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  1. Boiler stove?

    I'm buying the house. It's about 200 years old so the insulation is on par with that! The old chap who lived there just had the back boiler which heated four rads and hot water. Is it not just a simple swap over to existing pipework once the fireplace is sorted out? I'm really not too bothered with a super duper system or with it being fantastically warm apart from the main living room. The upstairs I was hoping just to be warmed with the existing rads. Seems it could be complicated!
  2. Boiler stove?

    I did say I was tight :-)
  3. Boiler stove?

    Quite a set up there. For the main room I'd need 6kw. I had thought along the lines of 10-12kw with the added bonus of 500mm logs.
  4. Boiler stove?

    But my wood's free! Coal would work but I'm a tight git.
  5. Boiler stove?

    Has anyone any experience with them? I had one years ago and remember how feeble it was trying to heat the rads and the room it sat in. I shall, hopefully, be moving shortly and the cottage has an open fire with a back boiler to four rads and hot water. I've heard so many bad things about them ie. heating water but not room or vice versa to not doing either unless they're at full chat which backs up my own experience. Do I fit a boiler stove or go with a higher output stove and open the door to the stairs and let the heat rise :-) Any opinions and recommendations gratefully received. Thanks.
  6. Kickback – the thoughts of a victim’s father

    So sad. Would it be possible to copy this piece and show it to other chainsaw users? Thank you.
  7. Mystery close-up pic

    No point commenting then :-)
  8. I see a lot in some of the old hedges I lay. Generally find honey fungus and Ganoderma spp present.
  9. Pleachers questions....

    Pleachers running into the ground are ok. Back heeling (splitting back up the pleach) is a definite no. Pleachers will want to back heel if you leave the pleach too thick. Get them low and get all the new growth from low down. Doesn't matter if you use chainsaw or axe. First pic all axe work and second saw work. Using a saw allows you to lay hedges that would be impossible to do properly with an axe.
  10. Felling machine

    Has anyone seen this or has it been posted before? Tree felling machine. Link is to facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pg/treeguyver/videos/
  11. Conifers dying

    Phytophora lateralis.
  12. Dropped Ms200t about 30% revs on start up

    Maybe, somehow, the drop has jolted the crank and a seal is leaking?
  13. Saw not run for 15 year s

    Just done an 020t for someone. Similar time frame. New impulse hose and carb internals and it runs like new.
  14. How is this done?

    I'm cringing at the pain just looking at it!


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