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  1. We’ve had reverse vat in Ireland for a good few years. its a good system for tree work or works where you’re not supplying materials. I find you don’t have a ‘false’ bank balance followed by a big vat bill.
  2. Mason wood chippers had one of those for sale for ages . i used tow behind version once , didn’t work well but I’d say not set up properly or totally blunt . There’s a handy little conveyor on that, ideal for small debris and green waste. gandini electrics haven’t been great ime but might not be such an issue on a pto machine. there was a bigger gandini tow behind pto one on mascus a few months ago that was top fed , would be ideal
  3. English and Irish here, primary and secondary school was mostly through Irish .
  4. A friend of mine has one of these for sale (in Ireland) Greenline shredder, needs around 50 horsepower to run. seen a couple of them on eBay when looking for photo. or maybe you have bigger unit in mind
  5. Needs to be blown out often, wood dust can build up and stop engaging properly. also adjust cable?
  6. Interesting machine. I am sure you could always fit a suitable slip clutch for an agri machine to the drive-line. Any more pics?
  7. s o c

    Scots pine.

    We used to fell lots of it in my forestry days. nice timber but gets a blue stain if not milled and treated quickly. the mill that used to buy it had to have it within 12 days of felling.
  8. Super machine and would probably devour conifers if the smaller Jensens are anything to go by. as others have said , much better fed by mid sized digger or tractor with crane where ground conditions allow. that crane would struggle in turning long trees or limbs. There’s always a few 12inch pto chippers with small cranes on them advertised , usually with really low hours. They just don’t reach enough in one set-up and are too fiddly and inefficient to operate. horses for courses I suppose .
  9. Bought pair of Hydrowear ‘Simply no sweat’ rain trousers last winter, best I’ve had so far. I had never seen the brand before , hill farmers around here swear by them. i paid €70 for them at a fundraiser but have since seen them online for €49. have had stein and berghaus in the past , not bad but these are tougher
  10. Steering drawbar on the trailer is a big help reversing up racks and getting around tight turns etc. I ran a 764 /highland bear back in the 90s, I never found stability to be an issue, it came with water filled wheels but I preferred without as you could keep the crane on the high side if you needed to and you could lift one side if you got stuck. A county and crane was a huge step forward from loading logs by hand but I’m not sure I’d like doing long days in the same machine nowadays. Some of the later ones had more comfortable cabs with flat floors etc. i also remember the fumes from the (usually glazed) ford engine being pretty bad in the old cabs.
  11. Come to think of it, we had similar from dirt in fuel tank , revs slightly down
  12. Great saw , loads of power and not too heavy.


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