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  1. Yep. It’s a Cundey. my first off farm job was using one for pointing fencing stakes. £11 pounds per day 1984. should have put me off timber for life
  2. Hi. A friend of mine is hoping to build a sauna also. would nice clean macracarpa be suitable ?
  3. Cool! I don’t know how it works cope with our Sitka spruce though.. There was a delimbing machine being trialed over here in the 70s called a Tree Monkey , the old forestry guys had loads of horror stories about it.
  4. Never heard of these. What does it attach to?
  5. Not depressing at all. mini loader for late February, all going well🤗
  6. 8 cans of carlsberg and a new toothbrush
  7. Never seen one like that. I see it’s husqvarna. interesting to see how effective it is .
  8. Great saw but worst guide bar ever, techlite 20 inch pitted and flaking after very little work
  9. s o c

    Buying a MEWP

    18 meter would be better for tree work. the more outreach the better.
  10. In Ireland: €12700+vat with 18hp €14500 for 22jhp timber grab is €750 I spoke to a guy who had a demo, he weighed the bale in the photo , it was over 250kgs. said had tried several different makes and found this the most user friendly and stable.
  11. We’re getting a demo of a Microbull. french or ilalian built. lifts 250kgs 750 wide weighs 680kgs is on tracks, vanguard 18 or 22hp engine. looks handy, had never seen before. will try and post link later
  12. Your nearest Timberwolf dealer should be able to find those


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