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  1. So you have to write a 2000 word report describing the most significant anatomical structures and mechanisms by which trees defend themselves against damage by both living organisms and non living organisms. Can I suggest you start with Google and keep things simple to start with, try a search for "trees defend themselves" this will bring up a variety of users which you can sort into structures and mechanisums. Structures are the thick bark, mechanisms are bitter sap.
  2. Or incline the rails so gravity helps move the Timber down towards the boiler.
  3. A mate of mine went into rope access and has travelled the world inspecting everything from sky scrapers to oil rigs. He now lives in Singapore and covers the Far East. Loves it!
  4. My last significant purchase was from a firm in Germany. It was around £450 cheaper than in the UK and delivery was free. Also you can't be stung for import duty or VAT because you're buying within the EU. I drove it off the pallet and went to work.
  5. The magnox waste reduction technology has been in use for a few years and has a good track record. Any discharge to the environment would have to be below internationally accepted limits. The process has been used elsewhere in the UK, the following article is worth a read. Dissolution solution - Nuclear Engineering International
  6. The BBC have a load of space to fill now the football's finished, so any news will do, even if it's years old. Nice carving though!
  7. I would like to enter the Husky competition for that wizzy battery powered saw, but having checked my training certificate it's out of date .... very sad ... No new saw for me then.
  8. I've just purchase some new equipment, ranging from hand tools, to some bigger stuff. I was wanting to cut down the likelihood of theft and increase the likelihood of getting it back if stolen. So how do you mark your stuff, branding, sign writing, repaint in your colours, smart water, engraving etc? What is best practice? Any thoughts?
  9. You could do a questionnaire using Survey Monkey and post a link here and some of the other green forums (Green Building Forum, Navitron etc). That way the whole process is anonimised, will be less prone to bias and you get a wide cross section of respondents and you also remain anonymous if you wish. Great idea by the way!! Hope you make your million!!!
  10. What sort of equipment do you have in mind? Not sure if there are grants available, unless you mean the Renewable Heat Incentives and pellet stoves etc! https://www.gov.uk/government/policies/increasing-the-use-of-low-carbon-technologies/supporting-pages/renewable-heat-incentive-rhi
  11. I noticed there are loads of bags of firewood, ready split for sale in this auction. It may be of interest to someone here - Short Notice Sale CONTRACTORS, MARINE SALVAGE & PUMPING PLANT & EQUIPMENT and STOCKS OF ARCHITECTURAL SALVAGE (circa 1000 lots) - Timed Online Auction - Sanderson Weatherall - BidSpotter.co.uk Lots 233 to 244 Lots 579 to 650 Also loads of timber for firewood!! Lot 187 a large looking Tirfor starting bid £8. Also a few snatch blocks and shackles. Auction ends 18 June.
  12. Sounds more like you've not done your homework. The competition is out there and prices are keen, it's very easy for an established firm to undercut your prices and before you k ow it your margins will be gone.
  13. I agree, rubbish, they could have at least breathalysed you, checked your licence and the van tyre. I'd report them!!
  14. Anyone in Cumbria milling larch?


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