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  1. billpierce

    Truck vibrates over 60mph

    Prop carrier bearing or universal joint on prop?
  2. billpierce

    Hitch climber setup and ocean polyester

    I like it, seems to last much better than others, don't seem to have problems with it gripping
  3. billpierce

    bowl turning thread

    Very nice mix of colours and pattern there. Nice one
  4. billpierce


    I fecked my chain that came with it on the second day with it. Caught in a chog and got bent. So been on either maya or rotatech since and never had it come off at all. Don't know what would cause this?
  5. billpierce


    Aye just flog it and get a echo 360t new with the money. You probably have change also. That or send yer 200 to spud
  6. billpierce

    Is it worth holding out for the 462?

    If the 460 is for sale please give me a shout. Ta
  7. I found bfg all terrains to be among the best for mixed driving. Cooper sst or stt ( forget which) have been excellent off road and pretty good on road, as have bfg ko's. Insas are like driving on ice!
  8. billpierce

    just completed this one

    That's mint. What's other side like?
  9. billpierce


    Aye, will be ordering a newie but needs must, have work tomorrow and I'm an hour's drive from gusrharts
  10. billpierce


    Yeah that sombrero looks dead handy
  11. billpierce


    Matty is it better than ventex? Last as well?
  12. billpierce


    My heart sang with joy today as my kask helmet has broken for the final time. Naturally I supposed that the screws which hold the ear bits to the helmet at worked it's way out (despite the locktite) for the millionth time, however i was exhilarated to see the Ear piece snapped where the threaded bit goes into. I shall delight In not replacing this part and getting a newie. Back to the 2003 ventex for now. F.o kask
  13. billpierce

    AWD panel van?

    I have a lwb syncro 4x4 transporter t4 for sale if your interested? I can measure it up for you if you want. It's the 2.5tdi (think remapped to 130/140bhp). New: engine, head, turbo, injectors, discs, pads, hoses, ecu, viscous coupling (New discs inside also), timing belt, vacuum solenoid, spare wheel, keys, locks,rear wheel bearings, shocks, poly bushes, ball joints, drop links, diff oil, engine oil, filters etc. (Spent a fortune on it as if was going to keep it forever!) Totally mint underneath (Irish import so no salt), waxoyled well. Bit tatty on outside but no serious rust at all just a bit bubbling, scratches etc. It's done 175k ( engine hasn't, still had over marks when changed) and is y reg. Owes me 6k in ( no labour), prolly would take a bit less but not much or id keep it. Drives very very well ( can do all hills in 3rd). Has very decent bfg AT's Sorry (Not sorry) for shameless ad!
  14. billpierce

    Replacment bar nose tips?

    Think chainsawbars.co.uk do them
  15. billpierce

    New Ranger has arrived!



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