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but the item has to be found 1,st doesnt it !!!!!!!!!!!


So: a big pile of nicked saws in a lock up with no serial numbers.... If they are marked and the owners have reported them stolen, that is a conviction there and the saws will get back to the owners.

If the saws aren't marked and identified they COULD have come from any source, the teef can say what he likes, the police know what's going on but don't have evidence. No conviction.

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We have a similar program here. You buy a stamp that has a CA for california and a 050 for Stanislaus County then a individual number identifying you. It is done through the Farm Bureau. It won't keep your stuff from getting stolen of course but there is about a 10% chance of it being recovered and if it is then the Police can notify you. Although I like your system better garry.

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I am sure I seen them microdot system in a supermarket (probably tesco in cornwall) and a lot less than £20, next time I am down that way I will check it out.

All my tools are engraved, it dont stop them being nicked but if you spot them you have more of a chance.


I had a small boat and trailer nicked, went to report it but noone in the station so had to drive the 2 hrs home, didnt report it when i got home thinking a waste of time (Big Mistake) about 4 years later I found the boat on the trailer now painted white and up for sale with just a phone number.

I rang it as if interested and he said he bought it from someone else (yer right, all sounded fishy)

I never got the boat back, police said I left reporting it too late so the bady wins yet again. I hope the person who took it and his mates who helped him all drowned and that would be too good for them.

We all need police but they dont seem to help when you need them, even when they are handed it on a plate for them.

Who said Crime dont Pay?

Edited by Steve Bullman
language.....next time the entire post will be deleted, thanks
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Hi all new member here, im frightened half to death re all the stolen goods on here:ohmy: as ive just purchased a ifor tipping trl for my new buisness i cannot afford it to go walkies, i used it yesterday for the first time, fantastic! Now on my second sleepless night tho with it been wedged in between our cars.Im TRYING to secure my little yard, tho it seems nothing will stop the most determine.Heres hoping tho:001_smile:,Ground ancores going in this weekend, ect ect ect,And i will put one in the middle underneath somwere with a belly crawl type jobby!.....The things we have to do to protect OUR stuff!!!:001_tongue:

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