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  1. please help with rfs entry questions

    Well no but the questions are for an online theory course. He is going to get the practical element with Kingswood.
  2. please help with rfs entry questions

    Like I said earlier, the purpose of the question is to assess the students current level of knowledge so that the training can be its most effective. Its not a pass or fail test, its an assessment of the students needs
  3. please help with rfs entry questions

    This search should have the answers in it https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=tree+survey+template+sheet&rlz=1C1YBKB_enGB505GB747&oq=tree+survey+template+sheet&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i64&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  4. please help with rfs entry questions

    Rather than us answering for you, which isn't going to get you any benefit in terms of a learning outcome, why not google them and offer your answer here. We can then offer help. There is also the issue that the purpose of the questions is to assess the students current level of knowledge and cribbing the answers here is going to skew that process
  5. Mature tree sudden death epidemic

    There are a number of pathogens that like the species you cited, the badly over hybridised cherry is a good example of nature running a red pen through mans best efforts.
  6. Metal Detection

    I just tested my MD3006ss (china special via a car boot sale) It finds my damascus knife at 18", it has saved much saw sharpening in the past
  7. Metal Detection

    This is true, but only in the unnatural state that man keeps livestock, In the wild natural wear would take care of things
  8. Metal Detection

    The thing with shod animals is that its done to protect the hoof, which in turn means it needs a periodical trim
  9. Metal Detection

    Its still "internet truth" and doesn't stand analysis. A horse shoe lasts about 6 weeks. Only the first mm or so would get any work hardening, and would also wear away as quick as it hardened, assuming the animal was on a paved surface and not on agricultural duty (as most were). Just because someone put it on the net doesn't make it so
  10. Metal Detection

    Cant find it in the original either http://www.castlegunmakers.co.uk/blog/2014/04/28/damascus-barreled-shotguns/ so it seems it was indeed an urban myth, all be it in the making. Busted
  11. Metal Detection

    I am missing that part where it says The spring steel element would be plenty to give the part strength, the pattern welding is a decorative touch and in real terms reduces the strength if the part.
  12. Metal Detection

    Hmmmmmmm that sounds a bit urban made up to me, hoof grows and shoes wear out and are replaced regularly, the nails aren't re used so they aren't in use anything like long enough for any work hardening to take place. It would also be a PITA to forge weld something as small as nails in a meaningful billet and the losses to scale would be huge unless you went to the trouble of canister welding it all, in short, nice story but unlikely
  13. Metal Detection

    They aren't particularly soft but the ends are thin enough to be bent over or "clenched"
  14. brake pipe joint

    But if you cut the corroded pipe away you will need a hand held pipe flaring tool
  15. Tow vehicle hire?

    Vehicle Hire | Plant Rentals | 4x4 Hire UK - SHB Vehicle Hire UK


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