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  1. ARB Approved...views please.

    Glad to hear that it has.
  2. Parkgate

    It's something I remember from college. I know young beech retain their juvenile leaves but old beech hedges will as long as they are trimmed. Perhaps there's a link between the production of auxins and 'juvenility'. Been a long time since I was at college and I'm now going to delve a little.
  3. Parkgate

    Nothing to do with juvenility. Auxins and abscission.
  4. ARB Approved...views please.

    I think I've said my bit in the past but to reiterate: It was, and maybe still is, a club for the boys...back-slapping old school tie and all that. Bitter and twisted? Maybe but with good reason. It's a long time ago now and I'm past bothering about the AA but what about the contractors who where once approved and still drive around with the logo displayed on trucks and letterheads after dropping out of the scheme. Are you not bothered chasing them up?
  5. Show us your Logging Horses

    Beautiful horses and a leg length that looks perfect for the job. Do you mind if I save some of the photos for my own use?
  6. Parkgate

    It's because it's trimmed.
  7. Parkgate

    It's because it's trimmed in Aug or thereabouts. It reduces the production of auxin which triggers abcission.
  8. Fungi id

    Wood Blewit?
  9. Turned oak pillars

    At that length you'd be best asking a local sawmill if they can machine round cleft oak for you.
  10. Things you don't want to find on the Job.

    A few dildos, assorted trousers with large brown lumps in on m'way embankment and a high pressure gas main ripped up with a Becker stump ripper. That one hissed a bit!
  11. Auction of stoves

    The liquidator should be looking to get rid of stock as quickly as possible and turn it into cash. Doesn't look like a good liquidation sale to me with reserves on everything as that won't encourage bidding.
  12. Have you ever been sued?

    Probably should have but at the time I just wanted it forgotten and done with.
  13. Funny old day for dogs.

    With a pink Saharan sun and a feeling of impending doom my dog is acting very strangely. He senses something and is clinging to me like a baby.
  14. Rowan ring barked by worms

    The worms are just feasting on the slime flux etc. It's possibly honey fungus.
  15. Have you ever been sued?

    A client took me to court once. I'd done plenty of work for him in the past and he phoned me one day to tell me one of his trees had been damaged in a storm. I popped out to see the tree and told him I'd make it safe and then return when I was able to fell and clear up. I cut up the timber on the ground, removed the hung up branches and stacked it all for later removal. I told him it may be a while before I could get back as I was very busy with other storm damage. He stated to phone regularly reminding me about the tree and then issued a court summons. He stated that it had caused him him a lot of worry, the stacked timber had damaged his grass and that he had to employ a contractor to fell the tree, clear up and make good the grassed area. His claim was for the cost of the above plus his time. He was a retired solicitor and I can still see the smirk on his face as he looked at me in court. It was dismissed as he was being unreasonable in expecting me to finish the work during a very busy time. A professional a***hole who didn't even pay for my time making it safe for him.


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