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  1. s o c

    Chainsaw Use In Arboriculture

    No st the moment but that may well change within 5 to ten years. i think you need more options than just yes or no
  2. s o c


    Like kicking a sausage down OConnell Street
  3. s o c

    Jensen A528 chipper

    Sounds more like rollers not getting enough hydraulic pressure , maybe valve controlling forward/reverse not functioning properly .
  4. s o c

    Mk6 Transit indicator

    No , more like a mini spade fuse. i think dark brown color far as I can remember
  5. s o c

    Mk6 Transit indicator

    My mechanic always checks tow socket first then hazard switch, he says indicators controlled via . therer normally a scrapped transit to swop stuff from
  6. s o c

    Mk6 Transit indicator

    A diode is like a non return valve for current i think it’s in the box out front but could be wrong. looks like a small fuse. would check but van is 20 miles away
  7. s o c

    Mk6 Transit indicator

    Re: indicators. mine have given bother a few times. had to replace hazard switch once or twice. last time they acted up with one side coming on by itself, turned out to be a diode. Took a lot of trial and error to find. Q
  8. s o c

    Post your stump grinding photos

    Handy! Takes me about an hour. I read that botex were doing one but forgot to enquire at APF. Thanks
  9. s o c

    Post your stump grinding photos

    Is that a quick attach adapter thingy between rotator and grab?
  10. s o c

    Post your stump grinding photos

    Clever and productive I’d say
  11. s o c

    Japanese Knotweed

    Safer (and faster)to use proper injection tool. fella I know almost got round up in his eyes when needle broke
  12. s o c

    What to do

  13. s o c

    Kask helmet screws

    I think this was asked on forum before so maybe worth a search . i once used a screw from a domestic electric plug Same size and. Thread just not countersunk
  14. s o c

    Mini stump grinders.

    I bought a used Camon badged version of Rayco RG 13 about fourteen years ago .it has done every sort of stump for me . it cost around €1500 at the time and is probably still worth €1000. Well worth buying something built to last
  15. s o c

    Husky 266se

    When I started cutting in the forests in 1987 the 266XP was the saw the main price work cutters used. Most lads would start off with a Husky 61 The forestry men (state forestry before it became Coillte Teoranta) used mostly 266SE or some had 162SE. i don’t know what the difference was between the SE and XP, I never seen an SE on display in any of the saw dealers of the time, just XP. would still be a good saw for ringing firewood


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