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  1. Jensen roller issues

    simular problem with mine. tried evervthing and replaced several parts, it turned out to be internal hairline crack in bi-birectional valve housing
  2. Chipper not taking in small branches.

    maybe small piece of debris stopping top roller from closing fully?
  3. hope to get down there one of the days. will you have card machine a on site?
  4. Interesting chainsaw trick

    me too:thumbup:
  5. Log grab bucket inserts

    thanks. i will give you a call over the next few days
  6. Log grab bucket inserts

    thanks. can you post or pm photos? want to see if i can make them fit one of my grabs.
  7. Log grab bucket inserts

    are these still for sale ?
  8. botex crane-base oil

    yes, thats what we used.(thanks for reply. missed it at the time)
  9. botex crane-base oil

    finally got around to changing oil. glad i did . shocked at how much water had accumulated . there must have been 2 litres.
  10. Bring em back, please!!

    yes. great saw, ive had several but moved on to using t540 cause i didnt like the 201 when it came out first. one of my climbers uses my last ms200 so i might give him this one. any idea what would be a fair price to allow for it ? thanks
  11. Bring em back, please!!

    i have been offered an ms 200 by a customer (landscaper). like new, totally genuine. little or no work done , maybe 5 years old. she wants to replace it with a small rear handle saw so i told her i would find out its value and take it as part payment on a job we,re doing. might keep or sell on. any value ? anyone interested?

    <p>hi r5log. i would be interested in your grab inserts if they dont suit al cormack.</p>

    <p>let me know size , price etc.</p>

    <p>thanks. </p>



  13. Vimek stroke processor

    no. 4 rollers.
  14. Vimek stroke processor

    i am pretty sure thats the roller feed type. had one for a few years ( around 1989 or so) very troublesome, hundreds of moving parts. clutches, chains, sprockets, splined shafts getting hammered the whole time. very fast and effective at taking off branches while being self-destructive to itself. measuring system was crap also. made super job of forest , 40 metres between racks in first thinnings, but not enough tons to cover downtime and repairs. also quite dangerous by todays standards. maybe ok for nice clean scandinavian thinnings.
  15. the 'todays job' thread

    interesting woodchip trailer:thumbup:


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