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  1. I love dogs and I love seeing dogs doing what they were bred for. I hate to see pedigree dogs having health faults bred in to them...dermatitis,heart defects,eye defects,hip problems,breathing problems and bone defects are the ones i know of and I'm far from an expert. None of the terriers I saw on show looked fit to do what they were bred for! The earth dogs were all too big to fit underground and the bull terriers looked like they could barely break in to a run never mind catch a rat!..
  2. Don't know what's it's called myself either but on one of my scythes has had a replacement made from a nail.
  3. I had a problem with my KM130 not starting after only a few hours use. I had it fixed under warranty but they never said what the fault was. All I know was the bill was for £96 that they tried to give me lol
  4. We get them very regularly! unfortunately there is a water butt under the main feeder, It's surprising how many take a tumble!..
  5. I think I had stitches out after 10 days and was allowed to drive after 2 weeks. Was allowed to do light duties after 6 weeks. I had to wait nearly 6 months for my op on NHS. Worst thing was I was due to fly out to Oz 2 weeks after the op and I wasn't allowed to fly due to being a high risk of deep vein thrombosis!
  6. Yeah I heard the Ariens were about the only steel deck machines worth looking at...but saying that Snappers are underrated too. I'm over near Wrexham....within spitting distance of England.
  7. I've been looking for a rotating shaft strimmer/edger too but only seen them in electric versions.
  8. All I've heard is they are a Chinese copy of Hayters?...supposedly solidly built but jury is still out on them..
  9. Is it still "active", I'm sure I've seen fledged blackbirds already?....Young Sparrows 'n' Robins everywhere that's for sure!
  10. I totally agree with you. I have read another article with a slightly different view of the new laws that says trespassers are still "fair game"
  11. That is the biggy though...No one can use a dog as a theft deterrent anymore or let their dog out in the event of an attempted theft?...
  12. How the changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act affect you and your dog | Animal welfare blog | RSPCA Insights Just read this article and as I understand it, as from now the only time your dog can get away with biting anyone is if they have actually broken it to your home?!
  13. I was told of a bloke who brought in a forestry brash baler to bale the brash from a lot of leylandii. He sold several artic loads of bales to Shotton paper mill. I wasn't told what he did with the timber though.
  14. Prodrive do the remap on the factory standard LE model on the 2.5L Denver Max....Theres a "P" button the dash when you need or want 33% more torque and 25% more power
  15. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=822495271112665&set=a.173338402695025.41746.120968771265322&type=1&theater May the forth be with you Hopefully the link works!


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