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  1. Dicking about with dead Ash is a mugs game, get it gone pronto!
  2. It dropped off a few weeks back, but just got really busy again now, reckon all the clients just want to see the ms500 in action....
  3. Clean the gauze on the oil pick up in the tank, same thing happened to mine.
  4. Yeah, I’ve done 2 exhaust on mine, but they’re only £8ish so no biggie
  5. I’ve drilled an 8 mm hole in my exhaust, has really opened it up, 8 months on no issues
  6. Lift pump might be on way out,(mine was similar when it went). Get a compressor and blow back through the fuel lines to the tank as well.
  7. Oh, and an echo pole saw. That never leaves the shed....
  8. 2511, 201, 241, 362, 461, 661.
  9. Gustharts have all the parts, ordered a trapeze for mine it arrived next day. Great service
  10. Don, quality fence avoidance there mate!
  11. Where abouts was that? I lived round Chichester till I was 18 ish.
  12. Could well be a 3mm ball of crap that’s accumulated rattling about in the handle, I’ve seen them before.....
  13. Much as I love mine, the plastics and niggly little bits are really rubbish!
  14. 2 years ago I’d have said don’t bother, but reckon next 10 years could well be a gold rush (albeit in unfortunate circumstances) with Ash die back. Get your foot in the door now with a decent presence and kit and it might just work....
  15. As said, if that were mine I’d be loath to lose them, they really ‘fit’ where they are. I’d go with the above advice of plant 2 more and see what happens in 10 years.


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