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  1. Styx


    I missed out a comma between surgeons and registered.
  2. Styx


    ' Is there anyone close to Norwich' To be more precise we are about 450 metres from the Lotus factory in Hethel just outside Wymondham about 5 miles South of Norwich. John
  3. I have tried our local tree surgeons registered on the tip site page but no luck !! Is there anyone close to Norwich that can supply me with 5 - 8 tons of wood? My neighbour and I both have woodburners and he also heats his hot water with it. We don't mind softwood as we have space to season till next year and I realise there will be a cost involved. I f you can help us out let me know. Thanks PS We are not expecting logs just lengths we can split ourselves. Big John
  4. Styx

    8 Ton

    Yes got a listing in the tip sites and have tried local tree surgeons but no luck.
  5. Styx

    8 Ton

    Unfortunately the offer from Chris didn't work out, just a bit too far from us and unable to find anyone who could economically pick it up for us. Anyone else out there with anything, we are just outside Wymondham and can pick up small loads. Happy to pay a bit for any soft or hardwood that you want to get rid of.
  6. Styx

    8 Ton

    PM'd you, thanks.
  7. Styx

    8 Ton

    Hi I am looking for around 8 ton of timber, soft or hardwood. Its is to share between my neighbour and me. We like to get the store full over summer, our normal log man has taken early retirement. We don't mind paying for your unwanted timber and realise it has a value. We are about 5 miles outside Wymondham in Norfolk. Anyone out there help us? Cheers Styx
  8. Styx

    Holly tree

    I think most harps are made from Field Maple, but I may be wrong, Styx
  9. Slightly off topic but similar : Jason Mcateer, ex Liverpool FC, went to a pizza restaurant, after he had ordered the waiter asked him if he wanted the pizza cut into 6 or 12 pieces? Jason said ' Cut it into 6 no way could I eat 12 pieces' Apparently he was being serious. Styx
  10. Just paid 30.5 pence per litre, cheapest for a long time !!
  11. Looks like Alder to me. Styx
  12. I may get one!! Coming from Norfolk I have an extra finger on each hand which may be an advantage !!!! Styx


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