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  1. d-raittuk

    calling horse loggers ?

    cheers mate if you would
  2. d-raittuk

    calling horse loggers ?

    Good evening looking for a team to extract timber to a landing in Cheshire in mid January. could do with a walk round before Christmas. inbox me on hear or email me please d-raittuk@hotmail.com thanks in advance guys an girls
  3. d-raittuk

    would you ? should you ? do you ?

    I wouldnt put pics up i bailey have time to put my own up just wondered what peoples thought was.
  4. d-raittuk

    would you ? should you ? do you ?

    It dosent get me down as such just hate seeing people getting riped off I feel when i do a good job am not just promoting my business but other good businesses as well. Joe if the customer wants a bit of burlesque its an extra 25 quid plus VAT lol
  5. Ok so a bit of a rant and know doubt this will split the masses on opinion. how many of you see on a near day to day basis the have a go tree surgeon / gardener? No PPE shorts trainers one hand on a ground saw from a ladder poor work man ship etc etc Do you take pictures? should you? and then put them on the internet to try and hinder them trading? because in my eyes they shouldn't be doing that work if there not qualified to do so. we all have to go out spend grands on kit, insurance training etc. this is not a jab at being under cut buy them or losing work to them because there welcome to it just promotes using a pro in the first place. whats everyones thoughts on the "rouge trader"
  6. d-raittuk

    Skyland Equipment - Happy Customer

    always on the ball skyland keep up the good work misses asked for more husky sweets lol
  7. d-raittuk

    Ideas please on pulling this monster over!

    same as what carl said
  8. d-raittuk

    Fire wood pro ??

    bump still looking
  9. d-raittuk

    Leeds council anyone deal with ?

    Chris @ will in box you
  10. d-raittuk

    Leeds council anyone deal with ?

    hence contact with leeds tpo mate
  11. d-raittuk

    Fire wood pro ??

    Evening all looking rates of hire on a fire wood possessor ether self drive or with a driver 90% ash nothing over 10 inch easy accesses in the Runcorn area. please inbox cheers
  12. got to give a price to prune a large copper beech up in leeds problem is iam not from round there. i would Imagen permission will be denied anyway but whats the council like to deal with in that area ? who is the Tree Officer ? if they do grant the work i will be looking for a reliable out fit to work with me on it cheers
  13. d-raittuk

    What's this, boys and girls?

    i have just been educated
  14. d-raittuk

    Tpo office wirral ??

    Cheers guys I normally do ring there pretty good just av used an online one for Cheshire an it was pretty good though Wirral had Same never mind will just bell them tomoz
  15. if you dont mid travel i 100% recommend kings wood Chainsaw & Tree Surgery Courses - Kingswood Training Services


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