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  1. Pal of mine cant log on here for some reason as asks the arbtalk massif; "changing the taxation class of a 4x4 crane Lorry from HGV to agricultural Going to run a PTO winch and chipper off it as well and it will be predominantly for golf course and estate work but will need to move it between sites." So anyone done this recently?
  2. Had the freedconns for 6months or so, no bother so far, best 60quid I have spent
  3. billpierce

    Husqvarna 550

    I'd say 300 for a very good condition one is about right. I am trying to sell a 550 with light use and havent had many nibbles at 325. You may find one for 250 or 275 mind.
  4. Sweet. Reminds of of rexquando https://images.app.goo.gl/zmFHVo9T4JEo5hiD7
  5. Archer? Tried a few loops of theirs and never managed to sharpen them before they snapped. I wrote them off as junk. Let me know if this isnt your experience
  6. I have only done this twice in about 14 years, storm grade rain in connie monsters warrants it.
  7. Thanks for replies, not into a super cheap one as reckon it'll die doing a load of 404 chain ( my last cheap one did). Any thoughts @roughhewn ?
  8. I know we have been over this, but what's best bench mounted electric sharpener. This is for doing 48" chains that have it metal before any gives me the "man up and do it by hand". I do hand file mostly and happy with it, but doing 4 x 48" chains that have all it metal and having to put them on a double ended bar each time is tedious beyond belief. Killed a went florabest I was given in about 3 chains. Use a dremmel with diamond files but also not actually that quick. So oregon? Portek? Others? Ta
  9. Rob have you had customers calling in with similar failures on other brand bars you sell like gb cannon etc? Personally I like the sugi bars and haven't had an issue with them, but only runs 20" and a tiony sugi carving bar.
  10. 390 feels more nimble to me but bit less grunt, but not loads less
  11. You never know. Been looking ever since and not found one!
  12. I dream of a lwb sj with Peugeot 1.9 xud lump in it. Saw one for sale 5 years ago and regret not pouncing on it immediately.
  13. Any chance I could buy that pre ebay?


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