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  1. MS211C Primer circuit

    Does it run ok? My bg55 sucks v slowly and often has a bit air in bulb. Runs fine and fuel lines are fine and starts fine. Been like that a year or so. When I did carb kit on it one of the diaphrams was lacking a hole on the edge to allow the bulb to fill. I punctured a small hole and it fills better now. If a little slower that it should.
  2. Ballsy stunt fells

  3. Ballsy stunt fells

    Remember that. It's a good one. Did you price to dismantle?
  4. the 'todays job' thread

    Where's that then ? Reminds me of river dart country park
  5. My weekend work ....

    Something to do with that purple lipstick? Or the dowel?
  6. Ballsy stunt fells

    So does it count as a stunt fell in your book? I reckon no skidder in woods and the reckoned 'redoing that decking would have been easier than a dismantle. Guessing it was his or a mates shack.
  7. What's on your bench today?

    Good of you to mention it. Will get an order in.
  8. Dead Pine

    I love it when people come out after you've just got your anchor in and ask if you want a brew....
  9. Ballsy stunt fells

    Agreed; first fell not stunt. Other two some pretty close houses and trucks close by etc sure counts as a stunt? Generally agree with Mr Blair, true stunt fell is where you ha e quoted for dismantle then just whop it down. But if you do a huge back leaner cut with what sounds like a ms170 with 30" bar with a polyprop tug line and old boy with trad helmet on popping the odd wedge in with a house that's a stunt in my book. http://
  10. Stihl 084AV and mill

    Yep cheap enough. You'd prob make 200 from the 020 and 136 easy. Is the 076 36inch bar a duro or sprocket tip?
  11. Ballsy stunt fells

    Yeah terrible video, can understand not getting through.....def a bit of confidence to start the cut
  12. Ballsy stunt fells

    The second 2 fells are pretty close I would say
  13. Ballsy stunt fells

    How far did you watch?
  14. Ballsy stunt fells

    Probs been on before but new to me. Some appallingly filmed but non the less impressive stunt felling http://
  15. MS211C Primer circuit

    Does the bulb inflate by itself easily of a bit slowly?


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