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  1. You can replace a complete keyboard for a few pounds, just replaced one on a toshiba for £12 second hand.
  2. Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are fantastic films. I can't see Tarantino making a better film than Pulp Fiction ever. The Kill Bill films are in my opinion a triumph of style over content, great films if you're a blood lusting spotty teen but anyone over about fifteen should really think better if they love the Kill Bill series. They are a badly constructed mess with a hopeless plot, you can imagine Tarantino smiling to himself in the mirror at how clever he is, Kill Bill is essentially cheesy violence lacking a basic logical structure, awful dialogue (that's if you can find much of it in the film) made with a vapid cartoon style. The Emporer's New Clothes. You really wonder where it all went wrong for Tarantino after he made Pulp Fiction, certainly wrong in terms of film making but completely right for his bank balance. He hasn't made a decent film since Pulp Fiction. Tarantino is a two film trick pony. I can wait and wait for the recently announced third installment of Kill Bill. You can hardly call Tarantino a prolific film maker, what's worse is that out of the relatively small amount of work he's created most of it is distinctly average. I'll let him off though as Pulp Fiction is a masterpiece. As a director I doubt many people really rate him as a film maker anymore. More like an over enthusiastic film student that some how managed to make a great film once, maybe it was a fluke. He's an absolutely dire actor as well, at least Hitchcock had the grace to not speak when he made a cameo and kept it very low key. That's from another film film forum kind of sums Tarantino up.
  3. I care so very very much about your opinion, I mean I will literally lay awake at night now knowing that I have let you down. Perhaps I can redeem myself in your eyes at a later date, but for now the shame shall live with me as a constant reminder. Or to put it another way, your opinion means less to me than the hair on my toes.
  4. I did I sent you a reply telling you that the word was used out of context therefor it is offence. See you where not as quick to reply to that as you are to this.
  5. I never used the report function to complain about how unfair the world was. I used it to report swearing which I found offence. The report did take a month to be responded to not that that makes any difference.
  6. I have stopped posting because for the very reason you state. I reported a post and the response after nearly a month was a joke imo. I enjoyed the forum and still enjoy reading peoples posts and comments, but have brought up the point before and I stand by it, certain people post what they what how they and it stands. Other people post on a subject and people take great offence or pleasure in belittling them regarding it, because there not frequent posters or not in the mainstream way of thinking. It is a great forum but to say it's everybody's forum is true to point. Just don't upset the elitists.
  7. I bought a Belkin for over £20, and to be honest it was crap my iPad just moved about in it. Glad I got the above it's the only 2 I have had experience with but this 1 far better thought and does what it should.
  8. Mine is still like new one of my best finds of last year, bargain buy. Sent from my aye phone using Tapatalk
  9. Where does the money come from to pay the police, nhs and the rest then? Sent from my aye phone using Tapatalk
  10. There a good motor and reliable, but can give a bit of bother when the mile get up a bit. Think there chain driven and they are know to snap the odd one. As said I would be looking something a bit fresher. Sent from my aye phone using Tapatalk
  11. Your not joking, must be the most used phrase when it comes to a Mog, red diesel and can you! Sent from my aye phone using Tapatalk
  12. A QC is on about £130 an hour can't see a top London lawyer being on 10k a day.
  13. That's what I used on an axe that was over 30 yrs old, came up like new and it only took about 30mins to make a job of it. Well worth it, then a shaft and a sharpen great axe for very little money. Sent from my aye phone using Tapatalk
  14. A silly costly mistake that, what a loss for the flick off a switch.
  15. I am looking for 15-17 meters of thick rope, must be reasonably priced, condition not that important. If anyone can PM me thanks.


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