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  1. Depends which one you bought seems they sell genuine 80quid ones and non genuine ones. Either way worth doing a vac/pressure check when changing as you may have an airleak causing it to run lean. Why did it sieze the first time?
  2. Sadly, i agree. Seems harsh but if the seller arranged courier not buyer, its the sellers responsibility to check courier is ok to courier, package properly, and insure against loss or damage if they want to. If the seller has cocked up here its hardly fair that you just loose a saw
  3. Good chance your pot will clean up unless badly chipped or very deep scoring. As said meteor is a good italian non original brand. Had one in my 361 for about 7 years with no bother
  4. Have a go with yhe 153 first. Should be just the job
  5. Sorry to here this. I have had similer issues. My bet is it was poorly packaged so sharp bits where exposed or leaking fuel
  6. Sweet jesus thats strong money! While we're on the topic what do folk reckon a decent mk1 550xpg is worth. In Reasonable nick, obvs not been a full time forestry saw, but not on its first chain either.
  7. billpierce


    Just out of interest where did you see this?
  8. When you changed the carb did you seat it properly onto the carb boot/ gaskets etc?
  9. Fairly sure any battery saw on logging duty is going to eat batteries fast. I dismantled a mature ash ( 42" stem) tother day and by 6pm was onto my 3rd pair of 5ah batteries, which still had 3/4 of charge at end if day. I didnt cut much over 12" with it though, and did the stem at the end with real saw
  10. Well, its pretty pokey, cuts stone well and sands real good. You cant push it as hard as the mains equivilent but its certainly far from useless. Does gobble batteries - but hard to judge as cutting varied bits of stone etc, but sanding floorsboards with the trigger flat out slightly dissapointed with trigger time. Especially as my double charger has just popped ( back undee warrenty with makita, they collected next day). Its noticable lighter even with the batteries in than mains equivelent. So far so good. I let you know how it holds up
  11. Not tried the husky one but have used the stihl msa160 and msa200. I prefer the 36v makita top handle and back handle saw. The top handle has loads of grunt ( i reckon more than msa160 though not tried side by side). Had my back handle for 8 months, no issues. And generally makita a very good on warrenty and parts ( for other kit of theres i have).
  12. Try anyvan found them much cheaper than shiply
  13. The 36v makita saws cut decent


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