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  1. One that never made it....dropped in '73. 750 square four that would have been the world's fastest production bike. Blame US emissions regs.
  2. Can someone contact me regarding an order I want to place please? Tried phoning and texting but not sure I'm getting through to anyone.
  3. Is anyone able to tell me what parts ie part numbers I need to convert from .325? Original bar is now showing signs of age after four years. I'd like to change to 14 or 15" Sugihara and 3/8LP so bar and sprocket. Thank you.
  4. There are many sins in cutting but this isn't one.
  5. It will live for quite a few years if it's cut properly. You don't want it growing for ever. The new growth will take over eventually.
  6. Couple of recent ones. Heavyweight Stafford style and a lightweight break from the norm with a Welsh Border job.
  7. Graham

    Full wrap

    Sums it up 🙂
  8. Excellent review. I'm into a fourth year with a 390. It's had a lot of use: few thousand metres of hedgelaying, small felling, firewood cutting. Thus far a broken recoil spring. There's a lot of stop/starting hedging. Really like it.
  9. On to the big old gnarly and often rotten stuff.
  10. This one follows the 'lazy s' of medieval ploughing. Stafford style.
  11. I've used the CS390 ESX for three years now. Only a recoil spring replaced. Worked hard on my hedgelaying, small felling and firewood. Bloody good saw and that's from 45 yrs on saws.
  12. My little experience with them is match cutting next to people using them and of knowing several who've tried them. In one national champs the chap cutting next to me used a Stihl. He was well into two batteries on a match length. I've had a few little goes and not really impressed but much of my cutting is very heavy stuff. Smaller hedges can be as quick with axe and hook if you've got the room. They seem to be popular with the hobby/weekend warrior cutters but commercially they've a way to go I reckon.
  13. First and possibly only ploughing and hedging match this season. Brittle stuff and laid by a bloke with a bad back previously. Stafford style.
  14. Medullary rays and colour point to blackthorn, bullace type.


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