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  1. The new 151 looks good, much as I love my 2511, I’m sick of replacing the various plastic components that keep breaking, if stihl did an 8” bar for it I’d buy one tomorrow
  2. Just for parts [emoji30], they reckoned would be about 1800 fitted...(including hyd filter and oil change)
  3. Cheers, I’m just trying to keep down time to a minimum, was hoping to order the bearings and drop it all off to local ag place...
  4. Hi, does anyone know the serial numbers/make for the rotor/flywheel and bottom roller bearings please? Been quoted about a grand from a dealer... cheers
  5. I bought an 8” bar for mine, that an a drilled exhaust makes it absolutely fantastic! 201 never comes out of the truck these days...
  6. Was it ‘green anarchist’? Used to see matey with the beard selling it at the green gathering, back in the day!
  7. Monster week of leylandii topping...
  8. What sort of fines are we talking? I’m assuming setting up on an A road with two cones and a back to front arrow will incur a greater penalty than having a tracked chipper on a country lane? I’ve got my Street works ticket but the sheer amount of work coming up roadside fills me with dread if I’ve got to get a license for each one
  9. Yeah, I think that’s the case here, on their website it’s says a 171 is required for any work on or adajacent to the highway,
  10. The road closure would be £1200, but from what he was saying, any work on the highway or adjacent to it would need a 171 at a cost of £232. So even if we were straight felling them back into the field we would still need it...
  11. We recently ‘got busted’ by Somerset Highways while felling some dead elms on a very quiet country lane. We had appropriate TM/signs in place, using a mewp because of adjacent phone lines. Highways matey drives up asking if we’ve got a 171 and we need a road closure because there wasn’t enough room to have cones 1.2 meters from the mewp. Just looked on highways website and they want £232 for the license for a £280 pound job! I’m a bit concerned that not many customers are going to want to stump up that cost on a job. And now my card is marked! Curious to know if everyone applies for these licenses as a matter of course, and are your customers happy to pay?
  12. I use Bark from time to time, had some really good jobs off it


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