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  1. log I'd on ebay.

    Laburnum the first thing that came to mind
  2. My new dog.

    Beinn Narnain and A'Chrois. The last shot is looking south east to Ben Lomond with the loch in the foreground.
  3. My new dog.

    Tcharka be her name. She was rescued to a sanctuary run by friends of ours in Bulgaria, near the Pirin mountains. Her name translates roughly as colourful.
  4. Dead fir log

    Nicely done. Would have been a bit different without the TIP you had. Sounds like it maxed you out mentally. Well done getting it done, as always
  5. My new dog.

    Been with us for the past four years, we reckon she is about seven. Rescue, with a lot of nervous behaviours and anxiety for the first while. Far more confident these days and very dog social, playful. Great company and loves the space out in the hills. A mongrel but there is some collie in there with the way she moves and a bit of foxhound.
  6. P60 text message scam.

    Yep. Got me one of these last week as well. Better click the link and claim my moneys
  7. Oak trees

    Brilliant to see this much of the rooting structure, not from trees point of view mind. Is it an atypical rooting structure due to focussing lots of energy on root growth back into the embankment to race the erosion?
  8. A bit of help please? Equipment storage

    Rope bag should be self supporting with a wide mouth to make it easier to feed your rope back in. I do like a section for shiny stuffs and gadgets that I don't use everyday, that way they don't wear and rust just because my standard gear was in there soaking wet.
  9. Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Thanks for the confirmation
  10. Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Came across this today on a cidrus libani. It is located a couple of feet off the ground. I wondered about whether it was phaeolus schweinitzii. The tree is a mature specimen showing signs of sirococcus tsugae. Over half the foliage has been affected and I believe it will be removed based on this alone and that the fungus is a secondary attack. The second mature cedar of Lebanon we have dealt with recently due to this needle blight. Also two young atlas cedars in the garden showing pink needles too, a beautiful if untimely demise.
  11. What's on your bench today?

    Having some issues with our 150t. If run held on its side, clutch down, then after a while it will begin to labour and eventually cut out. Fuel is finding it's way to the air filter and soaking it. Dry it out and saw is fine for a while. Not too sure what my next step is. If I run it with the filter off on its side then I can see fuel leaking back through the air intake.
  12. Chain Sharpening Angle

    I tend towards a shallow angle for general use. Would rather sharpen more often and have a saw which pulls itself through the wood. Site clearance, scrub, dirty low level cutting all week and I will open the angle to avoid spending all day sharpening. Maybe even chuck on a semi chisel if it's real grubby.
  13. 550 bogging

    that'll be nice
  14. what to do about messy competitor?

    You could have raked it up by now.
  15. <p>Hi Just checking if you got the message I sent you about the Estate Forestry job if you are still interested let me know what your email address is and I can forward the job description thanks.</p>


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