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  1. billpierce

    occupational health of arb

    It certainly be a bit of a rollercoaster, jobs that your dreading, windy big poplars etc, can feel pretty unpleasant, then whistling away with a big grin chogging down the stem
  2. billpierce

    What's the best old 4 x 4 ?

    The ones you mentioned all have a good rep, and for sure could be that buckets, buy atleast you will be able to tell if you have good luck underneath first. I have had a few older hiluxes and they have done me very well. Very slow as the older ones are n/a but less to go wrong. Hiluxs also have a excellent resale value.scrappers export for £1400 easily. I'd look at towing capacity aswell if required as it can be surprisingly low. My DC mk3 hilux is 2t for towing and the single cab I had was 1450kg or something ridiculous. Cant remember which but some if izuzu 3.0 or 3.1tds have had poor engine issues but this may have only affected troopers. If I needed a replacement vehicle I'd certainly look at the isuzu
  3. billpierce

    Down scaling

    I highly suggest a used pro model. Like a 240 260 024 026 241 if your set on still. The farmer ones are fine but you may as well have the higher umph and durability
  4. billpierce

    High Voltage near miss

    Someone explain what your on about? Is it to do with not sending current via your heart? Potentially youd be quite safe on a space hopper
  5. billpierce

    Older vans/trucks

    That would be potentially amazing. Seriously very kind offer. Let me know.... we plan to move into truck end of March as house renovations happening then...
  6. billpierce

    Older vans/trucks

    It all be second hand. Got a 24v full size compressor fridge for 40quid. Jesus decent 12v/24vcompressor fridges hold there money well. There is a diesel heater in the truck which I haven't started to look at but it'll have a jotul 600 wee stove in there also. Aye, other bits I'll just pinch out a scrap caravan
  7. billpierce

    Older vans/trucks

    Yep glass windows will remain. Got some electrics sorted, lights, split charge relay, leisure batteries, solar reg sorted. Just starting framing up the second wall which will be In the gap where the ramp goes. Will get some pics up soonish. I think the making is almost as good as the having it after
  8. billpierce

    100%white spirit on ropes.

    I feel like this must be true. I think petrol or chain oil contamination on ropes etc is a loler fail
  9. billpierce

    1984 MB Engineering integrity

    Got to be a member to view. What is it?
  10. billpierce

    New sthil reviews

    Yah, I've just gone for a 25 on my 66 having removed it from my 44 which didnt really like a 25 that much. It's very noticeably faster in the cut. Rough I dont think people are obsessed with putting small bars on. For me it's about cut speed vs weight. I'll always grab a saw with the smallest bar I can get away with. Will cut faster and less sharpening. Cant stand seeing folk brashing up with giant saws.
  11. billpierce

    High moisture content

    I've found it drys out fine in the rest of the log pile. I remember buying a whole mature tree once. Couldn't believe how heavy it was at first, but as you say, quickly lightens up
  12. billpierce

    Ms 390 not oiling

    Trying running some petrol through the oil tank with the bar if see if it pumps that. Could well be that the work gear has gone. Pop the clutch off and have a deeks
  13. billpierce

    chainsaw for limbing

    That seems a good deal. Flog the carving bar if no good to you and you be within budget. I have too many carving saws. Was thinking about selling some.... Back handle ms201 well used but gwo 200 quid Back handle dolmar 3401 bought new still on its first sprocket (1/4 pitch) 250 quid. I think your just over the hills from me? I'm 9 miles from Alston if you want to come have a look/go
  14. billpierce

    chainsaw for limbing

    Plenty of members on here
  15. billpierce

    chainsaw for limbing

    You after new or used?


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