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  1. billpierce

    Sachs Dolmar 133 Dogs Bumper Spike

    PM shavey on here or get in touch with ajs chainsaws in Devon. He may have some or be happy to draw you a template. Good luck!
  2. billpierce

    Knife and gun crime London

    Also, having done a bit work experience in prisons 15years ago, there is absolutely no way they could be mistaken for a holiday camp. I dread to think what they are like now that they are privatised and even more underfunded
  3. billpierce

    Knife and gun crime London

    To effectively change a violent/criminal culture does involve significant investment. Whilst having a brutal punishment may be a deterrent it will not be 100% effective. A decade ago my dad taught in young offenders units, back then the reoffence rate was in the 90% region, obviously indicating its ineffective. As someone with a good bit of experience he was of the opinion the probation support was pretty much non existent, youth support in deprived areas (pre offence) was woefully inadequate and funding within prisons was inadequate. Obviously a massive investment in these services is hugely unpopular with many people as its seen as giving nice things to violent little scroats. And I get that, but imho to break a cycle of viiolence/crime in various areas is a worthy investment. Probably worth taking a deeks at how other countries do it. I heard something about Holland not having enough people I their prisons as rehabilitation has been pretty effective.
  4. billpierce

    How d'they do dat?

    Id suggest taking the sap wood right off on any outdoor bench as it will turn to mush in a few years
  5. Great to hear. They certainly make good carving bars
  6. billpierce

    Saw milling directory

    I think I have done it. Is there a way to check it worked?
  7. billpierce


    Here it is all installed. Apologies for gratuitous amounts of pictures
  8. billpierce

    Help - 24 inch softwood rings/discs needed in Cumbria

    Hopefully you can find someone closer but I can sell you some larch if your desperate. Im near Alston
  9. billpierce

    Makita long reach hedge cutter

    I'd check the piston for wear for starters. Sounds like it may be losing compression when hot, I.e when cylinder has warmed up. Has it got plenty oil in?
  10. billpierce

    lowerable base ties

    Will have been a bad combination of lateral force, base tie, and me pulling the climbers rope so as to swing him over to the tree. Thankfully nobody hurt but a horrible moment as the branch broke and I essentially pulled my pal out of the tree. Hard to say I suppose but I am certain the base tie was a big factor in the anchor failure, but it was also the base anchor which broke his fall somewhat as the rope fell through the tree.
  11. billpierce

    The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    I get that defenders hold their value well, but think this is also the case for the well know jap alternatives. You wont find a 80 series or older landcruiser cheap or an older Nissan patrol. They hold their value extremely well. And the pickup versions are insane money, so much so it's probably financially viable to cut the back off one and build a tipping back yourself. Saw a amazing lwb foutrack pickup the other day, didnt even know they existed
  12. It depend slightly on the core and the knot but I think 60cm ish measure eye to eye is about right
  13. billpierce

    lowerable base ties

    I kind of thought this also. Having recently broken an anchor point in an oak using a srt base tie, I'd say the theory is spot on. I would have 100% trusted the anchor drt. It snapped having climbed the whole tree, but when swinging to another tree it failed.
  14. billpierce

    372 reving

    Air leak, get it vac/ pressure tested. Mityvac. Is my guess anyways.
  15. Prolly a bit far for me if it's a carve in situ job, but doable if it's a commission and deliver number. I'm a few hours north up on Northumberland.


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