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    560xp problem

    254 is a great saw, had mine 20 odd years and runs now the same as it did all them years ago. Shame they dont make them the same, its all very well having the fancy carrot to temp you into buying the latest and the up and coming youngsters are lured into a throw away world, inventing the wheel comes to mind. Very happy with my old 254 , nice and simple to service no fancy electronic gadgetry...... except the heatded handles, one has to have a little comfort when we get old :-)
  2. Heart attack stopped play, no more climbing no more carrying wood, but above all a long spell laying in hospital thinking all this chasing money and worrying about bills and if enough work comes in really dont matter. What does matter is family & friends and you really get to know who your friends are for sure. I have never been over weight, drank, smoked but always worked hard & enjoyed doing it. So when your young cram in as much as you can because one day, it will all change. Like it did for a mate of mine last week, he was 41 and died cutting wood for the fire. Enjoy it when you can ;-)
  3. I also know a 70 year old, still goes up a ladder to cut branched and a disaster just waiting to happen. I recently fixed one of his saws that was chucking out oil & petrol, as much as I have tried to educate him that putting straight petrol into the saw then adding oil by guesswork is costing him more in the long run. The plug was so black and choked up it needed a good clean out. Will he change, not as long as I got a hole in my a@@@. Another farmer is so mean he only buys chains at boot sales, if they fit or not they have to be a bargain....Right!! And to lubricate these wonderful bargains he uses old black engine oil, the way he looks at it is; it gets thrown off anyway? Both of these will happily spend all day pulling and swearing at the saw when it either wont start or starts but wont cut. Some people are set in their ways but I gave up trying to explain and not going to offer to fix the saw again, you cant educate those who wont listen.
  4. cant understand someone spending all that money on a top saw then cant afford to use Aspen 2:confused1: It may cost a few pound more but is that not worth the hassle your having with fuel cans and oil. Maybe increase prices to cover the fuel Never use anything but Aspen now but im retired sort of

    <p>Hi Sorry I only just seen your message. yes I can take a pic for you, give me a couple of days and let me know if you still want a pic. by now you may have got a pair? I think I had mine from hereford market, you may find them online bt im not sure...</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Here we are, just found these but unavailable but you can see what they are like. mine are exactly the same but well worn in now and not looking new, but not worn at all and will last me a life time and the next person who has them. sorry i cant remember the price but whatever it is they will be worth it. you will never wear these out or rip/cut them. good luck <a href="https://www.amazon.co.uk/extra-strong-leather-hedging-mitts/dp/B00BZAKPKO" rel="external nofollow">https://www.amazon.co.uk/extra-strong-leather-hedging-mitts/dp/B00BZAKPKO</a></p>


  6. <p>Do you have a photo of your pig skin mitts you use for Hedgeing? Can't seem to find a pair anywhere did you get them from a leather worker or from a store. 30+ years ago things were still made to last sadly it's not quite the case now.</p>

  7. they never stock many so sell out quickly, get them when you can and if its not as pretty as one costing 4 times more, add some tinsel and balls :-)
  8. Does anyone use one of these and how do they find they perform, I was asked what I thought and as I dont have one I thought I would ask you all. Dont want a Stihl-Husqvarna war just an idea how they perform and any little niggles with them. Thanks
  9. I had to register a building we had when someone else tried to steal it from us by saying it was theirs. land registry came out and looked at it, we had the deeds going back 100 years he had nothing. we won but they said people nationwide are trying it on saying they own land when they dont and pre computer there were paper deeds, not everyone has these so contest his claim and go for it. what dont make sense to me is you say your going to build houses but have no money to fight the claim? Dont be tight you will spend far more building houses, moneys made round to go around. as for the work you done, no one asked you to do it. look on that as a labour of love and you kept in neat and tidy. some things we do in life because we like doing it.
  10. Can anyone tell me when Husqvarna changed from a foam air filter to a nylon air filter on the 335XPT Just one of those things that goes around in your head when you laying in bed twiddling your thumbs
  11. Whether it be a saw or hedge cutter, if your using a machine as I did a few years back in a railway cutting and wondered why I had a splitting head ache burning nose and felt sick all night. The fumes from pump petrol were deadly, I will never use it again and sticking to Aspen. Ok I dont use that much these days which makes my choice of Aspen all the better, I can leave fuel in the machine for months on end and it still starts easy! No I'm sorry, if your happy with pump petrol you carry on and save a few quid. Aspen should be cheaper so go and sign their petition to pester the government to drop tax on it. I am happy with Aspen, so are my machines, they start-run very clean and down time is cut by 90% ish
  12. Do you really think the price of fuel will drop enough to make a difference, cost per barrel is almost half so the pump price should be the same!! Some may not remember when the price of Lamp dropped, you could pick one up at market for £1. Yet the supermarkets still charged the same and robbed us blind Dont be conned, we are robbed
  13. The motor went on ours not long after the guaranteed was out (sods law eh) Ordered a new motor online I think it cost around £35-40 ish and that worked fine, only thing is the rubber seals start to go hard and lost its suck despite many temporary fixes with a squirt of silicon spray which worked great short term. I get a S/H Kirby G7 for £35 and never looked back, came with so many tools and built so you can service "everything" I love it, good workmanship. We been spoilt with all the plastic crap that is not made to last, never get another cleaner our carpets never been so good. Loads of info online about them, some good some not so good but personaly I find them great. Just couldn't afford a new one:thumbup1:
  14. maybe he is selling it down the road :-)
  15. A pain in the arse but I used to empty my van every night. Didnt stop them breaking in but only took a radio, I hope someone with a good length of 4X2 catches them before the police


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