watching my rolling 12 and worrying about doing that job. So far it's working ok.
  7. My post wasn't aimed at you dude....you are one of the good one mate[emoji106]
  8. Who cares what you bill, there is no need for all this cock swinging ego crap on what was an interesting thread. I've been off AT for a few years, I've missed some of the regular peoples story's and opinions but the new breed see ms to have a lot to say when they don't need too, like they have to have the last word.
  9. Any decent tree firm is going to be charging at least £500 a day. Therefore over 48 weeks that's £120k turnover per year. So they will have to be vat reg to be legal...
  10. Spectrum plant do Timberwolf blades. You register on line and the email a pre paid lables, box them up and send them to them. When ready they call you up and then you pay and they are returned. Takes about a week.
  11. Interesting, Ive just been reading this California: World's largest tree wrapped in flame-resistant blanket to save it from wildfires California: World's largest tree wrapped in flame-resistant blanket to save it from wildfires NEWS.SKY.COM Last year, wildfires killed thousands of sequoias in the region, some thousands of years old. This year, several large trees, the Giant Forest Museum and other buildings have been wrapped for protection. Scary stuff, I hope you can save them...
  12. Statement of Practice 4 (1983) - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK
  13. 10 months on and is the op still alive or has he died from stress??[emoji6] seems like has too much on his plate from reading this thread...
  14. Try Arborisk or Trust, both good company's. I am with Arborisk at the moment but I was with Trust for 14 years. I currently pay around £1200 a year for PL and EL, I am a small tree surgery company with a turnover of around 95k


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