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  1. Thanks for this.. Do you have part numbers as well by any chance? In NZ you cannot get XPG's just XP's and I do fancy heated handles on one of my saws..
  2. Have you ever delivered to NZ? The 660's would be really popular
  3. Sorry bit off topic to this current fix but is there any reason why i cannot buy the parts and turn my 390/385xp into having heated handles like an xpg?
  4. any recommendations.?! - ta Arran
  5. Thanks for the replies.. will be interesting when I get some made up.. will post some photos..
  6. Interesting chat.. Never thought to work the taper out in degrees but now I have some numbers it will give me a starting point.. have been banging plastics for years and they do work well.. give them a hard time with a cut down 6lbs sledge hammer and when they start to look ruff I give them a once over with a wood rasp and it tidies them up ( Both ends including tidying them up when I hit them with the saw).. I had a couple of the hard head wedges which are plastic with metal ends which worked really well but they both snapped a while ago.. will get a few different sizes made up and see how we go.. plastics go well most the time but you always know when you need a little extra..
  7. Will use them for felling weight is not an issue for me.. thanks for the photo will be handy.. already use plastic wedges and have never got on with high lift wedges sadly
  8. Thanks.. i'll work with them measurements as a start.. every 4 inch tapers up to 1 inch.. ive seen steels wedges all shapes and sizes will take a bit of playing to get right.. the backing up with plastics is a good idea.. hopefully at that size they will stack well aswell.. ta
  9. Need some steel wedges.. going to get some made up has anyone got any sizes what work well before I base them off my plastic wedges for size ta Arran
  10. Nice hoping people would say Danish as I have a tin of it already Ta Arran
  11. Milled some Red Oak with the alaskan and then got it ripped down into boards/ beams. I am going to make it into a mantle just curious to what I should varnish/ seal it with it.. Ta Arran
  12. Interesting read guys.. ta.. I'm in NZ 390 and 395 are still on the shelves.. not needing it for my big saw got an 880.. will only ever be a 25inch bar on the husky.. just wanted to make sure I wasn't losing out to much if I went 390 over 395.. my 385 is nice but it is old and will be a solid back up saw..
  13. Anyone used both and got a comparison? Not just in power but reliability etc etc.. Want a new falling saw and I already own an old 385xp so a 390xp would be logical as are the same saw but interested if the larger saw makes a difference.. Ta Arran
  14. I'm semi chisel for everything.. once ya knock that square edge off a full chisel chain its a right pain..


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