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  1. It will take a little time for the oil and water to separate. Set the tank on a tilt with the drain plug as low as you can get it then wait.
  2. Its the Dunsley "Yorkshire", they are likely to be a bit pickey about that name in Holmfirth, where it stops off on its way from a foundry in China. (allegedly) I have one and its a good bit of kit, it has 2 sets of tappings so it will run rads and hot taps if you plumb a tank in. If you run it on anything less than tinder dry, the glass will blacken till it gets better fuel but clears itself when you improve its diet. It has a mechanical regulator so you can alter how hot the rads run but that will cost you more fuel. Mine runs in tick over for about 10 hours
  3. why would you soak them, they are in a single taper socket
  4. When it wont pull over any more is it because the engine is coming up on compression or is the stop a bit more "mechanical"? Take the plug(s) out and try turning it over, if it still locks up it might be "mend it with a new one" time
  5. What do you want from being close to nature? Most tree work involves cutting bits off or felling to appiese people so this industry is closer to 2 stroke saws and diesel chippers than it is to nature. You can make a living but its not going to be easy, particularly as a beginner
  6. I don't think it wears off at all but its definitely water soluble, climbing in the wet is poor and using wet ropes the next day when the friction system milks muddy water down your right arm and leaves a black line down as far as your skids is a joy known only to a few. Its good to enjoy the outdoors, but be prepared to deal with the weather for the times when you have no option but to get it done.
  7. The rollers will stop instantaneously when the safety is operated and in the UK, the standards mean they stay stopped until reset. In the case in that clip, by the time you arrived at the in feed, there is a good chance that you wouldn't be in a fit state to help yourself.
  8. That rapid acceleration kicks in when the rope finds its way to the circumference if the flywheel rather than the main shaft. A smaller flywheel would be a bit slower,,,,,,,,,,,, not so as you would notice but you might just get to live another terrified second
  9. I think rift sawn is a largely american term, in the UK its generally called through and through but terminology can vary and I stand to be corrected. Quarter sawn is where the log is cut into quarters then each segment is cut and turned. Quarter sawing reveals more of the medullary rays which gives a better looking timber, (particularly in Oak) and is allegedly more dimensionaly stable. Downside is that it takes a lot longer but in the right timber the effort is worthwhile. Have a look on youtube for quarter sawing.
  10. Pettals wont allow you to assess but you can train
  11. To deliver first aid training you will need a suitable "teaching" qualification. It used to be called "pettals" but that's now superseded by the award in education and training (AET) or higher. You also need to be be the holder of the qualification. It gets a little more complicated if you want to deliver the +f element for forestry and arb In order for any certs you issue to be of any value you need to get in bed with an organisation that can cover your audit trail needs, you can do it yourself but its a ton of work for a one man band. One problem you are going to run into is the bit I have put in bold http://www.hse.gov.uk/firstaid/first-aid-training.htm http://www.fofato.co.uk/ https://static1.squarespace.com/static/51af14e4e4b08dce860cec82/t/542d747ae4b091f1b4992a66/1412265082049/Forestry+Commission+First+Aid+Policy+2012.pdf http://www.itcfirst.org.uk/qdl/86b/Assessment_Principles_for_Regulated_First_Aid_Qualifications.pdf
  12. Well of you mean tap a tap in, that's going to get you covered in oil, if you mean tap it and screw a rod in, you might not end up wearing the oil but "modifying" spools can have some weird and wonderful back pressure effects and you would still only have a single acting valve. Its the water that makes the oil milky, if you can let the tank stand for a while, the water will settle at the bottom of the tank and you can drain it off.
  13. A quick google of that valve brings up references to a tractor loader so it is likely that its for a single acting system. Pluging it would be a fools errand, the pressure would just male even more mess on your barn floor, which may not be a bad thing because that oil looks like it could do with changing Flowfit is a good place for a replacement
  14. I think its someones 20th century attempt at an earlier period executioners axe. It has the weight and the depth of throat needed for a one blow decapitation. I don't think it has any great age to because the socket looks to be tube and arc welded, a couple of hundred years earlier it would most likely have been rolled and forge welded, nice wall hanger though.
  15. Unlikely, slaughter works are (were) done with a captive bolt or spike. Something bludgeonesque like that would also be a liability for dismembering, google "farriers axe" to see what that implement would look like
  16. Its the way that authority works, the next door authority has it all online but the one in question doesn't want that because then you would know what they know and that would never do. I asked their head of planning why they didn't have it online and all I got was the diplomatic and non committal "we have no plans for that"
  17. DVSA (VOSA) aren't the ones you should be blaming for this The authorities cant be more stringent because those people aren't subject to the regulation, and that's not the DVSA's doing its UK national (and Brussels) legislation. Go and hammer on a politician if you want that changed and good luck with that.
  18. It aint the UK that's complicated things. Its the UK current regs but it all euro stuff, born all out of some Brussels harmonisation committee room
  19. treequip


    The answer to your question is unfortunately, another question. How good are you?
  20. Indeed that exemption could apply but as soon as you load any goods the exemption ceases to apply


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