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  1. Graham

    Going round the bend.

    Yes. Stone district match.
  2. Graham

    Well done Echo!

    I've been Stihl thru and thru for 35+years. I bought a 390 for the start of last hedge laying season and it's superb. Don't think I'll buy another Stihl.
  3. Graham

    Going round the bend.

    Around the bend at one match.
  4. Graham

    More cutting.

    A few pics of Stafford style, winning hedge in National Champs Derby style and second in Cheshire and NW champs.
  5. Graham

    Can Beech be hedgelayed?

    Did you do it? Beech lays well if you know what you're doing. You'll need to bind it well as they'll lift up if you don't.
  6. Graham

    Selling poplar as firewood

    It's quite a soft wood but it's not a softwood. Burns well; ask all those who burn nothing but in northern climes.
  7. Stove at my old house still good. I installed it in '92.
  8. Graham

    Making the news today....

    The whole family has a passion for racing. Sad day for road racing and NI. RIP William Dunlop.
  9. I have gas where I live at the moment but have rarely used it so a significant saving. I'm moving soon to a cottage with no gas supply or oil tank. I shall rely on a stove for heat and hot water with an immersion heater as back up.
  10. Graham

    Made to last...

    So that's where the old threshing boxes ended up!
  11. Graham

    Foolish mistake.

    If you can attract swans they may help. I used to have the devil's own job trying to establish ordinary lilies in a lake I managed. Every introduction was ravaged by them.
  12. Graham

    Wildflower lawn.

    Just harvested mine. Scythed it off a few days ago but was a couple of days late as it was dropping seed like mad. Managed to salvage enough for future project and some for a couple of mates.
  13. Graham

    Salt in the Diet

    A mate of mine started suffering bad and prolonged headaches. Diagnosed as not enough salt in diet.
  14. Graham

    Air cannon

    Oh dear....I remember those!
  15. Graham


    b) MS 661 C-M


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