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  1. Graham

    Climbing conditioning.

    Now that did make you work. All we used till early 90s and kept body fat down to zilch. Kids today... :-)
  2. Graham

    Red fungi.

    Not my pics. My thought is G. resinaceum but may be well off the mark.
  3. Graham

    customer wont pay

    Wouldn't work. All he has to say is that he verbally quoted £x for the extra work which is what I offered. Had a client say this to me and just said 'fight me in court'. It's a no win...just take the money.
  4. Graham

    customer wont pay

    Can't work out how much you charged him for the second tree. Maybe I'm missing something?
  5. Graham

    Uk poplar vs US poplar (tulip wood)

    Yes. Just as UK sycamore is not US sycamore (London plane).
  6. Graham


    It's never going to do any harm. Slightly different but I used to change oil and filter on my enduro bike after every ride. In ten years it never needed valves shimming. That was a 250 that was ridden to an inch of its life.
  7. Graham

    Next level

    Same here.
  8. Graham

    Views on pickups

    No joke really. If you look at the numbers otr of my particular variant (a common one) then in the few years since the problem was highlighted the numbers have dropped from just under 4k to 1.7k. That's just one variant and way above average for vehicles generally. There'll be another drop as soon as the latest figures are released this month.
  9. Graham

    Views on pickups

    All D40s are prone to it regardless of year and cab option. A mix of crap steel and poor rust proofing. Have you had yours checked by Nissan? Very few on the road now as 1000s have been bought back.
  10. Graham

    First World Cup memory..

    As a kid I remember World Cup Willie. I also remember that none of my family ever mentioned football and on the day of that match in 1966 we were looking at taters, gardens and fields. Never had an interest in it....or any team games come to that. No idea why but hope they do well.
  11. Graham

    Moon bow

    I'll have what he's having :-)
  12. Graham

    Views on pickups

    Think I've had every make going over the years but currently with an Isuzu 2.5. It's ok. Pulls well but perhaps not as refined as some of its competitors. Prior to this I had a Navara D40. Nice and comfortable, did all I needed but the big downer is chassis rot. Mine was bought back by Nissan as part of their 'goodwill' scheme. Roof bars are needed for ladders and for carrying my hedging binders.
  13. Graham

    Any air rifle gurus out there

    Definitely open sights. It was one of the original Japanese ones. Maybe slightly later ones were fitted with peep sights? If you ever think of selling I'd love to get hold of another.
  14. Graham

    Any air rifle gurus out there

    The best air rifle I ever owned was a Sharp Inova. Superbly accurate. Hitting bluebottles that landed on a white wall was easy at 10m. With open sights too. Was the ultimate tool on Autumn squirrels. If you had the mind to it was very easy to adjust the power up to about 18 foot lbs.
  15. Graham

    How many hours do you put into your business?

    It's all Gung ho crap really. 126 hours said so many times it's believed. I was once told: Believe nothing you hear and half you see. Can't go far wrong then.


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