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  1. Done away with it as mostly repeats, Now if i feel the need to watch anything i have a chipped box that accesses everything although i still pay for netflix on 6 screens for the household about £7 a month.
  2. Could be for tax reasons dave? i know my builder mate just got a new digger and traded his 5 year old perfect machine in, i asked him why and that was his reply. I don't know how it works but he always has new kit.
  3. I use them on a few saws 60cc and above they seem fine, I'm trying an 18 inch bar on a 560 but it seems to be getting a lot of built up heat at the tip after only an hour cutting even though its getting plenty oil, time will tell as I bought them as an experiment so the jury is still out.
  4. I had one on mine, they are painfully slow but will pull a house down, save up and get a proper pto werner winch.
  5. A TP 130 can work with 25 hp but i would imagine it would be a bit underpowered and the no stress might constantly kick in. TP chippers are excellent bits of kit. edit…that Schliesing that iveco put a link to is a cracker, Arborcut are also a great company to deal with
  6. Mrk 6 are plentiful and cheap so if you need an engine etc they are pennies watch for ones being rotten with the sills,steps and spring box hangers being prone to rot, mrk 7 are nicer to drive but engines are more expensive to source if they fail. Personally id go for a solid low mile Mrk 6 and put a mrk 7 front on it as the 7 look nicer. I drive both models regular.
  7. Robert_S

    New Tipper

    That will be easy close to 3 ton with chip box,tool boxes and men in it. Never mind you can carry your sandwiches to work. But don't put them in the back as you will overload that back axle with the overhang. Nice truck though.
  8. Since the ufc got bought over and Dana got close to 400 million for his shares he won't have as much say as he use to, new owners might want to go another route, they just lost Rory McDonald to bellator as they would not re new his contract on the terms he asked for !! But give cm punk a few mill and Diaz picked up 13 mill !! I love the Diaz brothers and have followed them since the start but it shows that its bums on seats and not quality, Rory is a fantastic fighter and his battle with Robbie Lawler was a show real fight. Interesting times ahead for the sport but the ufc is not what it used to be as a fan but its still the pinnacle of the sport.
  9. It was always going to end that way, it was not as if he had any pedigree in any other art, at least lesnar was an NCAA champ so had as great foundation for mma. I don't think he will be to bothered he got 2.5 million as a wage then undisclosed ppv money. I think they will feed him another wwe guy who wants to fight mma as that audience is massive and I'm sure the ufc have a plan b already in the pipeline
  10. Poor soul, condolences to his/her family.
  11. scam, hacked ebay account by the looks of it.
  12. HAHA You had to? No you wanted/needed to !! Addiction is a terrible thing… See on the day of your funeral all these clients that you run about after will employ someone else to do there stumps, life too short to be a whipping boy for the whim of a client
  13. Pete, have you connected the crank sensor back up after changing the clutch i know transits have them so the focus might have them too?
  14. Whats the science behind these or is it snake lotion in a bracelet? Apparently if you have arthritis your body is too acidic look into an alkaline diet mark.
  15. That never worked great for me Rich the angle has to be right or it just pulls towards the block rather than sliding up towards the climber, perfect if the block is above you though.
  16. Length of rope and a floating pulley long enough so it sits slack at the rigging block, timber hitch the rope to the section you are on run the rigging line through the floating pulley after its through the block, cut and rig the section down, get the guys on the ground to put a stopper knot on the rigging line and pull it up it stops at the pulley and it all goes up to the block, pull the line to your position and you have the rigging line. Hope that makes sense, I've used it a few times to rig out long laterals but need the anchor point quite far away.
  17. Ive got a now tv box with a plex app get all the sport all the sky channels and thousands of movies,box sets etc, internet can be slow at certain times and it buffers i just pause it and make a cuppa, but it saved me a fortune from those masked robbers that are sky tv..
  18. Thats true Tim but they don't have my back
  19. Great video with an excellent climber and crew, watching that amount of timber getting hand balled out that garden is making my back ache though !!
  20. We never see any of these hazards, mind you we are mangled on acid and smack, the day zooms in. stoned out your mong up the tree is the future, I'm refusing to accept H&S now as its against my religion. Who wants to join the revolution
  21. I don't think they are anything special. Its just a first aid kit in a box, make one up yourself just buy a pile of stuff off eBay. The forestry commission would not recognise mine on a site, I had to borrow some stuff from other guys before they let me work.
  22. Theres no way that works, i bet you have never checked the batteries OR you have stole them for the remote control. I've never even took that gps thing out the box i thought it was a star trek ray gun thing ( that would be awesome) .
  23. Brilliant steps i have a couple of sets, I got them from Clarks forestry. Once you use them you won't go back to 4 legs
  24. It has loads of rules and very few serious injuries and only two recorded deaths in all the years its been going 25+ years in its current guise a lot longer in other formats, considering cricket had 11 in one year that's pretty impressive, its remarkably safe the ref will stop the fight very quick much quicker than boxing, no one gets more than one or two hits on an opponent thats on the ground if they can't intelligently defend themselves. Having fought in the cage, the ring and the street I'd pick a cage every time. Its not for everyone though but a lot of comments regarding mma are out of a lack of understanding for the arts these athletes have to become proficient in and the years of dedication they put in. I absolutely love it, an amazing sport to watch, practice and participate in


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