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  1. Medullary rays and colour point to blackthorn, bullace type.
  2. Thank you. I do try 🙂
  3. I won't start properly until next week. Got too much booked in really. First lot is really heavy stuff 750m. Then another 1000m of nice maiden hedge. Having to turn stuff down at mo and just glad Defra have given an extension to grant work.
  4. Too hot to start really but getting eye in on some light stuff before the heavy grant work.
  5. What many don't realise is that putting that drop of extra oil in 'for good luck etc' weakens the mix and the engine will run hotter. Mistaken belief they're doing the engine a favour.
  6. Ninety percent alone although the dog chews a few sticks up 🙂 The first 750 metres this season is real heavy stuff so may draft a little help in if I really need to.
  7. Thanks. Around 2000m this season. No matches though which is a real downer.
  8. Don't think I've posted anything for a couple of years. One or two from last season.
  9. Yes. Stone district match.
  10. Graham

    Well done Echo!

    I've been Stihl thru and thru for 35+years. I bought a 390 for the start of last hedge laying season and it's superb. Don't think I'll buy another Stihl.
  11. Around the bend at one match.
  12. Graham

    More cutting.

    A few pics of Stafford style, winning hedge in National Champs Derby style and second in Cheshire and NW champs.
  13. Did you do it? Beech lays well if you know what you're doing. You'll need to bind it well as they'll lift up if you don't.
  14. It's quite a soft wood but it's not a softwood. Burns well; ask all those who burn nothing but in northern climes.


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