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Protect your equipment!!!


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I think the main point being if "something" gets stolen the Police have little to go on other than the 1000 other similar items in free circulation...


"One" item registered is unique and they only have "one" item to look for...



I can't afford to lose any of my kit as I have no money to replace it, being that the tools I have run into about ~£10,000 at least, and I can't afford a separate insurance policy due to financial circumstances at present, that knowing they are all registered is a bit of a relief :D


Who are you insured with mate? as im through arbinsure my kit is valued to £15000 and works out at £5.50 a week!! i would rather have my kit insured than try the microdot route, you are still running the risk of the police actually finding the item, i dont have enough confidence in them to put my livelihood in the hands of the police some of them could not find there ar-se with both hands.

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Micro dots are a great idea. Cheap as chips and a great help in recovery.


In the past I have mixed them with 2 pack clear lacquer. With the right spray tip you can apply them to crevices and corners all over a machine in a matter of moments. The only way for a thief to be sure they got them all would be a full on sand blast and re paint.



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to be fair when your stuff has been nicked your very unlikely to see it again as theres always a lot of people who will buy a cheap saw and it will ride around in the back of there van and they will only get it out when they use it and normaly thats out of site the best thing to do is dont give them a chance in the first place ie big steel lock boxes and chain them down chain all your saws hedgecutters blowers together and most of all keep them out of site if they dont see them in the first place they dont know they are there to nick.

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First post so hello to all.


Having been done far too many times, Microdots IMO mean nothing to a thief.


Yes they aid in recovery but the chances of you getting your gear back are slim at best. If dealers checked for microdots or whater marking each time a faulty saw or whatever came back or one had a service then the odds will improve greatly. Correct me if I am wrong but I don't believe this is the case.


I recently had my Ifor Williams tipper stolen, amoing other things, having told the police who I believe arranged the theft, they promptly......................did nothing about it. It's probably left the country and is being used by someone unsuspecting who thought they were buying a second hand trailer. Ifor's are frame stamped and on the TER registered, dealers check them against the database each time they come into the workshop and still the theft of these are huge. Adding Microdots won't deter them further.


I now ground anchor, use chain that can't be cropped and load everything into a sentri tool safe. My machine (JCB) has trakker fitted and still I sometime lay awake a night.


I believe a far better resolution would be to divert some A10'S from Afghanistan and bomb each pikey yard until there are none left.

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I agree, micro dots aren’t going to stop a thief, most are pro’s and don’t care. On the other hand they are a good tool for recovery and your underwriter should take that into account.


I micro doted 3 big JD tractors and several implements for a local contractor and the insurers gave him a hefty discount that covered the cost of “doting” and still left a smile on his face.

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Immobilise I have used that for the last 2 years just on small things like mobiles and tv in my home never thought to use it in that way well worth the money better then the police


Got my mobile robbed a few months back some 1 found it handed it in to the nearist police station 2 days after it got robbed Immobilise rang me up said you mobile has been found at nottingham police station and we are going to post it back to you


10/10 would highly recommend

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