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  1. billpierce

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    Link no worky Edit: I'm sorry, yes it does
  2. billpierce

    Saw milling directory

    Yes I'm in. Location south Northumberland, nearish hexham, Alston, weardale etc. Happy to travel an hour or so meybs more. 42'' double powerhead etc etc selfexplodingarts at gmail dot com
  3. billpierce

    Tropical Canopy Access Odyssey

    Looking forward to the next installment. I take it it was a voluntary role there?
  4. billpierce

    Tropical Canopy Access Odyssey

    Sounds incredible thanks for sharing, nice pics. Went to Costa rica many years ago, would live to get back one day. Well done for managing to get organised and get out there!
  5. billpierce

    Smaller saw to compliment 372XPG

    No. They arent available new in UK. You can buy them new in France though. Are you in UK? In your shoes I'd buy a used 346 if your set on non AT husky, you could sent it to spud for a port job/ maintenance if your feeling saucy. Alternatively there are decent pro saws 50cc range non AT from dolmar / makita and echo.
  6. billpierce

    Non paying customer

    It's good sign atleast
  7. billpierce

    the 'todays job' thread

    Had a belter of a couple of days deadwooding mature oaks over footpaths on a nature reserve in weardale. Got another 5 days of it next week. Little makita battery saw going well, done a handful of full bar length bits (have to be gentle but does it). Battery lasting surprisingly well. Also first few days on pure SRT, using a homemade knee ascender and rope wrench. So far so good. Bit funny but not as awkward as I was expecting for branch walking etc.
  8. billpierce

    Echo 2511 woes?

    Yes it's a very significant gain. I made these slits and drilled through and dremmelled from the back so like yours it is pretty much a straight through exhaust. Will be getting on with the 361tes next
  9. billpierce

    house renovation forum

    If you can contact the guys that move statics. Around here there is a lad who moves new ones and takes the old ones away. Last I spoke to him he had a good stash, some double glazed only wanted about 200 quid for them
  10. billpierce

    budget speedline kit

    Prolly works out a bit cheaper is all.
  11. billpierce

    the 'todays job' thread

    Did you have a rope on the tree side that you released to stop it drifting downstream and to get the rope back? Hard to see. Nice work
  12. billpierce

    Echo 2511 woes?

    Mine isn't run at all after the exhaust mod. Def needed a good retune, an extraordinary slightly time experience requiring some a surprisingly large amount of adjustment. For now though I think its sorted
  13. billpierce

    Stihl ms 201c-m

    Had it got a adjustable carb? Got a horrible feeling it might now, but cant remember.
  14. billpierce

    Stihl ms 201c-m

    Pretty much. I know what your saying, you ever used a ms190t? I'd say they are the equivalent of a back handle ms180/170 . Bit plasticky, pita to work on, not very zippy, but numb but suppose will get the job done. I use my mine as a ground saw and for carving. Went through 3 ms170s with carving before I got my 201. £350 is a big difference, and for sure not worth it unless your going to use it alot ( not just a bit firewood). But I reckon when your topper needs changing next you'll buy the the best one, not the cheapest ( might have a ms190t you can buy cheap actually).
  15. billpierce

    Stihl ms 201c-m

    I'd prefer a used 201 to a new 180 by a awful lot


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