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  1. Hodge


    I still like Pfanner fine grip although I think the quality has dropped in the last year or so....
  2. That's the way of the world now unfortunately, there are a few good people and lots of nobs, a bit like Arbtalk[emoji23]🤪[emoji23]🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. I've seen a few of his videos, awesome kit but I can't see domestic tree work in the UK being able to pay for that equipment
  4. I have both, I have the Land Rover 130 that is used everyday and a transit for the bigger jobs. The key in my opinion is having lots of top sites or getting the customer to keep the chip. The Land Rover can get in places transits and the like can not. I'm on my 3rd 4x4tipper now and it works for me.
  5. I was working at a property today and got chatting to the neighbour who was a retired arborist and he showed me something very interesting from various tree root systems that had failed during storm Arwen. The ones in the picture are from Oak and Beech. The are quite fascinating up close. Any ideas as to why these form and what they are? Some of them I have seen before when the roots squeeze through rocks but some of these are so strange.
  6. I have always given them a bit of bonemeal once they have been in a while, especially if they were in a pot. They always have survived after being yellow....
  7. Those barstewerds are everywhere at the moment, we have a fang up our way, they have now changed there name but the advert is still the same, lopping, topping, OAP discount, driveways sealed and gutters cleaned......similar pricing as you mention.... On your original post, £500 and done by 2pm...how many lads is that for? It can only be for 2 surely? Even then it's a hiding to nothing for stuff like that....
  8. Some proper tractor porn going on!! Awesome...🤪🤪
  9. I thought you lived in France?
  10. How Ukraine never got such a blatant penalty baffles me?
  11. Well the customer may only want 1, 2 or 3 pages rather than 6....
  12. I love strong cheddar with honey or strong cheddar, marmite peanut butter and honey or any combo of those. Even better adding in a banana.....
  13. Rubbish when I used it. I had far more success using a lead generation.


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