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  1. Best chain for milling

    L and s engineers are good for stihl parts. Plenty bits available for 075. I run normal 404 semi chisel chain on my mill. Oregon milling chain is also good. Speak to Rob at chainsawbars.co.uk as he will advise you well.
  2. MOT changes May 2018

    Sounds irritating. I sometimes ask my garage for a pre mot so they basically mot check it let me know what needs sorting I get it sorted then mot it and it def passes. Pretty easy solution is say.
  3. My first chainsaw...

    My smallest first chainsaw
  4. Help needed with 242xp

    I see. The carb bolts had a rubber tube fitted. Sadly perhaps not the issue....thanks anyway handy tip
  5. Help needed with 242xp

    Aye there is a sort of plastic tube that pushes on over the h and l screws. What s it for?
  6. Mobile cabin timber choice

    Id use larch, will withstand damp and weather much much much better and is pretty light. Cedar lap boards would also be dead light and durable but perhaps not a choice for structure. You'll find larch easily. But make sure it's European ( I believe Japanese is less durable?) With cabins it's inevitable they will leak at some point in their life or will have condensation/dampness so personally i would stick to something durable.
  7. First saw you bought.

    Me too, the one I have is taking quite a bit of fixing though.....looking forward to it being reliable enough to take out without a back up saw!
  8. My first chainsaw...

    357 bought off my then boss in 2007. Still going strong!
  9. Help needed with 242xp

    Thanks will check that
  10. Help needed with 242xp

    Right so have vac and pressure tested this saw, fitted a new oem carb kit and done a thorough carb clean. Fitted all new gaskets and carb boot and fuel line ( one of the ones with with moulded in tapered bit....how is that supposed to go?). Mostly the saw is fine, revs and cuts well but is occasionally a rigjt bellend to start. Wants full choke then fires and cuts out won't rev. If anyone knows these saws well and can point me in the rigjt direction of be well pleased. Ta
  11. the 'todays job' thread

    Nice day dismantling then felling the remainder of a nice hollow sycamore. Was one of those ones where you not 100% if ok to fell as fairly hollow and in corner of field with a cesspit so had only on spot to fall in. But worked out fine. Landy winch gave it a help over
  12. Hoppus price

    Would you say it's highly valuable?
  13. 200t

    Don't know the part numbers but try a Stanley knife or drill....have adjusted them successfully in the past.
  14. Merc 814 4X4

    I had a merc 811, had over 670,000km on the clock original gearbox and engine. Before that I had a Merc 508 with 800000km plus on the clock. Built well and hold their value well...
  15. Coins in trees. Anyone seen this before?

    There's is one in kernow, near some mine works not too far from helston. Lovely dead bit of spiney oak


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