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  1. Rewind starter Assembly for Stihl 064 Gasoline Chainsaws | L&S Engineers WWW.LSENGINEERS.CO.UK Rewind starter Assembly for Stihl 064 Petrol Chainsaws. Genuine & Non-Genuine Aftermarket Spare Parts for Stihl 064 Chainsaws.
  2. Ms660 size bars will fit. L and s engineers good for othet parts
  3. Prolly worth checking the kill switch and wires. If it sounds like its switching itself off, it might be !
  4. Aye was wondering about this also. Didnt hear about it until.it was for sale. And the 151t!
  5. Get the makita. Will be more reliable than hutzl. Tbh is prefer used main brand than hutzl for reliability and longevity
  6. Post some pics of your bar and chain. My bet is the bar needs a fettle or there is a issue with the chain
  7. Also have a diy one like you describe. The haas is better, not bulky and has more spring so you can step furthur and capture more progress with each step.
  8. Made a giant wolf delek for the local folk festival with a couple of mates. 3rd year we have made a burning wolf sculpture. 2 days for 3 people and a lot of slab wood and screws. Delek part of it was made i solidarity with local sci fi museum getting hammered by the planners (local story). Anyways made a nice change
  9. Yep or the echo 2511. Have both, not picked up the stihl for a good while
  10. My 361 did this just before the coil packed in. It does sound the spark is too advanced. It be looking at coil gap, and double checking flywheel key
  11. I used metalmorphosis and waxoyl. Seems to work ok and not to hard to apply. Id really suggest get waxoyl gun for a compressor. Means you can blat it on thick and get it to all the nooks and crannies in a fraction of the time. I just got a cheapo off ebay and worked well. Have to heat the cans it hot water though
  12. Sweet. Let me know how the bar and chain hold up with a 200 powering them
  13. Is that running the rotatech chain? Looks reasonably rapid


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