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  1. billpierce

    Stunt fell pics

    Dont really understand wants going on but you might be able to click the image and follow a link to flickr
  2. billpierce

    Stunt fell pics

  3. billpierce

    Stunt fell pics

    On a biggish job to take out 28 decent Connie's. Lad from premier came past said they were shutting the road to do some lighting and more than happy for us to crack on. Just after lunch we realised they had blocked both ends of road. So managed to flop 4 out one after the other. Left my phone at home so only got vid from groundies phone. Pretty pleased with the time saving
  4. billpierce

    ms880 rim sprocket removal help needed

    Dont think he is the seller just pointing you to a diagram.
  5. billpierce

    Pics of your milled products

    Looking good. Did you end up lapping them? Boards look good and tight together
  6. billpierce

    What's on your bench today?

    Yes I didn't think the throttle could be doing that. Will check it next time I have a minute
  7. billpierce

    What's on your bench today?

    A hateful bg55 blower. Wouldnt start after running fine. Had a fiddle today, was completely hydro locked when I looked at it. Cleaned that all out, cleaned carb, seemed ok, meter arm and needle not sticking, found loose engine mount bolt. Refitted. all back together. Ran for few seconds then cut out. Seems to be a lot of fuel knocking about. Throttle cable works but a bit coarse could it be just that sticking on slightly?
  8. billpierce

    What's on your bench today?

    Generally I dont bother unless a saw is playing up. Keep a spare couple in the truck!
  9. billpierce

    Anyone bothered with 4x4 double cab tipper?

    'For a Toyota' indeed.
  10. billpierce

    Anyone bothered with 4x4 double cab tipper?

    Rollers wont hurt it eh? Came with and I changed from steel to plasma as a mate was giving it away.
  11. billpierce

    Huztl 372 kit build

    Ah think it's good if you want to learn how to put a saw together. Personally I'd rather buy a spares or repair decent saw and spent time and money fixing that up so there is a chance you'll have something that will be long lasting, but each to their own.
  12. billpierce

    Echo 2511 tes

    What a video! Did he just demonstrate that they oil?
  13. billpierce

    Long shot

    Temporarily forgotten name. I have asked a pal who should remember.
  14. billpierce

    Wage! How much should the going rate be?

    Also depends a bit how often you work for them? Odd days here and there I would expect to charge more. Steady days every week might well be a bit less.... Good luck getting anyone to agree on subbies rates on here! Good Groundie with aerial rescue and a saw 100 to 125 quid a day. Good climber with plenty kit and saws 150 to 200 per day depending on how much a beast of a day it is. But you know it'll vary depending on where in country you are, what competition is and what people are used to paying.
  15. billpierce

    Anyone bothered with 4x4 double cab tipper?

    Just got round to fitting a winch. Will get a splice on the plasma when I get a chance.


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