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  1. s o c

    Toyota Dyna 4wd

    There was one for sale over here a couple of years ago . supposed to have all hi-lux running gear.
  2. Bigger bar nose = bigger risk of kickback
  3. Yes. I just used threaded bar, might weld bits of flat on top. you could also tap the holes in machine and countersink Allen bolts, then you’d have nothing protruding up or down
  4. 40mm solid and 20mm plate. on and off in a few minutes
  5. 57kgs. Could probably get away with a lighter log type grab but I prefer brash grab. We fitted extra ballast which makes a difference, operator is standing around 8 inches further back so his weight is more effective, also a more comfortable standing position especially in high speed tracking.
  6. Thanks. that’s pretty much what seller said. went to see this evening, built like a tank.
  7. I’ve heard several people say bandit disc chippers not so good at conifers. I’m interested in a 150ld that I’ve come across, but a lot of our work is leylandi removals and large maccys and monterey pines. Any opinions? thanks
  8. Only had to do that driving in empty. after that he backed in/drove out, no need for lift. its 55m in , 2 ash trees plus grindings to come out. at least it’s ash?
  9. Very tight access today.
  10. I think it stokboard expands a fair bit with sun so maybe not ideal for trailer floor.
  11. 3mm would be too light. we used 6mm stokboard, fine for small skid steer or mini digger but not stiff enough for tractor or mewp. also they tended to move when steering and fly back with wheelspin. i thought about upgrading to 9mm but decided to go for proper ground mats. They have been a very good investment. The 9mm weren’t working out that much cheaper and having grips on both sides is a huge advantage. a few 6mm sheets are very handy for near and under chipper and where you need to take tight turns with mini skidsteer
  12. I don’t know if you are in Uk will you need to import before end of year. Most problems you will have with mewps will be electrical/electro hydraulic. Do you have somebody local that can diagnose problems if you can’t yourself ? worth finding out which make has a decent back up locally and if they are ok to fix a machine they haven’t sold. sometimes its worth paying a bit extra for something with local back up , over a few years the price difference might be more than offset by less downtime.
  13. Forest Arborcut was where I bought my tracked Jensen. They had a lot of used Jensens at the time.


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