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  1. s o c

    550XP Mk2

    No problems with ours , husky’s get hard to start hot when they are well worn but easy start when new. we went from 560s to 550 during Covid because no 560 to be got here . glad now , very fast and light and loads of power.
  2. I stretch every morning on way to work. I usually stop half way there and get a coffee, do a few stretches while it’s filling to loosen up lower back. seems to help
  3. Prices sound about right. any photos of your pto grinder?
  4. s o c

    Speed Wrecking

    Yep! i think this one got a bit of a reaction before.😊 ok if you’ve got space and your platform has decent outreach. I do it with a polesaw sometimes (when space allows) get the limbs down quick, get them chipped then go back up for the stem with chainsaw .
  5. Crane wouldn’t have reached. There was a wall , then a 2 meter shelf full of hawthorn, then a four foot drop and a dry stone wall. Clam grab would work well on some sites though. also a lot of the time saved on dragging would be used up loading the chip with the grab.
  6. Chip has to be removed. cul de sac at back has , cranky ladies,French tree huggers, guesthouse, city council parking spaces, powerline ,fancy wall, 4 feet higher than site We have to stack the timber back there with mini digger and reach in with tractor/crane Saturday morning when cul de sac is quiet . This way, 2 lads are climbing steadily and rigging where necessary. digger is keeping drop zones clear , chipper noise is at clients house and not beside cranky ladies. each crew member working nice and steady and hydraulics doing the heavy dragging and lifting.
  7. Latest toy on its second job.(hitachi Zaxis 30 long back garden with some hefty ash to come out. only 2 inches to spare getting in gate at tight right angle. brash out front, timber out back to cul de sac surrounded by cranky ladies. would have been a tough one without mini digger.
  8. I don’t know what they’re charging, but it has taken 4 days to do this much and they’ve left an oil slick on the by road that passes my house . looks like they’ll be another few days whenever they get their chipper fixed. would be a handy day and a half with a decent set up. I should be miffed at not being asked to quote but have to say I find it most entertaining. gas thing is, guy they are doing job for is a retired electricity board area manager.
  9. They are well build chippers , similar to scheilsing. think I read engineer left Schlesing and founded TS .
  10. Could be limit switch on stop bar. iirc, there are male and female connections outside control box that you can connect to bypass stop bar and stress control. also could be bi-directional solenoid valve . also check connecting plug on cable to control switches/stop bar, could have water or corrosion weve had these scenarios (2 bi-valves and 1 limit switch in six years)
  11. If it’s the same motor as the 36v top hander, it would be a powerful polesaw. would really like to try the 40v
  12. There’s a few ads on Fb Irish treecare association group looking for staff, some of them are northern.
  13. My battery pops out a notch occasionally and saw won’t work but has never fallen out.
  14. Hi. I’m looking for a 2.5 to 3 ton digger to replace old hitachi ex30. looking for something reliable for €15k to €20k. mini diggers like most used stuff at the moment seem to be at inflated prices so I realise I’m going to be getting an older machine for the money than two years ago. I am coming across a few Volvo EC25 that seem to be priced ok. Any opinions on Volvo? Thanks
  15. To run a work platform?


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