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  1. steve collins

    560 fueling issue

    I had same problems on a 560 ended up being a whole new pot piston carb luckily was covered under warranty few months later new crank seals then lasted a month then went in the bin!!
  2. steve collins

    Husqvarna Universal Axe A2400

    Ive split one of these husqvarna axes in half from just banging wedges(plastic) as the poll and axe are held together by some dubious fixing which is cleverly hidden by the rest of the handle. Great weight and size though
  3. steve collins

    560xp oil pump

    check the fitment of the pipe which oils the bar where it connects to the pump, found a split in it causing problems , ive had a few fail here over the years and also the brass filter in the the tank once was clogged up with fine gunk
  4. steve collins

    Artic of Chestnut stakes wanted

    Try Stuart ford fencing 01435 865170 based in heathfield sussex
  5. steve collins

    Topographical surveyors in north Essex area?

    I used to work for them about 10 years ago
  6. steve collins

    Topographical surveyors in north Essex area?

    try, aworth surveys they travel/work all over uk
  7. steve collins

    Artic load Seasoned ash to ct21

    can you post a contact number
  8. steve collins

    Boots for forestry

    What boots are lasting the longest these days as seem to only get around 9 months out of a pair? Cheers
  9. steve collins

    550xp spares

    Looking for a spares or repairs 550xp if anyone has one for sale?? Cheers
  10. steve collins


    looking for some prices for yew recently purchased or sold cubic ft Cheers Steve
  11. steve collins

    Husqvarna 375XP anyone ?

    Ive got a brand new 372 xpw ported and polished from states but never used the disc cutter version
  12. <p>are you still looking for winter cut chestnut?</p>

  13. steve collins

    type a trousers for Forestry

    What trousers is everyone using theses days when handcutting? Ive been using sip innovation but found the zips are useless on them and havent been stitched properly from manufacturer. Cheers
  14. steve collins

    type a trousers for Forestry

    any other suggestions?, ive tried gladiators and didn't get on with the 3 pairs i had
  15. steve collins

    Firewood supplier Hastings area

    try tim joslin just outside battle 07855188430
  16. steve collins

    Rates for Self Employed Handcutters

    Get as much as you can!! always on tonnage/volume/meter/acre rate. If felling for a machine its day rate. Unfortunately your only worth what your skill/production rate is and whoever is paying you will always try to lower it somehow so dont give them an excuse to!! You can earn a decent living at it you just have to do the hours and enjoy it!!
  17. steve collins

    Table sized slabs

    try bob at timberline Timberline Decorative and Specialist Hardwoods | Welcome | Tonewoods | Woodturning
  18. steve collins


    sip innovation
  19. steve collins

    Fake or not?

  20. steve collins

    Fake or not?

    looks like a huztl aftermarket saw or a ebay chinese complete copy you can buy for 200 and assemble yourself!!
  21. steve collins

    Sorry! Need saw selection advice

    if your using it only few times a week get a dolmar/makita 6100 it will do exactly what you want and a bit more. its not as nimble in the hand as a husky/stihl but is an excellent saw for a lot less outlay
  22. steve collins

    Bars for forestry

    Looking for new options on bars for handcutting, Ive tried most out there oregon, stihl, sugi to name a few. just seeing what everyone else uses and why?? Cheers
  23. steve collins

    Leylandii: stump grind or dig out? Sussex

    J Vartan- forest row Telephone: 01342824648 Mobile: 07973289103
  24. steve collins

    Biomass boiler wood

    what timber species are you looking at?
  25. steve collins


    Could i get a price for a 7910 to replace a husqvarna 576, and with a hd air filter kit


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