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  1. billpierce

    knee ascender

    Looks good. Just after a croll or similar and I'll be making one of these also. You make your foot loop as well or just buy one?
  2. billpierce

    Kirklees council 3 full time arborists jobs

    Working now. Perhaps just bad website last night or something.
  3. billpierce

    Kirklees council 3 full time arborists jobs

    Fyi Link doesnt work for me
  4. billpierce

    what will cut a lot will cut a little!!!

    Dont think that's a problem running the bar clamps set it a bit. Obvs keep an eye in the cut that the saws weight isn't bending down the way. Also make sure yer bar is supported well when you do the bar clamps up as you can sort of force a bend onto the bar which accentuates as the change the depth gauges.
  5. billpierce


  6. billpierce

    Chainsaw milling chain, which one ??

    This is the finish of granberg lo pro. Its def quite fast atleast.
  7. billpierce

    New harness time

    No self adjusting buckles?
  8. billpierce


    Excellent! Any idea what was wrong with it?
  9. billpierce

    Makita Saws

    Aye, shavey on hear very good for parts. And the 7900 is banging saw and good price. Personally wouldnt worry about parts availability at all
  10. billpierce

    New harness time

    @Mark Bolam hows the koala doing? Half thinking of a new harness. Not shelling out 400quid for TM though
  11. billpierce

    020av clutch help please

    I'd say the nut isn't on far enough but the newer type clutch wont need the cover and nut on. That nut doesnt hold the clutch on just the washer cover I think. I'd try it without nut or clutch cover personally. But cant promise you this is correct! Def keep an eye on it!
  12. billpierce

    020av clutch help please

    I reckons your good with the nut and washer. The anticlockwise thread will keep it on as with most outboard clutches. When I have had a clutch off I try and remember to engage the chain brake soon after with the chain going a bit to nip it up right good.
  13. billpierce

    3/8 picco 8 tooth sprocket

    I think with a sharp chain you can get away with it. I run a 9t .325 18'' on my 361 and its mint but you def notice as soon as it's a little dull, bogs down. Just bought a 8t for the 026 so will report back also
  14. billpierce

    12" Lightweight Bar Anyone?

    PM sent
  15. billpierce

    Another 40 year old just starting

    Not properly covering things like cambium savers, all types of friction device and throw line techniques in an I week course is madness. Even on my 3 dayer I got to mess around with a big shot, cambium savers /pulleys and hitch climber etc. Not that you need a course to use a cambium saver like. That 5 min video on YouTube pretty much all that's required.


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