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  1. Oh yes most definately. The fact i am more mobile than ever before is a major bonus:thumbup:
  2. The good ship ranger is back floating again. Loving the new job. Slotted in as if i have always been there. Since passing my driving test i have become alot more independant and thankfully i am self suficient catching up with the back log of work which isnt easy to so but we will have it smashed out before the strimmers are put down and chainsaws picked up
  3. Well thought i best poke my head up and say i am still alive and well. Since i last posted i have flown the Dorset County Council nest, attempted to set up my own business which failed but have now landed myself a great job with South Somerset District Council as a Casual Assistant Ranger at Yeovil Country Park. Only been there 3 weeks but have slotted in very well and and now even more mobile now i can drive the work land rovers and soon the mule. Been made to feel very welcome by the team. I have opened my wings and am now soaring and will continue to do so from now on.
  4. Haha i was up there last week too. Only up there on my tod though.
  5. Was just about to say thats my neck of the woods haha
  6. Pahahaha no chance buddy. My halo may have slipped but i aint banned. Been a very very tough year, hence a severe lack of picture posts.
  7. Just ordered another 12 tickets. Some people must think i am flush as now got 22 tickets hahaha. All for a great cause though. :thumbup:
  8. Great way to end the year which has tested me massively but i have pulled through. Thought i was onto a winner with a lass for the start of the new year only for her to drop me on my arse saying that a fella was popping round for an evening and tapped him. So onwards and upwards for 2016. [ame] [/ame]
  9. Yup went to the local hunt meet, plenty of mulled cider before everyone arrived lol 50 horses and atleast 1000 if not more supporters. Dad stopped by in his ambulance, poor bugger has been on days over xmas and it now on nights new years eve hahaha
  10. Looks like the end of the year is going to be a howler. Sharpen your saws boys, mine are ready to go. Hope everyone had a good xmas with their families. I spent mine round my neighbours but they treated me like a family member. This year has broken me but i am slowly piecing myself together ready for 2016.


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