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  1. karl

    Ground staff

    Its certainly not the glamorous side to the industry...but when you can park a chipper next to what your cutting and not humping timber and brash from backgardens out the front of properties.....has its upsides id say
  2. karl

    Ground staff

    Seems to be
  3. karl

    Ground staff

    Still looking
  4. karl

    Ground staff

    Still looking to fill positions
  5. karl

    Ground staff

    Ground staff required for commercial and domestic work ranging from site de-veg on rail to domestic tree work Chainsaw tickets are a minimum requirement Further training will be provided Pm for further details Based in Bridgwater somerset
  6. well i hope they dont turn to pinching other peoples tools .... never been an excuse for it , never will be . covid isnt an excuse either...take a look at the employment forum , its certainly not full of people looking for work , quite the opposite
  7. Sharpening those prematurely font you think....
  8. Honestly couldn't say ....if it the same dimensions as a tw190 then yes should be fine
  9. Already doing that pete.....as usual I'm looking for an easy option that can be done whilst I have a coffee ?
  10. Just a question.....does anyone use a ultrasonic cleaner for blades ...saving scraping and wire brushing them Cheers
  11. karl

    German Utility Arb

    Get in touch with stefan gredler ....gredler and sohne I havnt spoken with him in years but a very good starting point
  12. karl

    Rail de veg

    We are currently looking looking to expand rail deveg team , central Somerset based Please call 01278 238069 or 07767763124 for further details
  13. karl

    BT cutting

    Hi just wondering if anyone knows who took this on after cleartrack did QTS take their share of it?
  14. karl

    digital vat

    i don't actually do these myself steve , we were using quickbooks some time ago but swapped back to simpley putting them on the vat portal .
  15. karl

    digital vat

    thanks im ...so basically not a lot if difference , more a lot of fuss than any big changes
  16. hi just a quick question , which system are you using ? ...the most user friendly and clear to use
  17. Thanks again jase It turned out one of the electrical connections had come off the back of the switch that controls the leg...but the rear pads do need resetting as there is some play and the front of the machine is sitting low
  18. Thanks jase that's a good start
  19. Has anybody got any ideas on why one leg will not extend on 1928 mk2 safetrak , one is working perfectly , the other isn't working at all . This happened suddenly , working one day and not the next .
  20. karl

    Rail de-veg

    As title. Rail de-veg ops required We are based in somerset . all work is within driving distance. Min quals required are cs 30 and 31. All other training will be provided including pts Please call karl on 07767763124 or email. [email protected]
  21. that was easier for you to say than it should have been....whatever the situation or argument going on here , there is no excuse for these kind of actions . the bloke is an utter idiot !!!
  22. karl

    stump grinders

    all done bandit ordered
  23. karl

    stump grinders

    either that or a couple of slinky springs


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