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  1. The other last resort is to pop the brass insert on the rear flat face of the carb and turn to screw 1/8 to 1/4 out
  2. Thing I done last week. 4 days. Had fun!
  3. Run his bar for a bit longer (like a full tank) on some thick wood with your saw. Just to double check
  4. They fit a 372 fuel hole as well
  5. Just take the spikes off and test it. Im pretty sure itll have nothing to do with them, but easy enough to test. A sharp chain and decent undamaged bar should cut without the use of the spikes. Either the bar grooves are worn unevenly forcing the chain to side, or they are burred, or bar is bent. or the chain is incorrect/not sharp/not sharpened evenly/rakers need filing.
  6. Dont use a a zigzag for srt, but it could be the shackle moving causing more sit back? My tether sits on the side of my hitchclimber on the same krab that fixes it to my bridge so there is no movement.
  7. I've never shaved a flywheel - guess that's up to you. but certainly worth getting the cat out. From memory once that's happened the outlet is plenty big enough
  8. I'd love that. Do shout if your serious - happy to try and make most budgets work!
  9. Thanks for the thorough reply! Did you consider drilling the cast type clip on muffler to fit bolts through? The cost of the non OEM cylinder and exhaust puts it only about 40/50 quid cheaper than getting a stihl cylinder- so but less tempting. Have the non OEM cylinders been ok?
  10. Yeah they tore a page or two out that sketch book just after that pic. Should learn to draw better I guess
  11. Havent been in the carving for a while, just done this. First carving I have done where I havent been on the sanding for hours which was nice. Had quite a bit help from the foals.
  12. Facing the same problem. I know this was a while back but how did you get on Bob?
  13. Pfanner pilatus are working well for me. Well comfy from the start. Bit hot. Seem to be lasting well


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