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    Long Range Rifle Shooting in Fclass and Benchrest Disciplines.
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  1. Nikk

    Pigeon Shooting

    Nice gun,so quite and very effective.
  2. Nikk

    Pigeon Shooting

    Hi all nick here, recent email from BASC says there are three re schedules covering our bird pests . Since I shoot pigeons which are feral and protecting the risk of disease to the general public under schedule 35. now forgive my vague information, but please check with BASC as the information is there for us all to see. I intend to print off and keep with me whilst I do my work. You must bare in mind all alternatives have been tried before the final action is required.
  3. Nikk

    Log Stores - How much?

  4. Nikk

    Log Stores - How much?

    Good morning looking to store wood to dry out now I have a garage and a shed. Can these be used. .? Or do you need something specific. I was advised to get a dual fuel burner . Is there any recommendations for logs for drying? Cheers Nick
  5. Nikk

    Another bomb story

    Again my mate Steve, on one of his last assignments was to assist a fellow officer clear a reservoir of ordinance, as they checked the mud flaps of the reservoir they came across a propeller sticking out of the mud. Tied a rope to the end and attached other end to to the Land Rover. Off they go driving and pulling the stuck propeller. Within mins there’s a very loud ping ! The propeller comes clear of the mud flies upwards and over takes the land rover, to there horror the other end of the ordinance is complete and is deemed a Live Mortar ! Well this dam thing over takes land rover and hits the hillside and detonates with a huge bang, mud everywhere and a bloody crater in the hillside.much to there horror! The farmer turns around and quickly says what a place to put a duck pond you could of made it Level!
  6. Nikk

    Going with a Bang !

    What with No batteries! That would definitely give her a Bang
  7. Nikk

    Going with a Bang !

    Ok , this is Nikk the newbie as I call myself, friend of mine is a retired EOD officer and a good mate to. Meny years ago he calls into a road side cafe on the way home from holiday. Having entered the main hall he notices a gun metal looking object near the receptionist, looks at it and the receptionist says what you think! He replies your a brave lady in a slight risen voice , as the foyer was rather full! She says why? O ! As that lump of metal is an unexploded Bomb, she replies sod off it’s been there for years! Within the next 10 mins the place is evacuated as the devise is varified by present bomb officer as a live ordinance! 500lb unexploded lump ! The rest of the story u can imagine! But safely defused and removed .
  8. Nikk

    How are you all doing

    Nice To hear from you, glad you are still about.
  9. Nikk

    How are you all doing

    Hi all, this is Nick the newbie, how are you all doing I’ve not been about for ages seems like a millennium of time. How’s Work with everyone! Cheers Nick.
  10. Hi all Nikk the Newbie, well in my strives to become a Oldish tree surgeon / Grounds person I had my worst set back for a long time. I went to my doctors to see about my troublesome right knee had surgery back in April 17. Only to be informed that I face further surgery and put everything on hold for my new career! I've had to cancel All temporarily booked courses, I've bought bits of kit, they will now sit on my garage shelf with big question mark over them. I feel sick to my stomach, at 53 my doctor/consultant is thinking of replacing my knee ! Downside is my young age ! So you lucky people out there ! You are very fortunate to do the job you do! I am very grateful for being welcome onto this forum, and I have had the pleasure to chat with light minded people. Cheers Nick
  11. Nikk

    New generation Husqvarnas

    They come with a Hoover attachment for the saw dust! !
  12. Nikk

    New fire

    Hi all Nikk the newbie here , if I wanted to use a log burner, and to use it in my house to heat the house ! What would I use ? And were would I buy such an item? I am Based in Manchester. Cheers
  13. Nikk

    No ones posting.

    Struggling, plus my iPad has its own mind if it wants to let me sign in
  14. Nikk


    Ok will do


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