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  1. Yep 256 can take 1/4 sprocket at 10" panther bar. Think its the same one that's in my 2511 that fits. Chainsawbars.co.uk will know - but I think it's not the same bar mount as duc254 which has the tensioner in a fractionally different place ( sigh ) . Chainsaw bars sell the sprockets and I think it's the same as a stihl electric 1/4 sprocket ( same on duc 254 245 and back handle duc.) Tbh though its doesnt give a faster cut just smoother. Dont think the leccy saws have the chain speed available to make a difference in speed ( unlike the 1/4 conversion on a 2511)
  2. Took mine to auto parts place and they had loads in stock. Think it's pretty standard part. Possibly off a Vauxhall as well ( think some of these run isuzu 3 pots)
  3. Nikasil looks ok on the pot. Any good places for rings? Only seem to be cheapos from China on Ebay or cabers from the states
  4. Just answered my own question! Thanks for help so far! Piston skirt doesnt seem to rock much
  5. Well with the ring pushed square down the bore an inch I can fit the feeler gauge which says 100 on it through the smallest part of the gap and that's the biggest one I have. Think that means 1mm gap as its .05mm to 1mm guage so reckon that means worn right?
  6. It's a mahle piston, perhaps it looks big in that pic, I didnt notice it as being that big before. Ring doesnt look over worn either tbh.
  7. Any help appreciated. Shall I get a 350 piston?
  8. Update on this troublesome 346. Got a new meteor piston today. Doesnt fit. Turns out it has a 350 pot and piston on it, so that's annoying. Is this a common swop?
  9. I'm really bad at keeping track but 4 to 5 days
  10. Had wee commission to make this as a memorial for a book shop owner (shop called slightly foxed) in berwick. Few pics start to finish. Made the specs from some old chain links.
  11. Thanks bmp! Going to swop pistons out
  12. Sorry seem to be missing posts dont know why. Have tried a 357 coil and swapped the carbs and still the same so piston swop next!
  13. Nah think they are still desirable just the last few I have sold (back handle 201 and back handle 200) did not really get any interest above £200. I guess if I had a choice of new smaller echos or used 200 (especially if it was £300 ) for carving I know which way I'd lean
  14. Thankyou for the thorough reply. Have done an awful lot of those things, but still more to do. Will let you know how I get on


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