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  1. john p

    Stump grinder dealer

    You px ing or direct sale? Predator in Reading are good to deal with, but maybe a bit far....
  2. john p

    New sthil reviews

    I’ve tried the ms500, it’s a definite step up, wouldn’t go above 25” on it or you’d lose the fun factor
  3. john p

    the 'todays job' thread

    Get well soon mate
  4. john p

    New top handle purchase???

    I bought a 360, it was a good saw. Just lacks The pizzazz of a 201 tcm or 540. I sold it.
  5. john p

    Pikeys and professionals.

    I’d be concerned about dodgy gas fitters or brain surgeon s, rouge tree workers, not so much.
  6. john p

    Facebook video. Graphic accident

    Personally I avoid dogtooth cuts when I’m on a strop/flipline, there’s nowhere to go if the saw kicks back. I’m firmly in the go small, go home camp!
  7. john p

    Valtra N92

    I’ve seen that tractor lift some huge bits of wood at full reach and not budge, you’ll be fine!
  8. john p

    Arb chainsaw trousers questions

    That’s illegal Steve, I’ve informed the tree [emoji61]‍♂️, apparently you’ve got previous mate, expect a harsh sentence!
  9. john p

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    And then being asked by the climber to get a photo of him out on the tips....
  10. john p

    Theiving idiots **** *****'s

    Love that film!
  11. john p

    362cm vs 562

    I love my 362!
  12. Yes, if I want a witch hunt I can tune into arborists online!
  13. john p

    Making the news today....

    That is one of the best things I’ve read about brexit. (Speaking as a staunch remainer!) reckon we should air drop a load of Aussie s in to sort it one way or another!
  14. john p

    Unauthorised tree work in CA.

    Tbh, the customer is probably delighted, ohhh that’s let the light in etc. I’ve done terrible things to trees at the customers insistence, yes, try and proposes better practices, but if they want their trees topped and lopped I will do it!


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