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  1. billpierce

    What kit to buy

    Aye sambo on here had a one for similar money in good Nick also. Meybs sold now
  2. billpierce

    Brewing up

    Got a wide mouth litre one of these. Lifetime warranty. On my second. Drinks are consistently too hot to drink until after lunch.
  3. billpierce

    What kit to buy

    Poor memory for some reason. Just have been an old deal which had them sold with sugi, gb, and an echo bar and a few sprockets of something.
  4. billpierce

    What kit to buy

  5. billpierce

    What kit to buy

    Echo 2511 then I reckon. I think if I had bought this as a first saw I'd have been happy as ought. When you need something bigger just get yer ground saw sent up. It'll do everything you through at it up to 10" Cracking deal on them at chainsawbars.co.uk 265 quid or something with 40 bars
  6. billpierce

    Makita recall

    Hmmmm will look into that Andrew. Ta
  7. billpierce

    What kit to buy

    Every brand has some belters and some absolute pieces of crap. Do your research well Echo2511 ms200 ms461 ms660 or 661 346xp 372xp all seem well used and popular. Been various issues with 550 and 560xp ms201 t540xp ms261 but probs sorted now? I'm having some recall issue with Makita right now. But the 7900 saw is belting. Parts availability is fine, especially via shavey on here. You taking new or s/h?
  8. billpierce

    Makita recall

  9. billpierce

    Makita recall

    Don't know. It's just standard the now,
  10. billpierce

    Makita recall

    Got a 2015 or 16 365 for sale if you want? £325, barely used.
  11. billpierce

    Makita recall

    Hi Andrew, it's all boxed up now for collection I'm afraid. It was extremely well wrapped. The slip of paper I with it indicates they have changed the brake spring mech etc a "drilled" handle. When I spoke to their technical dept they said they are fitting these plates to reinforce a week handle. I don't think the plate/rivets has caused the handle to snap but that it's increased rigidity has just meant the whole handle won't flex and so the part above the plate just snaps. Quite annoying really as it seemed fine before. Have you sold many handles Andrew? Suspect not. They seemed fine. They want it back to look as are pretty concerned about the breakage occurring so soon. At least that I suppose
  12. billpierce

    Makita recall

    Just off the phone to them. They want the saw back and are very sad to hear the brake handle is broken already. Apparently the riveted panel is there to reinforce the handle? Wtff?
  13. billpierce

    Makita recall

    Haven't got that warm fuzzy customer care feeling right now
  14. billpierce

    Makita recall

    I have absolutely no idea what the riveted panel is all about?
  15. billpierce

    Makita recall

    It was in fairness very well wrapped up so it was either broken before wrapped or broke without me noticing on my first snap on and off of the brake. Either way pretty disappointing. It does also look like they have replaced some of the mechanism. Not the brake band. I do hope I will not have to wait another 5 weeks


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