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  1. I sit my behind the shank. Not as comfy as with no spikes but works fine
  2. Surely you dont mean replace? Run alongside? Well impressed that schiesling you have
  3. I was given a florabest one. Only used it on 25" plus metalled/stoned chains. Died before I got to replace the disc and wildly inaccurate. Probably ok for very occasional home owner use, if you dont care about getting the chain absolutely stinging sharp. Got one of these 230W Electric Chain Chainsaw Sharpener Grinder 3000rpm Bench Mounted Saw Blade WWW.EBAY.CO.UK This electric chainsaw sharpener grinder is made of sturdy and firm aluminum material, making it anti-rust and scratch-proof. The aluminum construction improves strength and performance. Firm & Sturdy Aluminum Chainsaw Chain Grinder. Knock off of the oregon pro one. Works well so far has it a year or so
  4. billpierce


    Nah dave, done almost nothing with it. Still on moving out the old yard and working too much. Will get a good go on it soon as I have my act together, just done some mushy bits of burr elm. Auto box much the same but its booked in for a load of jobs and that's on the list, as well as new doors, exhaust, and misc oil leaks. Look forward to seeing you doing some metre wide cuts!
  5. billpierce


    Looks the business dave. Look forward to some pics of it in action
  6. 084 not revving up, limiter is coming in at 10.5k. Unacceptable. Is it new coil o'clock or worth trying something else? Heard 660 coils can be modded and fitted. 084 coils are a pain to get though there are a few ont'ebay
  7. billpierce


    Have a Google on the hidden L screw, if they are the same a 550xp's there is a brass blank on the carb that you can knock out to reveal a screw which you can adjust. Can sort idle issues out particularly
  8. Aye, I wear my harness pretty low, below my hips. Never really found a harness that doesnt fall down or when done up tighter isnt comfy tbh. The braces definatley help alot, especially when hanging bigger saws of your harness, but the TM one seems a bit of an arse to take off.
  9. Get sore hips with the TM. Which seems to be turning into sciatica sometimes. Worse when on stems and spikes. Anyways, bought the tm shoulder straps to alieviate this and much more comfortable. But very annoying to put on and off? Am I missing something? Cant see to put them on like a pair of braces once in the harness, have to put the lot over my head and clip to back hoop.
  10. Well tidy that. Bet it took a bit of scribing.
  11. Cant beat the double battery back handle saw for price, especially if you already have some batteries. Totally different to the single battery top handle one
  12. Yep 256 can take 1/4 sprocket at 10" panther bar. Think its the same one that's in my 2511 that fits. Chainsawbars.co.uk will know - but I think it's not the same bar mount as duc254 which has the tensioner in a fractionally different place ( sigh ) . Chainsaw bars sell the sprockets and I think it's the same as a stihl electric 1/4 sprocket ( same on duc 254 245 and back handle duc.) Tbh though its doesnt give a faster cut just smoother. Dont think the leccy saws have the chain speed available to make a difference in speed ( unlike the 1/4 conversion on a 2511)
  13. Took mine to auto parts place and they had loads in stock. Think it's pretty standard part. Possibly off a Vauxhall as well ( think some of these run isuzu 3 pots)


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