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  1. s o c


    I’ve never chipped much bamboo but chipped misccanthus for a day once and blades were totally blunt after
  2. s o c

    Ex Utility Truck

    They seem good value so long as they are not rusty underneath. Maybe factor in £1.5 to £2k for faults repairs etc , just in case. Very handy work vehicle
  3. s o c

    The BIG C .

    Sorry to hear.
  4. s o c

    Husqvarna 61 Oil cap sought.

    White top cover ?
  5. I think there was a good thread about forestry winches a few months ago. krpan would be a good winch with that size of tractor. I wouldn’t go back to manual. Worth going for remote control
  6. s o c

    Co Cavan Cabinet makers

    Love those programs. There was a whole series of them on different crafts and trades. late 70s I’d say
  7. s o c

    Battery climbing saws....husky or stihl??

    👍silky is always on
  8. s o c

    Battery climbing saws....husky or stihl??

    Yes ,run down is faster and they don’t seem to kick back as badly but I think what’s dangerous practice with a fast chainsaw is also dangerous with a slow one. I think it’s like the old Probability versus Severity matrix
  9. s o c

    Battery climbing saws....husky or stihl??

    I find the the lack of noise makes me subconsciously not think of it as a chainsaw so I’m tempted to do cuts I should be doing with the silky. i expect there to be more “cutting and holding “ accidents because of this and that they are so well balanced for one handed used
  10. s o c

    Battery climbing saws....husky or stihl??

    Agreed! We have the husqvarna. Great for pruning thinning etc and nice not having to pull to start is nice. once you go into 4 inch or bigger, gets too slow.
  11. s o c

    New Truck Advice

    Haven’t had Isuzu long but I think better on fuel. Seems to be the same and drive the same well loaded as empty
  12. s o c

    New Truck Advice

    Transit must be close to 8k more expensive to buy new.
  13. s o c

    Favourite film of all time

    Godfather trilogy shawshank redemption o brother where art thou pushing tin goodfellas boogie nights
  14. s o c

    GreenMech QuadTrak on Rail Trolley

    I think if it’s self propelled it’s classed as a train and you’d have to do a hundred courses to drive itI
  15. s o c

    What Tracked Chipper???

    From browsing on Marcus, Equipment seems to be a good bit more expensive in Europe and Scandinavia than in UK. I am often amazed at how cheap some of the large haulage firms can move stuff if you can wait a few weeks for loads/ back loads etc to fall into place


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