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  1. They can root from logs buried in damp compost.
  2. chris hennelly

    8 Ton

    Styx,hi,I may have Poplar available in the walpole's.just awaiting finalising felling licence.chris.
  3. Hi! Can anyone recommend an electric vertical logsplitter? I need one for poor access. Would need to cope with large Beech rings. Ta! c.
  4. Hi! What is the difference between "Rift sawn" and "Quarter cut " Oak ? Does any one mill around Wisbech? Cheers. chris.
  5. Just a long shot...........My old Rumanian tractor has the big ends gone. If anyone has a good engine in or out of a tractor,please let me know before I scrap mine. If scrapped whats a good compromise on price/quality for something similar that would tow a farm trailer.paddock topper(5'),hydraulic log splitter,5' rotovator,(maybe a McConnell tail slave)? Cheers! chris.
  6. Not really Arb.......This is my Raleigh Grifter tandem at Huns'ton.

    Hopefully will add mounting points to carry 881.



    1. Steve Bullman

      Steve Bullman

      Grifter lol, haven't heard one of those in a while


  7. Is there a large chipper and operator available for 5 days in Wisbech.Re-pollarding 8yr re-growth on poplars.Good access probably 70 tonnes to process. Cheers! Chris h.
  8. opportunity to gain some experience in Arboriculture/Landscaping. PM or text me on 07940 759 121 .chris.
  9. Hi!Any chance of tipping 3tonnes of conifer chip,then 6 tonnes apple/pear woodchip within 5 miles of Yaxley(Peterboro)? Regards,chris.
  10. ....so,is there a zip up rain cover to go over a david brown safety cab,as I've had enough of getting wet. Seems to be only companies in the states,anyone in uk ?
  11. so...does anyone offer a sewn eye splice service for climbing ropes?
  12. littlerob,thanks for the reply! Much appreciated,funnily enough,doing this for a firm in wisbech! Regards,chris h.
  13. So....I've been given an Efco 2500 to product test. Its going to retail for about £400. Probably competing with Echo and Makita. Does anyone use these top handles? Is decision to buy price driven? I use Stihl so not a fair comparison. Useful input appreciated. Keep safe. c.
  14. Summerfield Books/TreeSource. £47
  15. .....checking?? Sorry I don't have much experience at turning. The two nice bowls I made expoded whilst trying to use the skew chisel!


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