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  1. Marko_87


    Ally Geckos (purely because I was feeling cheap at the time!) velcro tops and bottoms. Haven't used anything more comfortable and they're still going strong after 4 years.
  2. What would people recommend as a good rope that can be used for both srt and ddrt? Want to start using srt more but certainly stuck in my ddrt ways so a good bridge would be great. Currently using Blue Tongue. Cheers!
  3. Yeah have been thinking that tbh, fuel lines should be good as I changed them quite recently! Will just try another carb off another saw that definitely works before forking out!
  4. Not sure will have a look later, the tuning screws are close together. Think the H may have one of those limiters on it, is surrounded by a plastic cover and only seems to do half a turn, that sound right?
  5. Had trouble with my 200t today, kept bogging down when I put it on full revs. Took a look at the carb after checking the other usual stuff and found that the gauze in the fuel filter was full of crap so guessing that was the problem. I cleaned it out and put everything back together again. Unfortunately I had got a bit frustrated with it on site and started messing about with the H on the tuning screws, I have tried to put it back to factory settings but not getting anywhere with it! Any tips?
  6. Marko_87

    Climber NW

    Hi, Is anyone in need of a climber (or I'm happy to ground) for Thursday 2nd Nov? Based in Congleton Cheshire and able to cover the Cheshire, N Staffordshire, Manchester and E Derbyshire areas! 7 years experience, own saws, PPE and climbing kit. Confident in pruning, removals, rigging etc. PM or call 07572736715. Cheers, Mark
  7. Good to know! It seems like you just have to declare any convictions, haven't got any so not a problem. Can't believe how relaxed it seems compared to the Canadian system.
  8. I'm sure I've read threads on this before but couldn't find it. Just wanting to get a little info on what insurance I might need as a subby climber. I've read (I think on here) that I would be covered under Employment Insurance by whoever is employing me at that time. I have been asked by some companies to provide my own, others don't appear to be bothered. Seems like it may be a bit of a grey area? Advice is much appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Just a question for any of the guys who've applied for NZ working visas in the past. Did you need to submit police criminal record checks? On the government website it says they that they may be required for some visas. Going to have to get one from Canada if so and that seems like a bit tricky to get if out of the country! Cheers!
  10. Fitted the fuel pipe, breather and filter the other day and had two days heavy use with the saw this week. Works as good as new! Was only £12 for the parts so a nice cheap fix :-)
  11. Filters sitting fine so unfortunately not such a cheap/quick fix :-/ A couple of people have mentioned the breather, need to replace the fuel line as well now as it tore when I was removing the fuel filter. Ordered a new filter, fuel pipe and breather so will say whether or not thats solved it when I've fitted it!
  12. Having a few problems with my 200t. When I put it on full revs it sounds like its starved of fuel, oddly it seems to run fine with a full tank but starts to happen as the tank becomes about half full. I have recently had a new carb fitted (about two months ago) which was running great when first fitted, also had it pressure tested and that was fine, fuel filter is clean. Any ideas? Cheers!
  13. Yeah have got my stuff together and will be ready for when they release them. Just trying to find alternatives in case they all go lol. Read the bit about needing to do a language test, didn't realise there was an eligibility test. Will have another look!
  14. I'm wanting to have a year (at least) working in Canada and am waiting for the IEC visas to be released. The date keeps getting put further back and I know that they will go quick when they do get released, starting to get impatient!lol I have however read about the new Express Entry system that they have brought out this year and was wondering if anyone knew the likelihood of getting through as an arborist? Is anyone on here going for this type of visa? Cheers, Mark
  15. Hi, just wondering if anyone on here knows when the next set of working holiday visas will be released for work in 2015? Or does anyone know who to get in contact with to find out? I think the 2014 ones were around December time. Have tried the Canadian Embassy and also a couple of email addresses on the IEC website but seem to be going round in circles! Have sent CVs out to a few firms in Canada and have been told if I can get a visa they'll find me work so really want to be prepared for when they get released Cheers, Marko.


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