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  1. Mossberg 3shot pump 410 with silencer here ideal rat gun
  2. I think so it was a tractor driver off the wicken nor castle acre that told me
  3. Ringers farm at rougham had there workshop done over at the weekend completely cleaned out.
  4. Yes speak to Ian flatters target trees he has a veermeer looks well up to the job.
  5. Where my dad work they have a log swift never get used.
  6. That's some very neat runs of weld wish I could same the same for mine.
  7. Self drive your a brave man. Nice set by the way .
  8. Same here that's a serious hit hope you get things sorted out.
  9. Don't know where they are on a timberwolf but when you find it you could try TER the equipment plant register you do it all online.
  10. Year only watched that the other day well funny you want to watch reg's video on his channel about the Stihl ms201t that's funny aswell. And a other one type Jonny quick phones reg Coates in you tube that good aswell.
  11. Hi john yehr there are some top people on arbtalk
  12. No been in Lynn with Mrs shopping today I haven't been to beeston for a while must get up there did they have a clay shoot today or have you been having a spend up at Ben burgess.
  13. Thanks mate for the offer iam not in no rush I've got a 441 that I put a 25" bar on was just trying to find out about the 661 before I have a spend up just didn't want to get the old underpowered model and the 441 is a good saw just 25" bar is a bit two much for it. Old woodcutter have you finished for Xmas now?


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