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  1. You will be all good.. Rock climbing helps same muscles just different application.. just be hungry to work and learn
  2. Pull ups press up sit ups and squats.. and stretching.. do everything in the morning.. don't fancy it nor have the time after work !!
  3. Use these.. very good and bang them with a sledge hammer and they are holding up well.. they stack well too
  4. Ye it's a good country.. suits the outdoors person.. going from Essex to rural NZ it's such a different world..
  5. Was a good day she was a tight fell.. hope your keeping well
  6. Been a while since I've posted anything decent on here.. Spent the early days on here asking heaps of questions and networking when I was subbing in the UK.. Been in NZ just over 5 years.. good country best move I ever made.. NZ resident.. bought a house.. got a good kiwi girlfriend.. good job.. the list goes on.. Glad I travelled off the back of Arb and would recommend it to anyone it puts a hell of a perspective on life.. or even just step outside your comfort zone.. does wonders.. Arran
  7. I use a 6m lanyard with a positioner and use it for up and down when nessasary.. I don't see why you shouldn't
  8. That top pic was the one I saw ages ago but couldnt find again.. like it alot but where do i put me lunch [emoji51] good food for thought
  9. good skills, ive seen a few online but for the life of me cant find them. again.. this one looks good
  10. Anyone got any photos of a fallers with a rucksack on with the saw in it..? Or any recommendations.. trying to sus a decent rucksack for when im out cutting away from my ute ta
  11. What you folks think the best cord is for climbing on an English Prussik? using new England hi vi as my main line. currently on armor pruss but me thinks its a bit thin?!? ta Arran
  12. Anyone noticed SJ's wearing cams and bodies out quicker now days? may just be me being a fatty..


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