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  1. Mozza

    2 Stihl MS460

    Two 460's for sale, any questions PM me, cheers https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232053553382
  2. I doubt it, Everytime I hammer a customers green waste bin with logs they kick off! Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  3. Mozza


    Just fell the tree :-)
  4. Petemate390xp is another good guy to speak to, he's got a 42 inch on his super modded 390 :-)
  5. Your local dealer is a goon, it's listed up to 28 inch on every site selling them, I had 28 on mine, it pulls it awesomely. You can go 32 too, on 3/8's chain but I never got round to trying it.
  6. That's fantastic, plus if you ever run low on firewood you can just whip a few bits off the ends.
  7. How long did the £240's last, is the question? Zermatts last a LONG time
  8. The 222 is in my top 3 tow behinds I've ever used. Loved the one I used to use. That was a none turbo and I didn't think it needed one, it was awesome!
  9. I wish I had a wee chipper today. This is the access, everything's being dragged out, then the chip is being barrowed back in. Gutted haha
  10. Yes mate, loads better. I used a Hobbs for a couple of years. The GRCS beats it hands down,
  11. First time I used one was in Norway with Mike, I've used most devices over the years and the GRCS, is without doubt the best. By a long way. Does completely change the way you look at rigging.
  12. Is being removed completely mate? Will it straight fell?
  13. Can you not rec climb on weekends etc mate?
  14. Cool pictures, weather looked half decent too
  15. Yorkshire folk, Jesus. Just buy new ones James, you're full of cash!
  16. I've done the one day street works course too Hodge, did mine in Stockport. I'll dig the details out but I'm sure you could find somewhere closer
  17. Mozza

    365 Replacement

    Yes, I've had 2 of the older ones and was looking into swapping the bits to make it into a 372xp, someone did put a thread up but it may have been 3 years ago now. All seemed very straight forward to do but my 365 got stolen. So I never did it!
  18. Mozza

    365 Replacement

    For cutting wood turning bits or firewood on occasional use, I'd stick with a 365. They just plod on and are very reliable. I ran 18 inch bars on mine but I did have a 24 inch for the odd time I needed it. They run them ok but I wouldn't want it on it permanently.
  19. Mozza

    365 Replacement

    560 is THE best small saw ever made. Get one, it's lighter than a 365 (I've had 2) and it cuts much faster. 365 is a fantastic saw, I had my first one 11 years but the 560 out performs it massively. Just set it up right, as per the hand book and you'll be reet
  20. That's on eBay, it'll tow and you can live in it.


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