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  1. Nice forwarder ! that yours ?
  2. My experience with rot-tech chains was similar. i actually found the files good but the first time sharpening one of their chains took forever, as you described. it gets easier the second time but there’s always a few teeth that are a nightmare to file. the cost savings over proper chains is well lost in the extra time spent trying to sharpen them. my biggest issue with them was teeth top plates breaking off and that was only on small to medium saws, I would not risk using them on big saws. a dodgy chain is a safety issue, better buy quality . theres good value proper chains available from several advertisers on this forum .
  3. It’s a bit of a problem now on urban jobs . Almost all filling stations have closed their customer toilets cause of virus (best avoided anyway atm) and cafes all shut. almost had to poo in the chip box on Friday
  4. Well done. those photos make my hips and shoulders sore
  5. Friend or mine has one or years, heavy alright, usually leaves engine on ground and uses pruner attachment. Parts could be bit of a problem I’d think.
  6. Thanks 👍. yes , I have found Vermeer very good also.
  7. Yes you will need training. could be nice opportunity if it’s something you’d like to get into.
  8. Hi. i need to replace grinder wheel pulley and small pulley that drives belt to it. (4 V grooves). are these specific Vermeer parts or are they easily sourced through bearing etc. factors? Thanks
  9. I don’t know why but husky pole saw is not nearly as bad as stihl for flinging the chain. husky battery pole saw is a brilliant tool. I don’t know how the top brands compare on price but false economy buying cheapo gear
  10. Worth consulting accountant if clearing hp or lease financing in case there are any tax implications from taking ownership of assets or how depreciation etc is being calculated up to this.
  11. Sounds like the boat might be the bottleneck. im not sure if there’s much point in weighing at felling stage , it’s tons/cubic metres on the truck that will count.
  12. We had a demo last December. Was impressed by what it could lift, how stable it seemed and how easy to operate. I don’t think there are any second hand ones available but I could be wrong
  13. Wow! tidy work that. what hp? sorry for derail


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