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  1. Manager of sawmill we used to cut for. ”I’d cut more with my flute!!”
  2. Pm sent. i would go for ST8 . You will recover the price difference in productivity in two months
  3. Both nice nimble tractors for winching or yard work but would be a bit light for pulling forwarding trailer? vallmet would be easier to guard and engine and gearing well suited to forestry type work. new Holland probably easier to sell on and get parts for. Have had Fiats in the woods and liked them
  4. Same around here, evenings and weekends. theres loads of forestry roads they could use but they like to be seen. i think some of them are indulging there Lycra fetishes at the same time
  5. For trailer mount ?
  6. You need to bring pics of numbers etc in to a good engine re-manafacturers. they will advise on best options and will know if engine is commonly used in Uk. It may well be model used in some generators or compressors. also google search ‘engine for Vermeer bc625’ , and check out USA forums like tree buzz
  7. I wish all sycamores would have small leaves 😀 sorry!
  8. Can’t see fwd being any good on grass, especially with weight on back and/or towing chipper. Also, would drives take as much punishment as rwd set up?
  9. Breathable work t-shirts ?
  10. Sounds and looks amazing! Would like to go to that next time
  11. Long shot but maybe he’s totally satisfied but lining things up for future work. of the clients that pay promptly it’s no biggy to do an extra bit of admin now and again when you consider all the hassle and admin the slow payers generate
  12. s o c

    Brittany. France

    I googled that show, sounds awesome! 9 hours from here unfortunately
  13. s o c

    Brittany. France

    I suppose if it was simple it would be overrun with Uk and paddies trying to escape the dampness. what are the winters like?
  14. s o c

    Brittany. France

    Haven’t noticed builders yards as yet . road workers seem to work well into the evening. Is it a two hour lunch or a kind of split shift? weve started using battery saws at home and a battery pole saw , great up to 4inch or so then bring on the petrol power. Haven’t tried battery hedge trimmers, we avoid hedge trimming unless work is quite or for regular good customer, hard on arms on shoulders . Back pack battery would have to be easier. I’d say hedge trimming would be heavy on battery to keep blade momentum going so large capacity battery would be a must
  15. s o c

    Brittany. France

    They had nice Pellenc battery trimmers btw


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