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  1. Second ascender

    Hand ascenders are more versatile i reckon, 2:1 option, even without the footloop can be real fast..
  2. Question about the NZ visas

    For NZ get a working holiday visa, thatll last you a year and they are easy to get, then you get a work visa, work visas are way more complicated..
  3. Huntly felling cut

    Anyone got a video of someone doing this cut? is its called something else also cant find much info online.. can only find this picture online..
  4. Cougar Blue

    They had some inconsistencies in quality but I believe that is sorted now I use cougar blue only on double rope and it's the bomb, starts of pretty tough on the hands but when it fluffs up it's a dream.. runs well with my SJ
  5. Emigrating

    Totally agree with your post Reg, there is a lot of world of there and for the tree climbing type there are must more suited countries, spent 3 years in NZ, one year in Auckland just another city and now 2 years in the Wairarapa living rurally.. Id never move back to the UK or a big city again I reckon but who knows what life will bring..
  6. Durolock Karabiner

    Had a play with one at the weekend, good for training or as a carabiner which is part of a belay etc
  7. Distel gecko spikes

    Velcro all round never had a problem over the Last 6 years
  8. Clogger zero trousers

    We use clogged arbor max they are badass and the pockets are set low so you can get into them when your harness is on.. Buy some I reckon
  9. Spider jack 3

    Seems to have been a delay on them being sent out, I'm itching for one
  10. Size of rope

    11.7 cougar blue, bit shiny to start but when it fluffs up its a beauty on the hands
  11. sharpening distel gecko spikes

    Flat file on all sides but mainly bottom, once done with the flat file they are razor sharp.. Never had any issues , I leave the gaffs on the spikes and just lightly put them in the vice
  12. SRT rope

    Cougar blue is s winner for me, footlocked up some globe the other day and that was super super static not sure of the diameter though
  13. Alternative to the ART Rope Guide?

    Bit irrelevant but a tidy finish
  14. the 'todays job' thread

    On point as always.. skills
  15. Climbing competence exam.

    I came back to the UK for 4 months between Visas but yeh man NZ is badass.. And got a kiwi girlfriend now haha 😏


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