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  1. Hi, Does anyone on here have a link to or can advise on specific required PPE when using hand held powered hedge trimmers, say a Stihl HS82? Today we were picked up on not having chain saw arrest trousers on by a H&S expert? Any help much appreciated. Paul.
  2. Yep, check the deeds. Most will say you can't operate a business from a residential address or park commercial vehicles, etc, however in reality a lot of folk do without any problems... just pays to know in advance, just in case.
  3. Warners


    I'm not sure that the money is everything.. Most people I know in the industry are there because they want to be and don't want to work indoors or drive all day for a living...
  4. Warners


    This is so true.. Its amazing that the same person can travel around the country and be paid different rates for doing the exact same thing.....
  5. 40K profit is very possible on 70K... If you're working mostly on your own then your overheads, insurance/fuel/repairs, etc are low.. A long time ago I easily managed over 40K profit on 80K turnover running a gardening business as a sole trader.
  6. I've seen these type of thing before.. Goodwill doesn't count for much... Signed contracts do.. Sell the assets for as much as you can... maybe as a job lot if you want a quick sale.. Your client list might mean that your job lot of kit will be more attractive.. however I purchased a small gardening firm years ago and most of the clients weren't interested.. So the value for me was in the kit. Good luck with your move..
  7. In the video the chipper was a brand new one.. What are they like after a weeks use? Can you buy replacement blades and how easy are they to change?
  8. While this OP's point was regarding the problem he faced on the day it also highlights the problem of random vehicles blocking gates/access when there is no need. We get it all the time and its very frustrating especially when you've journeyed to a job and can't get in.... It shows how obnoxious the public can be.. Regarding the number plate I presume you're joking? Number plates are everywhere, aren't they?
  9. No problem... The truck in my avatar is my 3rd ranger since 2009... Haven't found a reason to change from FORD as yet....!
  10. Thats people for you... there are some that live outside of societies rules and are happy to do so... There was an experiment done in Hyde Park where litter was cleared from one side and not the other.. 'Disgust' as park litter experiment backfires | London Evening Standard If we could put these people on their own island where they can happily live in their own filth....
  11. Great pictures... Nature always wins....!!!!
  12. What issues? None so far in 12K. I believe the new Ranger can tow 3.5T.
  13. IMO subbing is a tricky game. You do all the work, get none of the credit and get moaned at If there is the slightest problem. If you can't deal with the main man, don't bother.


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