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  1. I’ve had 2 pairs of Andrews and will buy another. Comfy straight away and will last about a year and a half for me. Mixture of mewp, ground, spiking,Climbing
  2. Two jobs this week where our own grinder would not fit so hired a tracked Bandit for a day . 40 horsepower, great machine. first job had doorstep poking into passage leaving 75cm, second was 33inches with two really tight bends, just about squeezed through.
  3. West coast is nice to live in if you don’t mind the extra rainfall, the tree works can be quite spread out. since COVID , rural houses are in high demand, houses that were for sale for a long time have been sold in the last year and prices have risen sharply.
  4. I’m in west. where are you hoping to move to ?
  5. I think they did really well sound engineer let them down a bit. Great effort , just needs mixing
  6. You will need the aerial rescue for working on a two man crew. I’ve worked with some super groundies who don’t like climbing, happier on the ground and often more focused on their roles than some climbers who would prefer being up the trees.
  7. I agree. You wouldn’t safety pull anything substantial without being tied back , 700kg machine is not much of an anchor anyway. with winch/mounting plate tied back (properly for angles of pull) stresses should not be on hitch/machine. Also need good understanding of winching and limits of what can be safely attempted.
  8. Looks really well built. was hoping to get similar built for some river jobs where nothing else will fit. does the fairlead allow you to pull at a high angle (30 degrees ish ) ? for pulling over trees or pulling through pulley in tree. would have serious pulling power when tied back. Handy in lots of situations.
  9. For tie backs , I’d say.
  10. Nice! is there ash dieback over there?
  11. I think they have to replace line from house to pole with box on if broken or damaged. Not cost effective to repair. not cheap I’d say
  12. Company (in Ireland) that I bought my cabstar/mewp from has given me ballpark quote to remount on a newer cabstar , repipe,new electrics and replace pins & bushes : €12k I would think refitting to mog would be more expensive. Whoever would design/fabricate the remount would have to be approved by CTE I would think.
  13. I think I read somewhere (or maybe I made it up 😃, I like mewps ) that there are more tree work accidents with mewps because so many amateurs hire them for diy tree work. Sometimes they are safer and faster sometimes they are not and shouldn’t be there. A lot of the dead ash crowns we’ve cut lately from mewp,there’s no way I’d climb into them.
  14. Friend of mine had one, got rid of because very heavy on fuel


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