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  1. Tree ID

    Like Ginkgo it's the only representative of its genus. It was named as a fossil specimen which was once common in the Northern hemisphere. It was only discovered as a living specimen in 1944 in China. Every tree growing now is a descendant of those few trees.
  2. Tar bricks

    I do remember my dad telling me about these. Our local town high st was dug up in the 30s and he said it was made from wooden blocks covered in tar.
  3. Tree Surgery Business Sale

    As mentioned before....there's no value in goodwill. The goodwill leaves as soon as you do. I sold a tree business but that came with confirmed LA work plus the kit. The value of the business is yourself. Better to sell the kit and walk away.
  4. Tip Of The Day

    Look after the sides and the middle will look after itself.
  5. Tip Of The Day

    ....and always face in the direction you want to go before you fill it.
  6. No more beaded hand cleaner?

    If it's true I'm glad they have. Causing major problems in the world's oceans.
  7. 026...Is it worth it?

    Well my mind's made up. Looks like the crank's knackered as well. Have to find a new hobby
  8. 026...Is it worth it?

    Always more to learn. I've stripped enough over the years but I just can't decide whether it's worth the parts cost to still have a saw that's 25yo. I never could come to a decision
  9. 026...Is it worth it?

    Stripped down an old 026 I've had from new to see whether it's worth a rebuild. It's 25 years old and apart from general maint has never had a spanner on it. Plenty of play in crank bearings, bit low on compression etc. Will need new rubbers, sprocket, bearings, seals, piston and other little bits and pieces. Is it worth spending for a saw that's not in its prime or just put the money to a new one? It's been a fantastic saw and I just don't want to scrap it but a couple of hundred quid seems silly.
  10. What causes this?

    Sorry about the blank page. The variegation is too well defined for deficiency. Try googling chimaera variegation which is probably what this is.
  11. What causes this?

    There's no deficiency there. Further research would seem to confirm what I thought only far better able to explain. It's fairly common. http://www.uky.edu/Ag/Horticulture/Geneve/teaching/plantpropwebpages/geneticselection/geneticchimera.pdf
  12. What causes this?

    Could be or a mutation in the meristem which is at the edge of developing tissue. At this point I can no longer remember much from college so that's about it from me
  13. What causes this?

    Variegation can be caused by a few things inc. virus, cell mutation etc. Because yours show the same symptoms on two different spp then I would think it is not variegation. It is more likely to be mineral deficiency that's caused by: a) lack of that nutrient in the soil or b) nutrients being locked in the soil and unavailable for uptake. Road salt in small amounts can lock nutrients and this may be the case here.
  14. Quick ident?

    No not sure but it's the closest I can think of.
  15. Quick ident?

    Cornus kousa.


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